Convicted gang member released from ICE after transitioning from a male to a female


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A self-proclaimed transgender-woman who was an immigration detainee was recently granted a bond hearing that saw their eventual release from custody.

Oh, and they had just finished up a 16-year prison sentence for a gang assault and was transferred to ICE for an immigration hearing to get deported.

But, you know, the alphabet community had to step in and defend this “woman.”

The newly dubbed Lexis Hernandez Avilez is a 41-year-old convict who had finished up their prison sentence and was sent over to an ICE detention center in California in 2018.

Avilez was hemmed up for a 2005 gang assault and was sentenced to 16 years in prison, which obviously was cut short to facilitate immigration proceedings.

Avilez is what’s known as an LAPR, or lawfully admitted for permanent residence, meaning that they’re not a citizen of the United States, but can reside here. However, an LAPR status can get revoked during an immigration proceeding if someone winds up getting convicted of a felony.

Much like Avilez did.

Then, by some miracle, after spending 13 years in prison and landing in an ICE facility, Avilez discovers that he is a “woman” at heart. While in custody at the ICE facility, Avilez gets diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria (dysphoria is a form of mental illness defined medically as a state of unease or dissatisfaction of life).

Thus, the doctor ordered that Avilez needed some hormone treatment. Because nothing treats mental illness better than affirming someone’s delusions.

(Although, I don’t recall my family telling my grandfather at the height of his Alzheimer’s that he actually was sailing on a boat and not staying in a medical care facility.)

Still, ICE was actually trying to help out Avilez by transferring him to an ICE facility in Texas on Christmas night 2019, since they’d be equipped to dole out that medicine.

But this wasn’t enough, and Avilez at first attempted to secure a temporary restraining order against ICE which Judge Charles Breyer shut down as there wasn’t merit for a TRO.

Avilez claimed that due to being transferred to Texas, he was being denied access to his attorney, and also complained about being housed with men instead of women.

However, a judge on April 16th allowed for Avilez to be released so long as he could secure a $10,000 bond. It doesn’t mean that there aren’t going to be additional immigration proceedings for Avilez, but it did allow for the defendant to travel back to California in the meantime.

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What makes this whole damn thing so loony is the talking points from some of these advocates, like San Francisco Public Defender Mano Raju who had helped with the case:

“Transgender people who are incarcerated are often misgendered and detained in isolation or with the wrong gender population.”

Newsflash Raju: If someone is a biological man that is housed with other biological men, then they’re in the proper place.

Oh, but it gets better.

Avilez is actually trying to keep his LAPR status and not get deported by citing fears of torture or death in Mexico.

Now, tell me, isn’t it just convenient that someone spends over a decade in prison, finds out they’re transgender when sent to ICE, and now no longer wants to be deported by creating an asylum style claim due to their new “gender identity?”

Despite having been previously married to a woman, Avilez goes to prison and becomes “bi-sexual,” according to him, and then he is all of the sudden a “woman” in 2019 while in ICE’s custody.

By the way, the only reason Avilez ever became an LAPR and allowed to remain in the U.S. prior to the incarceration (because they were an illegal alien prior to that) was because he got married to a US citizen in 2000.

Imagine that.

It’s pure lunacy that a convicted gang member that should be getting deported can all of the sudden have special considerations because of their sexual orientation and identity endeavors.

Then again, it’s not very surprising.


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