Have you considered that cops love you and you love them? Naturally, I am speaking in general terms, but it’s true. Actions prove this statement.

Some of you might be scratching your head since last week I wrote an article titled, Why Cops Hate You and You Hate Them. No, I am not schizophrenic. With the previous piece I was speaking in general terms with the specific goal of getting people to see things from the perspective of others.

Interestingly enough, one person commented that I must be “leftist.” As a staunch conservative, my family had a good laugh at his incorrect conclusion. I imagine the same gentleman might refer to me as a “tree hugger” this week as I’ve transitioned from Hate to Love.

Last Fall a Gallop poll showed that police have the respect of 76 percent of those surveyed. My goal with this article is to convince readers this is true.

Truth be told, most cops serve because they have genuine love for humanity as they seek justice in their communities. Of course there are bad apples in the barrel. We clearly saw that in Baltimore this week. Yet corrupt individuals do not represent the whole, anymore than career criminals accurately reflect the communities that need protection from them.

So let’s see why cops love you and you love them!

Why Cops Love You

  • People line the streets waving flags and applauding during LODD processionals.
  • Citizens offer a smile as they cruise through city parks and neighborhoods.
  • Critical thinkers come to their defense when they are unfairly criticized.
  • You deliver the best food to their police stations every Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • They occasionally see the faces of their family members in your time of need.
  • Gracious strangers picked up the tab at a local restaurant.
  • As a restaurant owner/manager, you demand that they accept your generous discounts.
  • Your school children delivered notes of encouragement.
  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts touring police departments say the nicest things.

Why You Love Them

  • You went on a ride along and couldn’t believe the anguish they experience.
  • You’ve come to understand the Thin Blue Line.
  • They went the extra mile to help in your duress.
  • They made an arrest in your case.
  • Seeing the reality of the legal system when you were victimized gave you new understanding for their work.
  • You have a police officer for a neighbor, so you get to hear “real stories.”
  • You were impressed with information learned during a Neighborhood Watch meeting.
  • They offered a SWAT demonstration during a community event.
  • After experiencing the Citizen Police Academy you have newfound respect for peace officers.

For those who think I’m a “Leftist” or a “Tree-hugger,” I’d like to refer you to previous articles titled, Positive Attributes of Anger and Use of force as an Act of Love.

The bottom line with the articles regarding Love and Hate is that police officers are not perfect, but neither are people in the communities we serve. Our ability to restore order when imperfect people have mucked it up is a constant challenge. As a group of professionals we promise to put our best foot forward, and we ask the same from you. When either side fails to live up to expectations, may we all have the capacity to offer a level of regard and respect for others.

– Jim McNeff, partner and managing editor, Law Enforcement Today