FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. – Who would have thought that a cop praying over a meal would garner so much attention? Yet, it has happened. A Georgia law enforcement officer was spotted praying over his meal in a Zaxby’s restaurant in Forsyth County this week, and people are talking about it.

The Georgia Department of Community Supervision has since shared a photo of the touching moment, first captured by Cammie Alkire.

“Our officers spend every day engaging with citizens and working to provide opportunities for successful offender outcomes,” the department captioned the photo on Facebook, though they didn’t identify the officer pictured.

Alkire, a mother of four, told FOX 5 that witnessing the officer made her “grateful for the men and women who serve to protect us.”

“These officers and their families need our prayers every day,” she said, adding that he “truly touched [her] heart.”

Alkire was not immediately available for comment when contacted by Fox News on Thursday.

Cynical contemporaries in the business might be tempted to criticize the man of faith for exercising his conscience. People may condemn his “officer safety” decision to bow his head and close his eyes to pray in public. However, we’d all be better off respecting his decision and grateful that it’s turned into an unexpected public relations opportunity.