Cop, SEAL Respond to Cortez after she tells war vet he should ‘go do something’ about domestic terror


Editor note: The man who submitted this article is was a S.E.A.L. and is now a police officer in a major urban region.  His words to Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez are powerful, and we are proud to stand behind him.  You can give him your own thoughts by sending a message to him at the bottom of this article.

On September 11, 2001, I sat in a lecture hall and watched the Twin Towers fall.  I watched in horror as America was blindsided by terrorists who wanted to bring our country to her knees.

Cop, SEAL Respond to Cortez after she tells war vet he should 'go do something' about domestic terror
(Flicker – 9/11 Photos)


On September 12, 2001, I walked away from my full scholarship, dropped out of college and joined the military. Because when you face an existential threat, you go eradicate that threat from the face of the earth.

I’d tell you the details about my six deployments overseas, but I can’t actually tell you about most of what my Team did.  But what I can tell you is that I came home after a huge IED took two fellow Team guys and nearly took me as well.

By that point, service was a part of my DNA.  I needed to continue to serve.  I couldn’t lose my mission.  And so I became a police officer.

Many of us came home from war and decided to serve in a variety of capacities.  Another one of those great men is freshman Representative Dan Crenshaw, a Republican from Texas, where patriotism is still alive.

This week, Crenshaw reacted to comments made by Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Democrat from Minnesota.  She characterized the 9/11 terror attacks as “some people did something”.  She used them to gather support for an organization that has supported Muslim extremist groups.


“First Member of Congress to ever describe terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 as ‘some people who did something.’ Unbelievable,” Crenshaw tweeted.


Who came to her defense? None other than the liberal plant in Congress, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.  She went after the Texas congressman for not co-sponsoring the 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund.

“In 2018, right-wing extremists were behind almost ALL US domestic terrorist killings. Why don’t you go do something about that?” Ocasio-Cortez told Crenshaw.


Of course her fake outrage was filled with lies and downright manipulated data.


But can we talk for a second about Crenshaw’s service to his country?  My fellow SEAL gave an EYE in the war in Afghanistan.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw
Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons


What has AOC given?

Divisiveness.  Unpaid taxes, from the looks of it.  Campaign violations.

She’s shows that it doesn’t take experience or anything more than a failed attempt at bartending to be able to have a seat in Congress.  It just takes a couple of handlers with a tremendous amount of dark money and a small district filled with people who want handouts.

Cortez, how dare you tell a veteran who gave his eye that he should “do something” about terrorism.  That man was out killing terrorists while you were shotgunning cheap beer.  That man was being attacked while you were sitting on your butt watching The Kardashians. That man was fighting for his country and continues to do so while you fight to eliminate cow farts and air travel.

There should be qualifiers for holding a seat in Congress.  It’s sort of like when I became a police officer.  You had to either have a four year college degree in my department or have experience in service.

For Congress, you should have to either have served or have the ability to demonstrate that you have an IQ about 11.

Given that, you, Omar, Schiff, Pelosi, Sanders, Warren and a bunch of other America-hating clowns would be teaching gender studies to a bunch of overgrown toddlers instead of writing anti-American legislation.

But let’s give her the benefit of the doubt for a minute.  Let’s take a look at the vision Alexandra has for America.

For staters, a nationwide gun ban and confiscation of weapons.


Then of course she wants to make sure to increase taxes to 70%.  Because…socialism.

‘You look at our tax rates back in the ’60s, and when you have a progressive tax-rate system, your tax rate, let’s say, from $0 to $75,000 may be 10% or 15%, etc. But once you get to the tippy tops, on your 10 millionth dollar, sometimes you see tax rates as high as 60% or 70%.’

But she’s going to remove racism from America… through stopping…. climate change?


And of course free everything for everyone.


Want to know how Alexandra is fighting for her country?  By screaming at a fence to abolish I.C.E.



I mean how the hell is anyone taking her seriously?  And where does she get off attacking a veteran who served his country?

ESPECIALLY when she’s most likely breaking the very laws of the country she claims to represent???

Last month, the Daily Caller reported that she and her Chief of Staff were quietly removed from their roles as board members on the PAC Justice Democrats.

It happened shortly after a complaint was filed with the FEC alleging that she and Saikat Chakrabarti committed campaign finance violations that helped her win the 2018 midterm elections.

Police To Ocasio-Cortez: Please Resign Before We’re Forced To Arrest You
Screenshot from YouTube


Now they could be facing multiple civil penalties or even jail time due to an investigation into whether they hid control of an outside PAC that helped solidify her win in the 2018 midterm elections.

