Cop-Hating Manhattan Subway Rider Threatens Police

NEW YORK – A cop-hating Manhattan subway rider was caught on cellphone video threatening to take an AK-47 and bulletproof vest to an NYPD station house in Queens to fatally shoot officers, authorities said Tuesday.

The New York Post reported that Samuel Palominos, 19, was on an F train around 14th Street and Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village on Saturday about 6 p.m. when he was filmed punching the walls above passengers’ heads. As a result, his actions caused people to duck out of the way as he and shouted that he was going to kill cops, police said.

“I am going to the 110th Precinct with a bulletproof vest and AK-47, and I’m gonna shoot every cop in there,” Palominos said, according to a criminal complaint. “If you’ve got family in the 110th Precinct, tell them to stay away from the 110th Precinct this week, because I’m going to blow that whole place up!”

After Palominos got off the train at the Broadway-Lafayette station in Lower Manhattan, the witnesses who filmed him called the 110 Precinct out of concern that he would carry out his threat, sources said.

Just after 12 a.m. Sunday, Palominos reportedly approached a police officer at Case Street and Elmhurst Avenue in Elmhurst and asked, “Are you 110th Precinct?”

When the beat cop said he was, Palominos became agitated and cursed at the officer, police said.

He was taken into custody and later admitted that he had made the threats caught on video, the police said in court records.

Cop-Hating Manhattan Subway Rider Threatens Police

Palominos was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats, a felony.

Bail was set at $2,500 cash or $5,000 bond. The prosecutor had requested that it be set at $20,000, a source said.

In July NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia, 48, was executed when she was shot in the head while sitting in a mobile command vehicle in the Bronx.

cop-hating Manhattan subway rider
Officer Miosotis Familia. (NYPD)

As a result of Familia’s death being fresh on the minds of NYPD officers, the threats from Palominos might feel a bit personal.

(Photo: Flicker)

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I’d like to say “ I dont believe it” but with all the lunatics with guns out there I’ll say “ I pray for all police everywhere “! It’s really a shame that if a cop stops and questions someone he’d better have a good reason, yet it’s ok that they put their lives on the line everyday for us but they can’t protect themselves ( if someone looks fishy they should be stopped & searched) without some dumbass pencil pusher questioning if it was “A good shooting”.

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