WASCO, Calif. – A convicted child molester was beaten to death by a 19-year-old inmate in a California prison less than a week after the 66-year-old began serving his time at the facility, officials announced Wednesday.

Agustin Duran was pronounced dead just before 5 p.m. Sunday, a day after inmate Andres Ayon pummeled the 66-year-old at Wasco State Prison, officials said in a news release.

The prison facility is located about 30 miles northwest of Bakersfield.

On July 7, at around 7:20 p.m., Ayon reportedly began punching Duran in the face and upper torso.

An alarm prompted all inmates to drop on the ground. Nevertheless, Ayon kept striking Duran, CDCR said.

This led to intervention by prison staff. Correctional officers used a pepper spray grenade on the 19-year-old in order to gain compliance, which occurred. Afterward, Ayon was placed in a holding cell.

Duran was critically injured and airlifted to the hospital. However, he was declared dead the next day at around 4:48 p.m., authorities said.

convicted child molester

Convicted child molester Agustin Duran, 66, was beaten to death by another inmate at Wasco State Prison in California. (Megan’s Law)

Duran had only been at the prison for five days before the deadly assault. He was serving a 55-year sentence for lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14.

Ayon was in prison serving a 6-year sentence for second-degree robbery and use of a deadly weapon. He has been at the prison since June 22.

Ayon was treated for minor injuries and moved to the facility’s administrative segregation unit. Wasco State Prison officials said it will be investigating the incident as a homicide.

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The primary mission of Wasco State Prison is to provide short-term housing necessary to process, classify and evaluate new inmates physically and mentally to determine their security level, program requirements, and appropriate institutional placement. The prison was activated in 1991 and houses about 4,900 inmates and employs approximately 1,500 people.