According to the Daily Caller, they gained majority control of the Justice Democrats PAC in late 2017.

It wasn’t until March 15 that they were officially taken off the Justice Democrats’ board, according to a corporate document to the Washington, D.C. Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs.

The former FEC Commissioner talked about what it could mean.  Brad Smith said if they were found to have been in control of the PAC, which helped raise over $1.8 million before the June Primary vote, they could face punishments from “massive reporting violations, probably at least some illegal contribution violations exceeding the lawful limits.”

Justice Democrats helped raise funds for 12 Democrats in total, with her being the only one to win a race.

Brad Smith noted that the penalties would be severe if they:

“knowingly and willfully withheld their ties between the campaign and the political action committee from the FEC to bypass campaign contribution limits.”

Then, of course, she’s calling for those huge tax hikes on the “wealthy” while not even paying her OWN taxes.

According to public records, she still owes New York $1,870.36 in corporate taxes for Brook Avenue Press, a company she founded in 2012 to publish children’s books in The Bronx.

On July 6, 2017, the state slapped her company with a warrant.  It was two months after she announced her candidacy to run against Democrat incumbent Joe Crowley for the district that includes parts of Queens and The Bronx.

The state requires businesses to pay a corporate tax on a sliding scale that goes based on revenue.  In this case, her company was dissolved in October 2016 – something that often happens when a business fails to file a return or pay corporate taxes.

And while the state won’t comment on individual companies, it’s widely known they typically file a warrant only as a last resort after trying to collect money.

According to a YouTube video posted in October 2011, months before she filed corporate papers for the company in July 2012, she said she was creating a media company to “develop and identify stories and literature in urban areas like New York, specifically communities like The Bronx”.

She took advantage of cheap office space in a city-subsidized program called the “Sunshine Bronx Business Incubator”, which was housed in a renovated former printing plant in Hunts Point.  Prices for office spaces and tech services in 2012 averaged between $99 for a “virtual office” and $275 per month for local start-ups.

The tax warrant was issued to Brook Avenue Press at that location.

She promised to work with “designers, artists and authors that really know the urban story and help develop stories for kids”.

But it doesn’t appear that the company actually published any books.

So much for that “success story”.  Is that why it appears there are unpaid taxes?

But here’s a chick who wants to talk shit about a man who fought for America.  Gave his eye for America.  Is STILL fighting against those who seek to destroy America… including certain junior freshmen in Congress (or should I say freshWOMEN).

On behalf of men and women who actually served and continue to serve our country, I’m going to give you a piece of advice.  It’s simple and it will help you save face in the future.

Shut up already.

Editor Note: In case you missed it, here was an editorial from our National Spokesman this week on Ocasio-Cortez and Omar.

Law Enforcement Today: It’s Time For These “Leaders” To Leave America

Everyone is dancing around it.  So we’re just going to call it like it is.

Rep. Ilhan Omar needs to resign.  She might be an American, but she’s embarrassingly un-American. 

And we will gladly pay for her first class, one way ticket to get the hell out of America.

Allow me to elaborate.

Omar is under investigation on charges she illegally used campaign funds on a divorce attorney and person travel. 

Read: America Has Failed Police Officers, But These Warriors Will Never Fail America

She’s been accused of hosting secret meetings with organizations that support terrorism.

She’s publicly made statements that were blatantly anti-Semitic.

But her latest comments confirm that she’s about as American as the terrorists who flew planes into the Twin Towers.

And we have had it. After her insult to our country about 9/11, she has effectively spit in the face of America.

Let me share something with this woman that she might not be aware of.

  • In the September 11 attacks, 2,977 people were killed.
  • Of them, 412 were emergency workers who responded to the World Trade Center.
  • 343 were firefighters of the New York City Fire Department, including a chaplain and two paramedics.
  • 37 were police officers of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department.
  • 23 were police officers of the New York City Police Department.
  • Eight were emergency medical technicians and paramedics from private emergency medical services.
  • One was a patrolman from the New York Fire Patrol.
  • In the more than 17 years since, nearly 10,000 first responders and others who were in the World Trade Center area have been diagnosed with cancer. Thousands more deaths have been attributed to 9/11 illnesses.

And now Omar, the Democrat from Minnesota who has about as much real-world experience as a box of hair, is upset with a Fox News host and a Republican congressman because they called her out for downplaying the 9/11 terror attacks.

She’s like a little kid that gets caught beating up on her little brother and tries to point the finger at him.  But this time, it’s not going to work.

Here’s the back story.

It hit the media this week that at a Council on America-Islamic Relations fundraiser in Woodland Hills, California last month, Omar picked a side.  And it wasn’t America.

