I’m done with protecting strangers.  I’m done with putting myself in danger.  I’m done with the idea that I have to serve and protect people who WANT me to take a bullet for them… so that they can post the video of it on Facebook and get “likes”.


THAT is my New Year’s resolution.  I’m going to listen to the U.S. Supreme Court and not worry about protecting citizens.


My resolution is to go home safe to my family.


My resolution is to say, “screw it”, finish up my remaining few years and ride off into the sunset.


I’ll bet you didn’t know that, as a police officer, the United States Supreme Court has ruled in my favor.  They said I have no duty to protect people who aren’t in my custody.


That means when I’m walking down the road and I see a woman being beaten, I can smile and walk past her – whether I’m in uniform or not.  The law is on my side, right?


When I see a WWII Veteran being physically assaulted by ANTIFA for wearing a Make America Great Again Hat, I can continue on with my day… because he’s not my problem.


When I see a young, black man being stabbed by bullies in his high school… sucks for him.  Time for coffee!


I can wrap up my shift and not put myself in unnecessary danger.  I can go home safely to my wife and kids and crack open a beer and know that while the world might not be a better place because of me, at least my kids still have a dad and my wife still has a husband.


Of course there’s one big problem with that.  I’d never be able to look myself in the mirror again.  I’d never be able to sleep again.  It wouldn’t be the demons of post-traumatic stress that would eat my soul… it would be my own conscience.


We became police officers because we are Protectors.  We are Sheepdog.


And so, like most New Year’s Resolutions, mine is already shot.  It never stood a chance.  There was a greater likelihood I would have made it to the gym two days in a row (which hasn’t happened in 20 years).


It doesn’t matter that the law is on my side.  What’s more important is that God is on my side.  And I want Him to stay there.  And so I will continue to fight.  Yes… now THAT is my resolution.


I will fight for those who have no voice.  I will fight for those who can’t protect themselves.  I will run into that firefight and I will triumph.

I will fill out the necessary paperwork after I kick a bad dude’s ass who was attacking my fellow officers.  I will take my “paid administrative leave” while bureaucrats figure out how to spin it in the media.  I will sacrifice my overtime while they figure out what to do with me, and somehow we will still be able to afford the medication for my wife.  Because although my department isn’t on my side, I still believe that God is.


I will turn off the news and ignore the liberal media making us all out to be racist killers.  I will ignore the politicians who are more concerned with using us as pawns than they are concerned about maintaining law and order.


I will not get discouraged when I arrest rapists and murders… and judges release them before I can even break the news to the family of the victim.  I will do my job and I will do it well… even when I hate my job and it stings like hell.


I will not let my heart become hardened and I will not become calloused.  I will hold onto my faith and every night. I will look at the innocence in the eyes of my children and I will remember what I fight for. What WE fight for.


THAT is my New Year’s Resolution.  FIGHT. Are you with me?