You Might Call this Cop a Sexy Siren


LONG ISLAND, N.Y. – You might call this cop a sexy siren. A Long Island police officer who moonlights as a model made an arresting appearance in her first-ever Fashion Week show.

Samantha Sepulveda, who patrols Freeport, strutted the catwalk Friday in a dazzling bead-studded wedding gown with a plunging neckline, reported the New York Post.

Different Kind of Adrenaline

“That was so exhilarating!” Sepulveda told The Post, saying it rivaled a “hot call” for police. “It was a different kind of adrenaline pump.”

Australian designer Azulant Akora chose Sepulveda, who modeled for her Down Under last year, to close her 12-gown show as a bride.

“I’m inspired by her confidence,” Akora said. “I feel Sam represents Millennials and I wanted to create a wedding gown for Millennials.”

The form-fitting frock features hand-sewn beads to mimic ripples of water, “ Akora said. ”I wanted to capture the fluidity and serenity of the light.”

Sexy Siren

Since The Post revealed Sepulveda’s vocation in January, the people of Freeport have reacted warmly, she said: “They’re a lot nicer because they feel they know me. I’m not just a jerk cop.”

But she hasn’t gone soft. “I’m still the No. 1 summons issuer,” she declared. As a result, perhaps the sexy siren tag is appropriate for this police officer.

According to the urban dictionary, the following describes a sexy siren:

An allusion to the Sirens of Greek mythology, who lived on an island and lured unsuspecting sailors to shipwreck. Now describes a woman who seems sexy and initially attracts men but then disappoints and/or destroys them.

She claims to be a Sexy Siren, and a Siren is exactly what she turns out to be. Sailors might want to avoid.

We are not indicating that Sepulveda is a man-crusher. Yet her declaration as the “No. 1 summons issuer” combined with her alluring beauty will likely lead more than one suspect down the primrose path. So good for her!

Future Plans

Sepulveda, 33, plans to step up her worldwide modeling, and may venture into acting or reality TV.

While a real-life wedding is not on the horizon, Sepulveda hopes her bridal gig is “foreshadowing.” She doesn’t have a boyfriend now, “but I’m ready to settle down.”

Deceptively Tough

Sepulveda, 32, is only 5-foot-2 but deceptively tough. She’s a fitness fanatic who wields her femininity more effectively than a firearm, reported the New York Post earlier this year.

“I talk men into handcuffs all the time because they don’t want to fight me,” she told The Post.

She became a police officer in 2010. About three years later, a friend who worked for a lingerie and swimsuit company invited her to model in a runway fashion show — and launched her new career.

A female cop can be less intimidating to bad guys, Sepul­veda said. “With a female officer, their guard is lowered. There’s less aggression and the situation is defused.”

When on duty, she works makeup-free with her hair pulled back in a bun and a uniform covering her curves. “I try to look as masculine as possible,” she said.

But the bilingual brunette can’t hide her allure. At crime scenes, she’s been made the butt of dumb jokes like “You can arrest me anytime!”

Once, while patrolling the village — located about 35 miles east of Manhattan — she and a partner chased a man who had just beaten his wife and threatened to kill the officers running after him.

When he saw Sepulveda, he froze. “Holy s–t!” he gushed. “You’re the best-looking cop I’ve ever seen! Can I take you on a date?” She made the arrest.

From the Dominican Republic

Born in the Dominican Republic, Sepulveda came to the United States at age 5. Her mom worked in a factory while raising Sepulveda and a sister.

This Sexy Siren is Nobody’s Fool

She won a lacrosse scholarship with the University of Massachusetts, and graduated cum laude with a BA in management. She went on to earn an MBA in finance from Hofstra University.

But she became a cop instead of a stockbroker. “It sounds corny, but which career could I help people more in — money-driven Wall Street or civil service where you’re protecting people?”

Sepulveda has modeled in England, Spain, Australia and Nicaragua. She’s working on an inspirational book for young women, and using her finance skills to collaborate on a project to build sustainable energy plants in Thailand.

While many male cops moonlight in trades like plumbing and electrical work, Sepulveda takes some heat for her modeling profession.

“I’ve been under the microscope since I started,” she admitted.

Her photos “celebrate a woman’s body,” she said. “I don’t think they’re offensive.

“If people find them offensive, close your eyes!”

(Photo: Samantha Sepulveda Instagram)

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