Cop: Ok, I’m Done. It’s Time For The Purge.


This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the annual purge.  At the siren, all emergency services will be suspended for 12 hours.  Your government thanks you for your participation.

Remember the movie The Purge?  Where, for one night a year, all crime is legal?

Yeah, that.  We need that.

One of two things is going through your head right now.

  • “I can’t believe a police officer would say that.” (Chances are, you’re not a cop.)


  • “YES.  LET THE PURGE BEGIN.”  (Chances are, you’re a cop.)

Author note: If you’re already trying to figure out what department I work for so you can call and report me, this article probably isn’t for you. 

Did you see the story out of Northampton, Massachusetts today?

Let me sum it up. Walmart said they wanted to donate $13,000 worth of ammunition to the Northampton Police Department.  Instead of saying, “awesome – we’re broke and can barely afford training ammo – thanks, Walmart”… city officials fought over whether to accept the gift.  So Walmart pulled the offer.

In a show of total and complete idiocy, Ward 7 Councilor Alisa Klein cemented her place in the hippie kingdom for eternity.

“It’s one thing to get a bus to transport children for educational purposes than with bullets, which are used for purposes that can kill people,” she said.  “And the police do have to come under a particular type of scrutiny because of the power they hold, and the responsibility they have in our community is a particular kind of responsibility.”

Other local citizens agreed with the anti-police sentiment, demonstrating that stupidity isn’t just contagious… it’s part of a vicious breeding cycle.

“This gift is a transaction between two incredibly powerful institutions,” said one townsperson. “Please begin having conversations about why NPD needs bullets in the first place.”

Yes, let’s begin having those conversations.  But let’s start them right after 12 hours of The Purge, shall we?

I wish I could say this mentality is relegated to the patchouli scented regions of liberal states.  But it’s not.  And that’s a really big problem.

Because here’s what is happening.  As liberals realize they created a highly taxed, crime infested dump of a city for themselves by voting for democrats… they’ve moved out, not wanting to live in their own stink.  And they are infecting other regions like my city, which was once as red as my blood.

Do these people not understand the role of police officers?  That we are what allow them to sleep safely at night?  That we protect them?  Their children?  Their right to let the stupidity flow out of their mouths?  The ability to demand free speech while insisting that opinions they don’t agree with be shut down?

The lunacy is out of control.  Here’s a great example for you.  So there I am scrolling through Facebook last week and I see this entitled little punk talking about how cops should be disarmed.  In my city.

“Pigs don’t need guns any more than we need laws,” he said.  “It’s time to disarm them.”

A shining example of why parents need to spank their children.  His mother, of course, is a raging leftist.  The father, not surprisingly, was never in the picture.

In the years that I’ve been a cop, we’ve all had the conversations about the “blue flu”.  Come on – don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.  The union and the schmucks that run the city can’t get their collective heads out of their asses… and we end up suffering.

“We’ll show them,” we say. “We’ll all call out at the same time. THEN what will happen?”

But… we don’t.

Because we all want to see the power of the blue flu, but at the same time we’re all above it.

We are here to be Sheepdogs, even if we do it in misery and count down the days to our retirement while doing it.

We all secretly wish for The Purge, but we won’t fight for it.

We took an oath.  We’ll serve and protect.  And as much as we might hate our neighbor and that socialist English teacher and that politician who identifies as a Native American… when the siren sounds and The Purge begins… we’ll still be there to help.

Just don’t expect me to like you.

In case you’ve never seen The Purge – here’s the trailer for the original.  Enjoy.




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