Cop Finds Anti-Police Pamphlets at Daughter’s College Tour, Drops Truth Bomb


You often hear about the indoctrination of progressive, socialist, and anti-police agendas in academia.

This is an unfortunate reality as professors, teachers, and those in power seek to influence the next generation with their own beliefs, views, and expectations for the future.

What’s unacceptable is when academia relies on false, made up data, disguised as science based quantitive research, that when one dives into such, can see the bias and outright lies that is the founding base for the data itself.

Case in point; most recently a law-enforcement officer was taking his daughter to the State University of New York New Paltz campus. While visiting their admissions and welcome center,a perspective students first impression of a college, there was a stack of fliers that happened to catch his eye.

The flyer was titled mapping of police violence” by an organization

Mapping Police Violence

The organization was being hosted by the campus, and sponsored by the Friends of the Benjamin Center and College of liberal arts and sciences, as well as co-sponsored by The Resident Hall, the SUNY New Paltz Education Opportunity Program, The Diversity and Inclusion Council, Student Affairs, and finally the Department of Geography,History, Political Science, and Sociology, this past November.

Mapping Police Violence

The flyer goes on to list shocking statistics of police use of deadly force across the nation that paints a dire picture for police community relations, especially when it comes to communities of color.

The only thing is, the data on the flyer is misleading, purposely omitting key data points, and inaccurate.

The flyer goes on to state that in 2017- 1147 persons were killed by police.

It adds that a black person is 3X more likely to be shot by police than a white person, and even attempts to state that police discriminate based on ones geographical area stating that you are seven times more likely to be shot in Oklahoma then in Georgia.

(Fact: in 2017 Georgia had 29 Police deadly use of force incidents compared to Oklahoma’s 26.)

As someone who deals in these statistics on a daily basis, something didn’t seem right, so I did what any prudent individual would do, checked my own data then looked further into the flyer and the organization in which authored it.

As it turns out, the data which they state as fact was obtained from themselves as noted on the flyer.

They go on to state that they believe their website to be the most in-depth database of police deadly use of force known.

But when I research the metrics used, and what they consider police deadly use of force, and define what an unarmed  person to be, their motive becomes clear. It’s simply to defame our nation’s law enforcement.

Direct from, they describe their defining metrics as follows: 


Police Killing: A case where a person dies as a result of being chased, beaten, arrested, restrained, shot, pepper sprayed, tasered, or otherwise harmed by police officers, whether on-duty or off-duty, intentional or accidental.

A victim was coded as Unarmed in the database if they were one or more of the following:

  •     not holding any objects or weapons when killed
  •     holding household/personal items that were not used to attack others (cellphone, video game controller, cane, etc.)
  •     holding a toy weapon (BB gun, pellet gun, air rifle, toy sword)
  •     an innocent bystander or hostage killed
  •     a pedestrian or motorist accidentally hit by a police car or passengers in a vehicle chased by police with no weapon on them
  •     drivers or passengers accidentally hit by a police car
  •     a person who dies in police custody after a police use of force or police neglect of their medical needs
  •     alleged to be armed by the police, but multiple independent witnesses maintain the person was unarmed, video evidence shows that the person was unarmed, and/or circumstances indicate it was physically impossible for that person to be armed (i.e. claiming a person shot themselves with their own gun while handcuffed and under surveillance in police custody after being searched for weapons)

Now when we take into consideration on what we know about the above organizations data metrics and how they come to their numbers, let’s compare such to the actual numbers in regards to the national police deadly use the force data for 2017.

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In 2017, Police Deadly Use of force was used against 987 subjects (not 1147).

Of those 987 subjects:

  • 918 were armed
  • 459 White
  • 223 Black
  • 179 Hispanic
  • 44 Others
  • 82 unknown

Take note that unlike the above flier, black subjects are not 3x more likely to be shot than white suspects.

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But MappingPoliceViolence’s attempts to distort and justify this fact by stating “blacks are only 13% of the population”, keenly omitting that as per the FBI UCR (Uniform Crime Report), black subjects account for 54% of total violent crime in America.

By the way, their victims are also overwhelmingly black.

So in reality, black subjects commit:

  • Murder 572.8% more than whites
  • Rape: 146.1% 
  • Robbery: 617.9% 
  • Aggravated Assault: 203.3%
  • and total Violent crime in total: 263.6% more

National Police Deadly Use Of Force Statistics

That debunks the false narrative that police use deadly force more on black than white subjects.

When the above data is factored in, police use deadly force over two times more on white subjects when related to crime, but that doesn’t sell speaking tours now does it?

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The fact that our institutions of higher learning, a state university no less, allows un-vetted, skewed data, which manipulates the facts to create nothing less then distrust and division, should not be tolerated to the taxpayers who fund them or the people who spend hard earned money to send their young adults for a fact based education.

In the end, and for good reason, the presence of this flyer was unacceptable to the police officer and his college bound daughter who was visiting and looking to make SUNY New Paltz a home for the next four years.

Needless to say, they won’t be back.


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