Convicted felon dies after getting stuck in the window of a home he was trying to break into


LEHIGH ACRES, FL – The old adage “crime doesn’t pay” generally rings true, but what many fail to acknowledge, commission of crimes can sometimes turn deadly.

As is the case with a burglary suspect from Florida, who was found deceased after seemingly getting getting stuck in a window of a home he was trying to break into, essentially dying via strangulation from the window itself. 

According to officials, 32-year-old convicted felon Jonathan Hernandez was attempting to break into a residence on December 12th located on 46th Street Southwest.

Investigators determined, based upon the evidence from the scene, that Hernandez had inadvertently caused his own death via a sort of hanging/strangulation due to a window unexpectedly shutting onto his neck. 

Lieutenant Russell Park, the public information officer for the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, afforded local news crews some of the details associated with the accidental death: 

“While Hernandez was trying to work his way through the window, it unexpectedly closed on top of him, pinning him, and keeping him suspended in [the] air.”

Hernandez was reportedly discovered dangling from the window, already deceased at the time of his discovery.

The tenants of the home affirmed that the window Hernandez allegedly tried to break into the home through was notorious for having a faulty spring that seemed to violently slam down on his neck. 

Records indicate that Hernandez was previously convicted for grand theft back in 2018. 

When commenting in the bizarre case and death, Security Specialist Rich Kolko noted that less attention should be garnered around the suspect’s death and more so around the act he was allegedly attempting to commit. 

Kolko said homeowners need to ensure they’re utilizing every precaution available to deter burglaries and home invasions:

“Most criminals are not going to want to approach a house that is well lit on the outside…If there is something suspicious going on or noise is going on in your home – burglar alarms going off, smoke alarms going off – just pick up the phone and call law enforcers. They are there to help you.”

The fiancée of the deceased, Patricia Duarte, acknowledged that Hernandez carried the look of a convicted felon – but swore that he was of decent moral character

“When I first met him, I was like man he looks like he has a rap sheet like El Chapo. And he’s the complete opposite of that. He’s the sweetest person you’d probably ever meet and has the biggest heart.”

Duarte believes that there’s something not right about her fiancée’s death, proclaiming that she wants a “proper investigation” to ensue regarding Hernandez’s death: 

“Soon as I got there I’m like, there’s no way. This isn’t what happened.”

“I just need something to be done the right way. I need a proper investigation. I need the actual truth to come to light.”

Despite the concerns that something isn’t right about Hernandez’s death by those who knew him, all signs point to him having essentially caused his own demise. 

The LCSO’s Major Crimes Unit’s detectives are handling the investigation into this matter. 

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Florida happens to be the home of strange crimes and investigations. 

Back in December of 2020, police in Fort Lauderdale were investigating a case involving a suspect going on one of the most wild of alleged violent, rampages. 

Here’s that previous report. 


FT LAUDERDALE, FL – In one of the most disturbing cases to date, a Fort Lauderdale man allegedly went on a rampage, drastically assaulting two women and a child.  The details are beyond disturbing.

Brutal Florida man stabs woman in the eyes, breaks his mother’s arms, throws baby through a window
Screenshot courtesy of WSVN News 7 Miami

The man screamed at a woman, demanding to know what she did with his mother. But she was his mother. 

The woman reportedly slipped in a puddle of her own blood as she tried to escape from her son, Pierre Francois, as his girlfriend held onto their child in the next room.

Police say that Francois clubbed the woman with a two-by-four piece of lumber. 

Francois’ mother, whose name was not released, escaped the home and ran to neighbor for help. Both her arms were fractured and her thumb dislocated. 

Those injuries sound incredibly disturbing, but what happened with his girlfriend and their baby is worse.

Court records allege that Francois cut his girlfriend’s throat,  then repeatedly stabbed her in the eyes, blinding her. 

Records also show that it appears that he bit off the nose of his one-year-old daughter before throwing her through a window.

Broward County Sheriff’s Deputies reported that the one-year-old baby girl was found lying face-down in the yard of the family’s home.

Francois’ girlfriend and child are hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. The baby’s mother is not expected to be able to see again.  She also has a lacerated trachea and liver among other injuries. 

The baby is intubated and has traumatic brain injuries and is unresponsive.

Francois, who is 29-years-old, is in jail on two counts of attempted felony murder and one charge of felony aggravated assault.

Sergeant Don Pritchard of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office explained:

“The infant suffers from what appears to be a skull fracture, as well as it appears that (her) nose was bitten off. 

“This was a very, very gruesome scene that the deputies encountered, and it was caused by a family member.”

Francois’ mother told police her son is a diagnosed schizophrenic and has not been taking his medication.

She said she believes her son may have been having an episode, according to the arrest report. She also stated he could have been under the influence of a controlled substance at the time of the attack.

Francois’ mother told investigators that she awoke in the early morning to find her son punching the walls and doors of the house, where they’ve lived for about five years.

She told him to stop or he would hurt himself, but he turned his rage on her — striking her repeatedly with the large piece of wood.

She tried to use her forearms to deflect the blows, resulting in injuries to both arms and her face.

Francois’ mother said she could hear the young woman scream “don’t hit us,” when he turned on his girlfriend and daughter, according to court records.

That’s when his mother escaped and ran for help, banging on a neighbor’s door.

The neighbor, who asked that she not be identified because of concerns for her safety, rushed the woman in and called 911.

Deputies arrived about 6 a.m. to find the child face-down in the front yard and Francois leaving the home.

Records say when deputies ordered him to stop, he assumed a fighting stance before running away.

Authorities found a knife on the floor just inside the doorway of the home.

Francois was arrested and taken to Broward Health Medical Center. He had cuts to his legs and shoulders. The report did not indicate whether he had wounded himself.

As for the neighbor, she told police that she is still processing what she witnessed that day.


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