Cops catch suspect who slashed man and pushed him onto train tracks. He had been released after assaulting a cop.


NEW YORK – Anthony Melendez, 35, was arrested in connection to last week’s incident where he allegedly slashed and pushed a man onto the train tracks.

According to police and footage that captured the incident, a man with a knife pushed a man waiting for the train.

NYPD footage shows the victim walking through the train station. He passes by Melendez, who instigated an argument. Melendez then took a swipe at the victim, who managed to avoid the weapon.

According to police, the men began to chase one another. Melendez’s shopping cart was knocked over, leading other people on the train platform to move out of the way.

Seconds later, police say the suspect attacked the victim leading them both to fall onto the train tracks.

The police said that is when Melendez slashed the man in the chest, ear, finger, and head. Both men were able to crawl up from the train tracks and avoid any oncoming trains.

Police remarked that the victim went for medical treatment on his own, but Melendez fled the scene of the incident.

An MTA employee saw the suspect at another train station over the weekend.

Police arrested Melendez and charged him with assault, reckless endangerment, and criminal possession of a weapon.

Melendez was arrested last month for pushing a police officer to the ground during an attempted arrest. In 2020, he was also arrested for domestic assault.


Despite revamped “broken windows” policing, major crime in New York City soars under new liberal mayor

The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

NEW YORK CITY- While de Blasio II…New York City Mayor Eric Adams coddles and woos child molesters and groomers from Florida, crime in his city continues to spiral out of control, this despite an alleged return to the “broken windows” policing championed by former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, which got crime in the city under control in the 1990s.

According to The New York Postserious crime and shootings continued its upward march last month, with NYPD data showing a 37 percent increase in major crimes citywide. That crime surge was reflected in numbers released Wednesday.

Adams, who dropped money on ridiculous billboards in Florida attempting to woo businesses to flee business-friendly Florida to go to the sanctuary city of New York, touted the creation of a new anti-gun unit and the return to “broken windows” policing, however thus far, those efforts have proven fruitless. Adams was parroting the lie that Florida’s new anti-groomer law prohibited use of the word “gay” in the Sunshine State, which is untrue.

Adams, who ran as a former “tough-on-crime” captain, has had little success getting crime in the Big Apple under control.

New York did enjoy a spattering of success in March, with homicides and rapes dropping 15.8% and 4.3% respectively year over year for that month. However compared to 2021, shootings, robberies, felony assaults, burglaries, grand larcenies, auto thefts and hate crimes have all jumped exponentially compared to last year.

The Post notes that this year’s jump is led by steep increases in vehicle thefts, robberies, grand larceny and burglaries, according to the NYPD.

Shootings spiked 16.2% last month, while year to date, the city has recorded 332 victims of gun violence—a 14.5% increase compared to the same period in 2021, which shootings averaging four victims per day, according to data.

“Our police need more help,” NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said Wednesday at the first CompStat press conference held since Adams was sworn in.

This is Sewell’s second press briefing for reporters since she took office.

“We need help from every corner of the criminal justice system and from everyone who lives in, works in, or visits our great city. Any amount of crime and disorder is unacceptable.”

Most disturbing, the spike in shootings occurred during some of the coldest months of the year, when gun violence typically drops. Police sources are concerned that it will only worsen as summertime approaches when shootings typically spike upward.

Adams, who was elected he would bring “law and order” back to New York, marked his 100th day in office this week and thus far, the city has seen anything but. Adams’ term in office has been marred by seven police shootings and crime statistics that are blowing away pre-pandemic numbers. Two NYPD officers were killed in the line of duty during Adams’ term.

While crime is nowhere near where it was in the 1980s and 1990s, it currently stands at a five-year high overall.

For example compared to pre-pandemic, 2019 levels, auto thefts in March were up 107%, shootings up 69%, grand larceny spiked 26%, felony assault is up 22.5% and robberies are up at a 37% rate.

This week, a 61-year-old woman, Juana Esperanza Soriano De-Perdomo was walking on East 188th Street near Grand Concourse and was struck by a stray bullet, killing her, NYPD said.

