Officer Kevin Brennan lies in a hospital bed in severe pain after taking a shot to the head on Tuesday night.  Brennan, a new father, is assigned to Brooklyn’s 9-0 Precinct.  He is lucky to be alive, but faces a long road to recovery.

Luis “Baby” Ortiz is charged with this crime and is also a suspect in New York City’s first murder of 2012.  He has 14 prior arrests in New York City.  The 21 year old admitted Latin Kings gang member’s attorney, Eric Poulos, is concerned because Ortiz has some facial bruising and chipped a tooth.  Poulos is alleging police brutality and states that there is no proof Ortiz is the gunman.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly believes otherwise and states that the department has high-resolution surveillance video documentation of the incident.  Three eyewitnesses have provided the police with their statements.  Significant ballistic evidence has also been recovered.

Ortiz didn’t look any worse for the wear as he mugged for cameras during his perp walk and encouraged reporters to take his picture in the courtroom.  He blew kisses to all his supporters and mouthed, “I love the Latin Kings,” while before the judge.  It was clear that Ortiz considers himself quite the celebrity.  Officer Brennan’s brother and sister police officers witnessing Ortiz’ courtroom antics were not amused.

Perhaps being an ignorant, murderous, lawless thug is somehow in Ortiz’ gene pool. New York City media reports indicate that Ortiz’ family members were yelling “F*ck the police” and “I hate the f*cking police” following his arraignment.    Supporters chased after the squad car taking Ortiz to Riker’s Island, pelting it with plastic bottles as it pulled away.

Assistant District Attorney Lewis Lieberman said it best.  “This was an evil act done by an evil person.”

An infamous Spanish curse, “Andate a la puta te que parrio,” roughly translated means “return to the prostitute that gave you birth.”  Somehow this curse seems more like a proverb when applied to Ortiz. His whole family appears to be twisted. Perhaps the police should have taken him to the Fresh Kills landfill in New York City instead of Riker’s.  Someone needs to take out the garbage.

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