She said the organization:

“…was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something, and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

Omar could have saved herself some embarrassment by doing some homework. 

CAIR was actually founded in 1994. 

Omar’s spokesman quickly tried to cover her butt by saying she misspoke and “meant to refer to the fact that the organization had doubled in size after the Sept. 11 attacks.”

It doesn’t matter what she meant – the message was the same.  9/11 was no big freaking deal.

Mohammad Tawhidi — a self-described “imam of peace” who has “dedicated his life to ideologically tackling the spread of Islamic extremism” tweeted a 19-second clip of Omar’s 20-minute speech this week.

“Ilhan Omar mentions 9/11 and does not consider it a terrorist attack on the USA by terrorists, instead she refers to it as ‘Some people did something,’” Tawhidi tweeted.


Someone who actually embodies American values, unlike Omar, is Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a Republican from Texas. He retweeted Tawhidi with his own thoughts:

“First Member of Congress to ever describe terrorists who killed thousands of Americans on 9/11 as ‘some people who did something,’” he wrote. “Unbelievable.”


The New York Post on Thursday published an image of the Twin Towers on its front page on Thursday. 

“Here’s your something” they said. says the New York Post was “taking her quote out of its context”.  Interesting.  I didn’t know still existed. 

Ronna McDaniel, chairwoman of the Republican National Committee, also tweeted the clip and declared the Omar is “anti-American”.


On Fox & Friends on Wednesday morning, co-host Brian Kilmeade said:

“You have to wonder if she’s an American first.”

He later tried to clarify his comments.

 “I didn’t intend to question whether Rep. Omar is an American,” he tweeted. “I am questioning how any American, let alone a United States Congresswoman, could downplay the 9/11 attacks.”


Brian, brother.  There is no need to backtrack.  Being an “American” isn’t just about where you were born or who your parents are.

Being American is more than a location or a birth line.  It’s a spirit.  It’s part of your soul. 

This woman, in an attempt to gain support and grow her money base (perhaps if she hadn’t violated campaign finance regulations, she’d have more cash in the fund) decided to sell her soul.  A decidedly un-American soul.

She sold it to an organization that has known ties to Islamic terror organizations.

Terror organizations that support operations that result in the death of Americans.

Do NOT apologize for that.

Omar had hurt feelings on Wednesday afternoon, and in a desperate attempt to pivot attention away from her, she pointed to Kilmeade’s and Crenshaw’s comments in a tweet calling on “leaders of both parties” to condemn them.

“This is dangerous incitement, given the death threats I face,” she wrote. “My love and commitment to our country and that of my colleagues should never be in question. We are ALL Americans!”

Stop talking, Omar.  Just stop.  You are embarrassing yourself.

Oh, but wait!  Guess who came to her defense? 

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democrat bartender from New York who is also under investigation.

“I’m not going to quote the NY Post’s horrifying, hateful cover,” Ocasio-Cortez wrote. “Here’s 1 fact: @IlhanMN is a cosponsor of the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. She’s done more for 9/11 families than the GOP who won’t even support healthcare for 1st responders- yet are happy to weaponize her faith.”

Here we go again.  The victim card.  Because this is what happens when you have no actual legitimate argument.

Last year, I spent two hours on the phone with a dying member of the NYPD.  He was in the final – and most painful – stages of cancer. Cancer he got on 9/11 after running into the rubble and saving lives.

I’d like to see these spineless “Reps” – Omar and Ocasio-Cortez – sit across from that man and tell him “something happened”.

I’d like to see them tell the hundreds of thousands of police officers and firefighters that laid their brothers and sisters to rest that “something happened”.

I’d like to see them actually visit those who, to this day, are devasted from the post-traumatic stress they experienced that fateful day and those fateful weeks after.

You know what?  Screw it.  I’d like to see them take off their victim face and put on a damn uniform. 

Or look at the mounds of evidence about the death and destruction caused by Islamic terrorists.

Ladies – I get it.  You’re too busy worrying about how much legislation you can pass to take as many unborn babies from this world as possible.  You’re too busy declaring that Trump is bad and Trump supporters are all racists and law and order is evil and the wall is racist and we need to open our borders and


But it’s time for you to go.

Even the Democrats are already sick and tired of your crap.  Because this isn’t about left vs. right.  This is about good vs. evil.  And you have demonstrated you have pure contempt for the America that you claim to represent.

So it’s time for you to get out.

Pack up your bags. 

Book the flight. 

Send us the invoice. 

It’ll be an honor to pick up the tab.  As long as you sign a contract agreeing to keep your ass and your socialist values the hell out of our country.


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