There’s an active threat on a Mississippi cop and his family, leading this officer to protect his children by any means necessary…


A Mississippi officer who was involved in a fatal shooting of an armed suspect is now living in fear for his life and the safety of his family members. In the last few days, we’ve received reports that a hit is out on the officer who pulled the trigger. 

Multiple officers in the Moss Point, Mississippi area may be targeted by associates of Touissant “Dime Sack” Sims following the officer involved shooting earlier this month that ended Sims’ life. 

Intel reveals there may be a coordinated effort to kill officers involved in the shooting, leading the officer in question to do anything to protect his family. 

The threat of violence has gotten so bad, the officer has had no choice but to setup kevlar vests around his daughter as she sleeps. As members of the police community… this is nothing short of heartbreaking.

An officer’s daughter sleeps surrounded by bulletproof vests after threats were made against this police family. (Provided)


Several of Sims’ associates have made threats to cause harm to members of law enforcement agencies and may have found information on where local officers reside.

Sims’ associates are believed to be traveling to the Moss Point area from California and Florida.

All departments in the area were warned to stay on high alert due to the threats, as they could easily end up being targets themselves. 

Officers have been strongly encouraged to demonstrate extraordinary situational awareness.

According to reports, Sims’ own mother filed charges on him just a short time prior to the incident for allegedly breaking into her home and stealing his step-sister’s vehicle. It was noted that Sims’ mother was upset with the Moss Point department for failing to catch Sims prior to the shooting. Sims also reportedly had several active felony warrants in multiple cities, including one for severely beating his girlfriend with a pistol, knocking her teeth out.

The family’s attorney quickly condemned the officer’s actions, long before all of the facts were investigated. (Facebook)


Sims has additionally fled from officers during high-speed vehicle pursuits. In one of those chases, the vehicle apparently reached dangerous speeds and the chase was called off when police realized Sims had a child with him in the vehicle. During that same pursuit, officers reportedly saw Sims throw an assault rifle from the vehicle, which was recovered. 

A recent video from Snapchat shows what appears to be a pistol with an extended magazine sticking out of Sims’ waistband — the exact same place that he allegedly had the gun on the day of the shooting. The officer’s attorney additionally described the pistol that was recovered at the scene similarly — a handgun with the same type of extended magazine.


So when the public comes out and frames Sims as an innocent man who was brutally gunned down and ‘assassinated’ by police, we can see that those claims are completely false. 

A Facebook post shows Sims’ father claiming that his son was murdered by police officers. (Facebook)


The shooting resulted after Sims, who was wanted on several felony warrants, fled from police in a vehicle resulting in a chase in early August.

Sims crashed the vehicle he was operating and continued on foot. Officers pursued hoping to use a taser to subdue to him, however, when Sims reached for a gun in his waistband, one of the officers responded with gunfire.


27-year-old Toussaint Diamon Sims was shot and killed by police in early August. (Moss Point Police)


Members of the local community claim that the officer was racist and intentionally murdered the 27-year-old. Some even claimed that he planted the gun that Sims was found with.

WXXV’s Kristen Anzuini reports that Sims’ great aunt Lakeisha Hardmon says of the deceased:

“He had a good heart. He had his flaws. I mean, we all do, no one is perfect. You show me a perfect person, I show you a lie. He had a lot of growing to do, but he still did not deserve to be done the way he was done.”

Meanwhile, other members of the deceased family staged a sit-in at Moss Point City Hall and demanded that a meeting be held to address their demands, which include the termination of the officer who shot Sims, as well as the police chief.

However, Moss Point Mayor Mario King made it clear that City Hall had no authority over the employment of the officer and calls for a meeting would not be entertained.

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Attorney Carlos Moore, who stepped down from the case but later changed his mind, was frustrated with the lack of response from City Hall and said of Mayor King:

“He’s a young black male. While it’s Diamon Sims today, who is five years younger than the mayor, it could be him tomorrow.”

The City of Moss Point received a letter of intent to sue for $10 million dollars. Attorney Carlos Moore said,

“My client suffered and continues to suffer monetary losses from the injuries, including mental and emotional pain and anguish.”

According to Moore, an eyewitness claimed that she saw the officer shoot the man and then fire an additional four or five rounds into him as he lay in the street, Sun Herald reports.  

Video evidence proves that to be a blatant lie. In fact, of all the ‘witness’ accounts that Moore supposedly had… zero people actually witnessed the shooting.

The officer’s attorney spoke about the incident after reviewing the body cam footage.


“The video makes it clear there were no witnesses,” Taylor said. “That’s why the video is so important . There are people that are providing information that may not be what they thought they saw.”

In the hours and days that followed the shooting, the officer was publicly labeled a racist, murdering cop who planted evidence in order to get away with killing Sims. 

Jim Glennon of Calibre Press uses real life scenarios to teach members of law enforcement. He said that because of the spread of rumors and lack of public evidence, the officer lost any chance he had at a fair investigation. 

“What we’ve seen here was a massive rush to judgement. Without any evidence whatsoever, this officer is being called a murderer,” Glennon said. “His right to due process was completely eliminated.”