Just seven days earlier, 12-year-old Kade Lewin was sitting in a parked car with two relatives in Brooklyn when he was struck in the head with a stray bullet, killing him. Meanwhile on March 25, a 3-year-old girl was hit by a stray bullet while leaving her Brooklyn daycare at about 6:00 p.m.

The newly-minted anti-gun unit, called Neighborhood Safety Teams is basically a revamped version of the anti-crime unit disbanded under failed former communist-sympathizing governor Bill de Blasio, is tasked with reducing street crime and shootings.

The unit was reimplemented three weeks ago and thus far has made 135 arrests, however only 19% were for firearms…25 in total, according to Chief of Department ken Corey.

Included among those arrested for guns were four juveniles, five with open felony cases, and seven who have been previously convicted of a crime.

All told, 91 of the 135 arrestees by the unit have prior arrests, with 57 of those being felony arrests, while 21 were on parole or probation when arrested, Corey stated.

As is typical for big cities run by Democrats with far-left district attorneys, only 10% of those arrested by the unit remain in jail, according to Corey, however he didn’t provide specifics on what the defendants were charged with or why they were already back on the streets.

Typically recidivists tend to be responsible for increases in crime, however in New York, that doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, Chief of Crime Control Strategies Michael LiPetri laid blame for the uptick in some crime on recidivists, however statistics thus far this year do not appear to agree with that contention.

While recidivist arrests for robberies, burglaries and vehicle thefts are up 47% this year over 2019, repeat offenders accounted for less than a percent of those arrested for the crimes this year.

Sewell was asked how long it will take for the NSTs to impact crime in the city, and he estimated the city should see results “fairly quickly.”

“But we do know it does not take weeks to reverse trends that have happened over the last several years, but we are working every single day to change those numbers,” Sewell said.

“We certainly don’t want people to have to wait. One of the reasons we take an overview is we want to see what’s working and what’s not working and be able to correct it as we move along. We are definitely not taking our eye off the ball and we expect our results to be reflected in that ant that’s what I think we are starting to see.”

For more on the NYPD and Adams’ chance of successfully defeating crime in the city, we invite you to:


NEW YORK CITY – In the eight (8) years of then Mayor De Blasio tenure, New York City’s crime rates skyrocketed to levels that predate the 1980’s and 90’s.

While businesses were being burned to the ground and Molotov-Cocktails hurled at officers of the New York City Police Department, Mayor De Blasio openly aligned himself with anarchist groups like “Black Lives Matter” marching beside them and championing their call to “Defund the police”.

With the election now over and former De Blasio gone, Eric Adams takes the reigns as Mayor of New York City, a city that can most accurately be described “Crime Central”.

As part of his then campaign, Eric Adams touted his 20+ years in the NYPD, a man of law and order who if elected, promised to “Take back NYC from the criminals”.

Adams also promised to resurrect the NYPD’s undercover unit known as “Anti-Crime” where police officers donned plain clothes and patrolled in unmarked police vehicles, targeting violent crime ridden neighborhoods?

That single statement by then mayor-elect Adams prompted an immediate response from Hawke Newsome, a member of “Black Lives Matter” stating “If they think they (Mayor-Elect Adams) are going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we are going to take to the streets again”. “There will be riots. There will be fire. And there will be bloodshed” (ABC News, NYC, 11-11-21), a direct threat aimed at Mayor Adams.

After installing his new police department hierarchy, Mayor Adams was asked again about his plans to address the rising crime and would he be willing to bring back “Anti-Crime” or the “Broken Windows” policy, a proven strategy premised on the fact that by addressing minor quality of life violations such as drinking alcohol in public, panhandling and fare evasion, the bigger problems are significantly halted.

The response from Adams was muted and ambiguous at best.

On January 28, 2022, Mayor Adams released a 15 page document (NYT’s 01-28-22) that laid out a blueprint of how the police and city were going to address the raising crime in NYC.

Most of the document was truly a cut-and-paste from the De Blasio administration; more money for mental health and Criminal Justice Reform (Bail/Bond).

But in reference to the reinstating of “Anti-Crime” the document speaks to a newly and “Rebranded” type of “Anti-Crime” without giving any specifics on difference or its implementation.

