Cop murdered by undocumented immigrants. Media: We can’t blame sanctuary laws. 


Earlier this month LET brought you the tragic news reports of the murder of Deputy Brian Ishmael out of El Dorado, California. His murder was at the hands of not one, but two ‘undocumented migrants’ from Mexico who were allegedly illegally growing marijuana. 

The mainstream media would like you to believe that this senseless murder had nothing to do with California’s sanctuary laws or legalization of marijuana, but I’m here to tell you that they’re wrong.

How do we know this?

If you didn’t allow undocumented migrants into your communities with no recourse and didn’t legalize a product that is difficult to control the growth and distribution of, chances are that your state’s police force would not find themselves in situations where their lives would be taken over these major issues.

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Ishmael was killed in the line of duty by an undocumented immigrant. (EDCSO)


According to a Sacramento Bee article, “Ishmael died on Oct. 23 after he had been called to a marijuana grow site in the town of Somerset on Sand Ridge Road. Ishmael was in the process or ordering everyone out of the grow site when he was shot and killed.”

They also added that the marijuana grow site had both undocumented immigrants and U.S. citizens at work. 

But here’s more of the real story that The Sacramento Bee writer fluffed over.

As explained by Breitbart news, “Juan Carlos Vasquez-Orozco, a 20-year-old [undocumented migrant], and Ramiro Bravo Morales, a 22-year-old [undocumented migrant], are two of three men who were arrested.”  The other is a U.S. Jorge Lamas, is also part of the illegal marijuana grow operation.

Cop murdered by undocumented immigrants. Media: We can't blame sanctuary laws. 
These two men allegedly killed a deputy. But the media says sanctuary laws shouldn’t be blamed.


Reports indicated that Ishmael responded out to the area with a San Joaquin County deputy to the area on a complaint from Christopher Gary Ross who had called El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, reporting that his marijuana had been stolen from his home in Somerset, California.

Upon arrival on scene, the officers were fired on and were both wounded.  The San Joaquin deputy was shot in the thigh, and Officer Ishmael was shot in the chest and foot. Ishmael sadly succumbed to his injures.

Along with the three aforementioned criminals, Christopher Gary Ross was arrested for failing to disclose that he had a working business partnership with all of them.

Breitbart reports, “Vasquez-Orozco has been charged with murder and assault with a deadly weapon, while Morales has been charged as an accessory to a murder. Ross has been charged with involuntary manslaughter in connection to the murder.”

The memorial ceremony for Deputy Ishmael brought out more than 3,000 individuals to mourn and pay their respects on November 5. A service and ceremony that, Governor Gavin Newsom couldn’t even bother to show up for by the way.  Although LET has had his number for a long time, he has made it crystal clear that doesn’t support law enforcement.

Gov. Gavin Newsom (Wikipedia)


Since that time, Sheriff John D’Agostini has verbally come out swinging against his own state, blasting California and its sanctuary status laws.   The sheriff has stated that these laws are impeding the investigation and prosecution of both the undocumented and legal individuals that killed his deputy.

“First, I want to make something clear, and I ask that you, the media, please call this what this is…don’t soften it. This tragedy was due to an illegal alien tending an illegal marijuana grow who murdered my deputy. That’s what it is,” Sheriff D’Agostini told reporters at a news conference earlier this week.

Due to the state’s sanctuary laws, the sheriff was unable to bring in federal agents immediately following the murder to help him identify who the individuals involved were.

CBS News reported that, “SB 54 restricts local law enforcement from turning over individuals to federal immigration authorities. It does have exemptions, including for any person held to answer for a serious felony.” 

They went on to further report, “D’Agostini says he was forced to reached out to California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra during the case, who helped his investigators navigate the SB 54 law.”

Now the national media will want you to believe that it is not the sanctuary laws that should be in question here.  They will even argue that U.S. Citizens were involved in the killing of the deputy in this case.  Like that justifies and makes better the fact that one of our law enforcement officers lost his life over this.

Take for instance the Sacramento Bee story again. The author writes:

“California law did not impede this case because California law is clear that local authorities can apprehend undocumented immigrants who commit crimes and they can work with the feds while doing it.

These laws actually have nothing to do with “sanctuary” in a legal sense. They are about making sure that local and state authorities handle local and state issues. Immigration is handled by the feds and California laws only seek to make sure the local and state cops don’t initiate immigration investigations of any kind.

The main immigration law is called The California Values Act. Every California citizen and every working journalist should read the act… And if you read the law you will see that D’Agostini is simply mistaken when he insists that the Values Act got in his way.”

Wait.  Let me get this straight.  They want us to believe that the law has nothing to do in a legal sense… what exactly is the point of a law, if it has nothing to do with legal sense? And to make matters worse, the reporter goes on.

“Read the law if you don’t believe me. Or here is quote from California Attorney General Xavier Becerra from last year. It’s a memo he sent to law enforcement to make sure they understood how the Values Act works.”

