He’s a United States Marine. A dedicated police officer. A civil servant. And now he’s been elected as the mayor of Buchanan, Georgia.

But his victory in the political race is not being celebrated by everyone… and allegations from his past are starting him off in a serious rough patch.

The Free Thought Project has reported that Georgia state trooper Anthony Scott shouldn’t be allowed to serve as a city leader due to the allegations that he killed two teenage girls in September of 2015. They didn’t hesitate to call him a killer cop.

cop mayor killed girls crash

The US Marine and state trooper was accused of killing two teenage girls, but was granted a mistrial after new information came to light.


Scott was reportedly traveling at a high rate of speed – over 90 mph in a 55 mph zone – when he struck a Nissan carrying four passengers. 

The two girls in the back of the sedan, Kylie Hope Lindsey, 17, and Isabella Alise Chinchilla, 16, were killed in the collision. The other two passengers were critically wounded, facing a long recovery from a brain injury, paralysis, hearing issues and broken teeth.

Scott’s agency confirmed that he was not en route to a call and was said to have had no logical reason to be traveling at such a high rate of speed in his cruiser, especially in the area that he was driving in.

“Turns out he was running at a high rate of speed through this intersection in a territory that’s he’s familiar with and should have known the dangers that potentially exist,” said Capt. Mark Perry of the Georgia Department of Public Safety.

Perry noted that there had already been 10 crashes at the intersection in the three years prior to the collision.

Posts from social media are exploding surrounding the turn of events. 


But Scott would not go on to face a conviction from the tragedy. After an investigation into the details of the incident, authorities say that while Scott’s speed ‘contributed to the crash,’ it was not the primary cause. Instead they said the driver of the Nissan was to blame for his failure to yield, though critics argue that if Scott hadn’t been reckless, the two girls would still be alive.

The driver’s aunt, Lena Wall, said it wasn’t fair to blame her nephew for the tragedy.

“The officer chose to speed. The officer chose to do this,” Wall said in an interview after the 2015 crash. “And his choice killed two people.”

During a long battle from the victims’ families to try and get justice for their loss, the state trooper was charged with second-degree vehicular homicide, two counts of serious injury by vehicle, violating oath of office and one count each of speeding and reckless driving.

But after Scott’s lawyer asked for a mistrial surrounding new evidence that had come to light about an “alternative theory” that the prosecution had reportedly hid from the defense. Judge Simpson granted the mistrial, saying that Scott’s constitutional rights had been violated in the matter.

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Cop who allegedly killed two teenage girls elected as city mayor


The families were outraged by the decision.

“The process totally let us down,” Tracy Tatum, Chinchilla’s aunt told WSBTV. “We’re devastated. That word… We’re furious. We’re angry.”

They say that Scott’s status as a public servant allowed him to escape justice.

“If it had been a regular citizen, and we were going 90 miles an hour in a 55, suggested 45, and we hit and killed twp teens, we would have already been handed our justice,” Tatum said.

Scott’s attorney said that the entire experience was horrible for the dedicated public servant.

“There are no winners here,” Attorney Max Pilgrim said. “This has been harder on him than anything he ever did in the Marine Corps.”

District Attorney Herb Cranford has said that he plans to reopen the case and bring it before a jury, but that was back in May. There is currently no new trial date.

The dash cam video that caught the accident can be viewed below.


It’s not the only criminal charges the state trooper faces, according to The Free Thought Project. 

They say that last November, Scott was arrested for Assault and Battery in the 3rd degree in Dillon County, South Carolina – yet there is no media coverage to be found and the details of the investigation is unclear. 

The family is still pushing for something to happen in the original case, going so far as to call Scott a sociopath. 

“It’s been an incredible heartache,” Kellie Lindsey told The Free Thought Project in an interview. “Not only did we lose our only daughter, we’re having to fight tooth and nail to get this sociopath held accountable.”

Scott ran unopposed for the elected position and unless we hear otherwise, will step into his new role as the next Mayor of Buchanan – serving the very families that want to see him behind bars. 


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