We have a dangerous armed suspect fleeing in a vehicle and on foot that allegedly attempted to escape by any means necessary – including using a loaded gun against police. But on the other hand, we have eyewitness testimony that swears the suspect was unarmed and shot in the back while running away.

The family’s defense attorney said he spoke with one of those witnesses who claimed to have seen the entire scenario play out.

“I received a message on Friday morning. Someone reached out to me from Moss Point. It was an eyewitness, so I spoke to her as soon as I woke up Friday morning around 7 a.m., and she told me she had witnessed the entire shooting, from the time the young man jumped out of the black vehicle and started running,” Attorney Carlos Moore said. “She saw him running, about to jump a fence and saw him shot in the back multiple times by the white cop. She said the young man had nothing in his hands, nothing that could be misconstrued as a weapon. Nothing was in his hands. He was running full speed from the cops, away from the cops.”

Moore said that he drove over 100 miles to interview witnesses.

“A lot of times you the cops’ words against nobody because there are no witnesses, but this was in broad daylight. People clearly saw what they saw, and they have come forward. One of the witnesses will speak with the media tomorrow during the press conference and tell what she saw, and I’m going to ask that the officer be immediately terminated based on the witness’s testimony.”

When asked if he thought he was prematurely condemning the officer, Moore defended his statements.

“I decide on information based on evidence, and a lot of time it’s not video or audio. It is based on eyewitness testimony, and I made a judicial termination of the facts of who I believe is telling the truth. So in this instance, I am acting as an attorney, but I’m doing the same process. I have heard an eyewitness account of what happened. and I have not seen anything to dispute it, and based on that I believe, this boy was murdered.”

While that witness testimony seems damning for police, others say that’s not at all what happened.


The attorney for the officer in question has reviewed the body cam footage from the incident. He says it very clearly exonerates the officer’s actions.


Attorney Calvin Taylor said the video clearly shows suspect Toussaint Diamon Sims had a firearm capable firing dozens of rounds. He said that a loaded gun was found near Sims’ body and that people who had claimed to ‘witness’ the incident were wrong.

A Facebook live video even went out right after the fatal shots were fired as onlookers claimed to see Moss Point police planting evidence. 

Glennon argues that there should be some kind of repercussion for supplying false testimony that leads to potential harm against the accused. 

“Why are there no ramifications for people who can call someone a murderer without any evidence other than what they thought they saw? They publicly condemned this officer without a shred of real evidence.”

He says we need to wait for all of the facts to come out before a proper assessment of the situation can be made.

“Let’s wait for the facts,” Glennon said. “With the current news cycle and quick spread of misinformation, our officers don’t stand a chance. We need to wait and allow the investigators to properly do their jobs.”


After Sims led police on a chase in excess of 100mph and crashed into a ditch, he jumped from his car and began to flee on foot. The officers then drew their tasers “because he wants to apprehend Mr. Sims in a non-lethal situation,” Taylor said. It was only after Sims reached for a firearm in his waistband that officers dropped their stun guns and drew their service weapons.

“And you can see Mr. Sims on several occasions as he’s running, he’s turning back toward the position of the officer,” Taylor said, “and (my client) felt like he was attempting to shoot, and we know that the firearm was loaded and had a round in the chamber.”

So, we have a pursuit and a non-lethal attempt to apprehend the suspect before weapons were drawn. If you ask us, this officer followed his training to a T. 

Moore stepped down after noting that he was related to the family in the case, but it appears that he is now rejoining the effort to get ‘justice’ for Sims’ family.

“This is my last press conference. I believe it’s in the best interest of the family to have an attorney that’s not related to them,” he said.




The investigation into the shooting is ongoing. District Attorney Myers-McIlrath released the following statement.

“I am confident the circumstances surrounding the death of Toussaint Sims are being thoroughly investigated by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations. While I understand this is a matter of public concern, the Mississippi Rules of Professional Conduct limit what information can be released.”


A special council hearing was called to order by local aldermen to address the investigation into the shooting along with the public outcry over the events. But instead of trying to calm the tensions within the city, Alderman Bradford, one of the leaders who called the hearing, has publicly called the officer a ‘murderer’ and has even asked for his termination. 


Remember — that’s a city leader unfairly and unfoundedly increasing the tension between police and the public.

Aldermen, and all city leaders, should be pushing for a full investigation and an effort to uncover all of the facts before publicly condemning the very people who are sworn to uphold the law. 



Moss Point Police Chief Brandon Ashley released the following statement asking for people to respect the process of the investigation.

“I am truly saddened by the events that occurred involving the August 8, 2019, incident. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by this tragic incident. We are asking for the media and the public’s assistance while this investigation proceeds.

It is extremely important that we do not make assumptions about what occurred based on preliminary and conflicting statements. We all want an investigation that is professional, thorough, timely, and credible.

I am confident that the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations and the Jackson County District Attorneys office will complete such an investigation. We will release names of the individuals involved when we can. At this time, no other information will come from the Moss Point Police Department.”

We’ve retracted the officer’s name in order to protect him and his family.  


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