“Nothing in the Values Act prohibits a California law enforcement agency from asserting its own jurisdiction over criminal law enforcement matters, i.e., engaging in an investigation, detention or arrest for criminal activities based upon California state law, even when its activities may indirectly impact or assist a federal agency that is engaged in immigration enforcement as part of a joint task force or otherwise.”

So, the fact that D’Agostini had to reach out to California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra to get clarification and assistance navigating the law (that has nothing to do with ‘sanctuary in the legal sense’), in order to get federal assistance with the investigation must be a moot point to the mainstream media?

The reporter even had the audacity to state, “El Dorado County authorities were frustrated because they felt they couldn’t find out if Vasquez or Bravo were undocumented for two weeks.”  

Um, I’m sorry, but in this writer’s opinion, 24 hours is too long to wait to find out any information in an ongoing investigation, never mind two weeks.

The writer also took it a step further and decided to reach out to Dan Reeves, who is the former chief of staff to former California state Senate leader Kevin De León, who ‘wrote’ the California Values Act.

“El Dorado County officials could have sent the fingerprints of Vasquez and Bravo to the FBI as part of a criminal investigation. The FBI could have run the prints through federal databases maintained by the Office of Homeland Security. Nothing in the Values Act prohibits this. In the end, it was Homeland Security that confirmed that Vasquez and Bravo were undocumented. With that knowledge, Scott charged the two men with being aliens in possession of firearms.”

The author of the article was even bold enough to state, “but, was the investigation impeded? The suspects have been in custody for weeks. They aren’t going anywhere. They are facing state and federal charges. What was impeded?” 

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Cop murdered by undocumented immigrants. Media: We can't blame sanctuary laws. 


So apparently the fact that suspects are in custody make it okay for an investigation to be delayed because of how poorly written or convoluted a law is?  I can just hear the chants of those demanding due process now if it took investigators MORE than two weeks to find out this information. Law enforcement would be to blame for holding them and not giving them their right to a speedy and fair trial.

Of course, Kevin De León would stand up for the bill he is credited with authoring.

“Such brazen violence is shameful and horrific. But this has nothing to do with the California Values Act. To conflate the two issues is irresponsible,” he said.

It should also be noted that, “Kevin de León (Democrat) was a candidate for the U.S. Senate from California. De León lost the general election on November 6, 2018. He was unable to run for re-election in 2018 to the California State Senate because of term limits,” as explained by Ballotpedia.

If you think that’s the end of it.  You’d be wrong.   The Sacramento Bee reporter also went on to further state their case on why the California Values Act had nothing to do with issues this current case is facing by bringing up Newman police Cpl. Ronil Singh, who was killed last year by an undocumented immigrant.

Newman police
Newman Police Corporal Ronil Singh with K9 Sam. (Facebook)


At the time of Singh’s murder, the Values Act was brought up by high-ranking law enforcement officials as reasoning behind why these senseless murders of our law enforcement officers continue to happen.

This reporter has the audacity to write, “these cases are understandably emotional. It would be great if Becerra spoke directly to the public when law enforcement leaders attack the Values Act because they give the impression that the state is harboring criminals. It is not.”  

I’m sure Cpl. Singh’s widow, child and family as well as Deputy Ishmael’s widow, three children and family will love to read that statement.  I’m not really sure what that writer classifies as a criminal, but anyone that would take the life of a law enforcement officer, or anyone for that matter, certainly is one in my book.

The writer also further went on to state, “when law enforcement leaders in uniform speak, people listen. It cries out for California’s top cop to clear the air. Becerra is a real bulldog in going after President Donald Trump. But when it comes to speaking to complicated and emotional issues involving cops, he’s too often silent.”

Sitting in this chair writing this, I can attest that people aren’t listening close enough to what our uniformed officers are saying, because we wouldn’t be in the war we’re in if that was the truth. 

Perhaps Becerra falls silent because undocumented immigrants keep murdering law enforcement officers? 

The reporter closed their piece with this.

“It’s a shame he [Becerra] didn’t and it’s a shame that politics were wrongly inserted into a tragedy. Deputy Ishmael should not have lost his life on Oct 23. And the men linked to his crime should and will be prosecuted. But the rest? That’s just noise.”

To that writer, I say, how dare you! The mainstream media inserts politics when it fits their agenda wherever they see fit, but cries foul when others point out the hypocrisy. And, unless that “noise” (as you refer to it) is raised, the senseless killings of our men and women in uniform in your state, and and all across this country, will continue to happen.  So here we are at LET to make even more of that “noise”! 

That writers article begs these questions, why should any undocumented migrant criminal be afraid to go to California, they know they are protected, even when they take the lives of those that are there to protect the lives of the law-abiding citizens.  What stops them from taking anyone’s life at that point?

The writer of the Sacramento Bee piece has added on his bio that he is, “a son of Mexican immigrants.” I’ve added in my bio, that I am the granddaughter of a police officer. I guess we see the world from two very different ends of the spectrum.  


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