Fast forward, the new version of the old “Anti-Crime (Plain clothes)” had been renamed to “Safety Teams” an initiative where 168 NYPD officers wearing a modified uniform will fan out across NYC with the focus of interrupting and arresting violent criminals while simultaneously removing illegal handguns from the street.

As of this writing, all of the seven (7) major violent crime indexes that include Homicide, Rape and Robbery are up with 38% overall with shootings up 32% year to date from 2021 (NBC4 NY, 02-01-22).

Recently, Mayor Adams met with Mayor Lightfoot in Chicago (CBS Chicago, 03-19-22) to discuss crime strategies and possible solutions to the epidemic of gun violence plaguing both of their cities.

While no one can fault Mayor Adams for conferring with other mayors on what they are experiencing and their potential strategies to combat crime, seeking the advice from Mayor Lightfoot, in a city that arguably has more gun violence per-capita than that of New York, seems curious, if not ill advised.

Another option being explored by Mayor Adams is the use of “Drones” (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, NBC 4 NY, 03-27-22) to be used for surveillance of rooftops and crime prone neighborhoods in and around NYC.

While the NYPD currently owns 14 Drones used primarily for parades and other special events, these newly purchased Drones would be used specifically to identify “Hot Spots” and activity of Crimes-in-Progress relayed directly to police on the ground.

As someone who served over 20 years in the NYPD with 13 of those years in various units such as: Anti-Crime, Robbery Task Force, Narcotics, and the Intelligence Division, there is a proven metric and tactical advantage for the use of “Plain Clothes” (Undercover) operations.

Paramount for those involved in Plain clothes work is Officer Safety followed by their effectiveness in crime reduction.  By modifying a uniform or changing the unit’s name, what you have left is essentially “Patrol”.

If Mayor Adams is really truly serious about combating crime in New York, of ridding the city of gun violence, and restoring her to her former glory, seeking advice from the former Mayor Rudy Giuliani and his administration might be a good place to start.

Christopher Strom is a US Marine, NYPD Intelligence Officer and author of “Brooklyn to Baghdad: An NYPD Cop Fights Terror in Iraq”.  Mr. Strom is also a frequent guest on major news media outlets, giving context on Counter Terrorism and Policing in America.


In police-defunded NYC where crime is exploding, NYPD deploys cameras that can detect loud vehicles

NEW YORK CITY, NY- Democrat-run New York City now has speed cameras with microphones to ticket cars that breach certain noise levels.


According to reports, drivers of loud cars in the Big Apple are now at risk of being ticketed for their noisy cars. A photo that was shared on Facebook (see below) shows an official notice from New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) of a summons to have the vehicle’s noise level tested.

The photo was posted to a Facebook page called “Lowered Congress” and was about a BMW M3 that the cities cameras deemed too loud. The notice states:

“I am writing to you because your vehicle has been identified as having a muffler that is not in compliance with Section 386 of the Vehicle and Traffic Law, which prohibits excessive noise from motor vehicles. Your vehicle was recorded by a camera that takes a picture of the vehicle and the license plate. In addition, a sound meter records the decibel level as the vehicle approaches and passes the camera.”

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The order instructs the driver to bring their car to a sewage treatment plant where it will be inspected and have noise levels tested. If the driver attends and the car’s noise level is confirmed to be too high, they can have their car fixed to avoid paying aa fine.

However, if they fail to appear, they could face a fine of $875 and additional fines for continuing to ignore the summons.

A New York City DEP spokesperson confirmed to Road and Track that they system is part of a pilot program running since September 2021. The system appears to work similarly to speeding cameras that automatically record speeding violations, but the new system uses a sound meter to record decibel levels of the vehicles and match it to a license plat using a camera.


According to the DEP, the program is set to be re-evaluated on June 30th. At that point, the program will either be expanded or taken out of commission. The DEP also stated that this new program is unrelated to Governor Kathy Hochul’s initiative to curb noise pollution in New York state.

In September 2021, she signed the SLEEP bill into law, which raised fines for exhaust noise violation in the state from $150 to $1000 — currently the highest in the entire nation.

While newly elected Mayor Eric Adams focuses on silencing loud cars, police-defunded New York City is seeing crime spike in nearly every neighborhood.

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