Cop Wife Cop Life


Thank you for: Living with bullets in the laundry, various drawers and bowls throughout the house

Meeting us on the porch at 3 am with a change of uniform and a bag to put the meth/blood stained one in

Not asking us to come home early because if you ask it’s not going to happen Being left alone at a table, in a restaurant, mid-meal Ordering the ” to go ” box for everything

Making “to go” meals

Making meals that get only a 1/4 eaten and then left

Eating alone Sleeping alone

Closing the door behind us after we run out

Not flinching at a phone call with sirens in the background saying, “don’t wait!”


After 20 years I could go on and on of what I have seen and after 14 years I could tell you what I’ve put my wife through……but I’ve never lived it. So thank you to all, we love you Cop wife cop life you have to live it to understand it

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