BRISTOW, Okla. – A convicted Oklahoma child molester has moved next door to his victim.

Harold English (pictured) was recently released from prison. Upon release, he moved in with his mother in the town of Bristow. Most noteworthy, his mother’s property is next to the victim’s home, KFOR-TV reported Tuesday.

English was convicted in 2015 of molesting the girl when she was little. Sadly, he is the victim’s step uncle.

“When you have to see it, I can only imagine what it does to my daughter when she’s there and she has to witness it,” the victim’s mother told the station. “She shouldn’t have to. Very heartbreaking.”

Child molester law has loophole

Consequently, Oklahoma law prohibits sex offenders from living near schools or public grounds. Yet it does not stop convicts from living next door to their victims, according to News On 6. Hence, the victim’s family is hoping to work with lawmakers to get the law changed.

“It’s adding one word in there where it talks, where they can and can’t live, just adding ‘victim’ right there along with schools and playgrounds,” the victim said.

Finally, English told News On 6 that he notified the sheriff’s office before moving in and he and his mother said it is only temporarily.

(Photo: Oklahoma sex registry)