A trial that involved the brutal slaying of two doctors in their home back in 2017 has finally come to a conclusion.

But what took place in the Boston, Massachusetts courtroom was nothing short of chilling after the verdict was handed down to the murderer who took the lives of a couple who were engaged to be married.

The words uttered by the convicted killer in the court room will likely have a haunting effect for years to come one those still mourning the loss of their loved ones.

This past Tuesday, the former concierge who was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder in the death of two Boston anesthesiologists had two outbursts while court was still in session. The unhinged man had used the courtroom as a platform to mess with the prosecutor’s wife before he threatened to share the last words of one of his victims, according to reports.


After a tense trial, Bampumim Teixeira, 33, was finally convicted of killing Dr. Lina Bolanos and her fiancé, Dr. Richard Field. In May of 2017, police had discovered the two doctors bound with handcuffs inside of their penthouse, with both of their throats slit.  

Shortly before a guilty verdict was returned on the case, Teixeira was physically removed from the courtroom twice. He had apparently threatened the prosecutor’s wife openly in court which led to him being escorted out the first time.

Upon his return, he shouted an eerie statement, displaying the intimate knowledge of the duress Dr. Field was feeling in the moments leading to his death:

“Want to know his last words?”

In a video that was uploaded to Twitter, you can hear the words that Teixeira shouted in a means to inflict even more harm than he has already caused the families of the victims. Nearly a dozen officers responded to the outburst and promptly removed him from the courtroom.


While there was plenty of evidence offered during the course of the trial, testimony that came about last Thursday was likely some of the most damning. Medical examiner Dr. Richard Atkinson testified that the blood of the victims was found on several pieces of evidence and said Field was stabbed on the right side of his neck, while Bolanos had 24 sharp-force injuries on her neck and jugular vein.

Considering the manner in which both died in their penthouse, it wasn’t difficult to dispel the claims Teixeira initially made, saying he was in the building because he was having an affair with Bolanos.

He alleged that Field came home and broke into a covetous wrath before slaying Bolanos, after learning the two had been having an affair. Teixeira version of events claimed that he had killed Field in self-defense. Yet the prosecution pointed to how absurd the theory was while also detailing how his knowledge as a former concierge in the building afforded him to track the couple and gain entry into their building.

The narrative that Teixeira provided was also debunked by one if his actual victims as well. Dr. Field had arrived home earlier than normal and, prior to his execution, he managed to send a text message to a friend that that stated there was a gunman in his home and he couldn’t call for help. When police arrived on the scene to discover the bodies of the two deceased, they’d opened fire on Teixeira, who was wounded in the hand, leg and abdomen before being taken into custody.


Jurors sided with the prosecution and delivered a prompt guilty verdict, the day after they had begun deliberations. The jury also found Teixeira guilty of home invasion, armed robbery and kidnapping. Teixeira is currently scheduled to be sentenced on Friday in Suffolk Superior Court.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, a prominent eye doctor is being investigated for his potential role in the deaths of multiple women that he’s been romantically involved with. 

A Chicago eye doctor who was arrested in the stabbing death of his girlfriend is now having the mysterious death of his first wife reexamined by police.

Anthony Prate, age 55, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of his girlfriend on Nov. 23.

Malgorzata Daniel, 48 was stabbed 30 times in her home. Prate, who waited to call 911 until after calling three family members, told authorities that he and his girlfriend got into an argument following a dinner party with neighbors. Prate told the three family members that he had stabbed Daniel.

Convicted murderer taunts victim’s family in court: “Want to know his last words?”


During the dinner party, Prate became upset when the subject of death arose, and he left the room for an extended period of time, according to Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer Gates at his arraignment.

Prate told the 911 operator, “My girlfriend and I had a fight. She stabbed me with a knife, and I stabbed her back, and I think she’s gravely wounded. I’m wounded too.”

Prate was taken into custody when police arrived and is being held without bond at the Cook County Jail. He was charged with first degree murder. Daniel was a nurse anesthetist and mother of two adult daughters.

The most recent incident has authorities looking back at another death, that of Prate’s first wife in 2011.

Prate claimed at that time that his wife, Bridget, was talking to another man and they were planning to kill him. Prate called police and demanded that both Bridget, as well as the man she was talking to, be arrested. When officers got to the scene, Bridget told them it was a misunderstanding and the officers left.

One week later, she was dead. She was killed in a car accident where Prate was the driver.

Prate told investigators at the time of the accident that Bridget had unbuckled her seatbelt to look for her purse and a water bottle, when he lost control of the vehicle, crossed over the center line, and hit and oncoming car and then a tree before stopping.

When emergency responders arrived, Prate was giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to Bridget. She didn’t have a pulse and she wasn’t breathing. Paramedics were unable to revive her.

Convicted murderer taunts victim’s family in court: “Want to know his last words?”

Prate is now being investigated for a second possible homicide.


At the time, investigators were concerned about some of the details of the crash. Aside from the previous call a week before, the autopsy that was performed on Bridget showed that her injuries were not consistent with a major collision, and told police he believed she “was dead prior to the time of the accident,” according to a police report. The exact cause of death was “undetermined.”

Even more odd, the airbag on Bridget’s side of the car did not deploy during the crash and Lake in the Hills Police, in the accident report, said there was “no damage to the car that would seem to be consistent with a fatal accident.”

Due to the concerns raised during the autopsy, authorities asked for a second opinion.

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Convicted murderer taunts victim’s family in court: “Want to know his last words?”


Noted pathologist Dr. Larry Blum was asked to take a second look. He concluded that even though there was no clear cause of death, as the original pathologist Dr. Mark Witeck had concluded, he believed the vertebra fracture was proof that she had indeed died in the crash. That conclusion led prosecutors to accept the findings and drop the case.

In 2014, Bruce Johnson, a private investigator and retired Illinois State Police master sergeant, was asked to investigate the case. Johnson referred the case to the Illinois State Police, who referred it back to Lake in the Hills without any charges being filed.

Johnson did state that he was puzzled by the lack of determinant cause in the accident.

“The lack of a cause of death in a case like this is pretty rare,” he said. He added that in fatal car crashes, typically “pathology and autopsy results usually determine the cause of death fairly quickly.”

Johnson was also puzzled that based on the force of the vehicles that Bridget’s body ended up on the floorboards. Johnson has investigated hundreds of death cases in his career.

Over the years since the accident, multiple agencies have investigated the crash, and at one time also sought a grand jury subpoena to have family members testify. No criminal charges have ever been filed.

The most recent incident has caught the attention of both the McHenry County prosecutor’s office, as well as Lake in the Hills police. Both agencies announced that they would reopen the investigation into Bridget Prate’s death. In a joint statement, both agencies said that they “would continue to evaluate incoming information for any bearing it may have on the tragic death of Bridget Prate in 2011.”

At the time of the crash, William Hinde, the operator of the second vehicle, told officers he was traveling around 40 mph when the cars made contact. He said that Prate’s vehicle suddenly drove into his lane, and that he had no time to react and get out of the way. It happened in “a split second” Hinde told police.

In speaking with the Chicago Tribune last week, Hinde emphasized again how quickly it occurred.

“Usually you get a few seconds of notice, like this is going to happen, but there was none,” he said. “It was so immediate.”

Hinde noted that he has wondered about the crash over the years, and even more so after reading about the most recent arrest of Prate. He supports the effort of authorities to reinvestigate the 2011 accident.

“I don’t blame them, I would too. If he really did do this, the family needs closure.”


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