“Prison reform”: Paroled convict sought for rape of twin 4-year-olds, arrested for assault on two NYPD officers


NEW YORK, NY – 22-year-old Isaiah Metz, also known as Decklyn McBride of Manhattan, was being sought on charges out of Pennsylvania. Two officers from the Regional Fugitive Task Force tried to take him into custody on Wednesday at a shelter on West 30th Street.

When the officers tried to take Metz into custody, he resisted. He assaulted both of them, punching them repeatedly in the head before biting one on the arm. He fled the scene and was able to allude capture for almost 24 hours.

He was finally tracked to a shelter location in Yonkers, where he was arrested, but not without incident. It has been reported that police had to deploy a taser on Metz.

Both officers were taken to Bellevue where they were treated for their injuries before being released. In fact, both officers were back on duty and assisted with taking Metz into custody.

The charges out of Pennsylvania include accusations of raping 4-year-old twin girls in Goldboro last month. A court filing shows that these predatory activities go back to at least June of 2021.

According to that court document, the 22-year-old is facing a total of 115 charges of a sexually deviant nature.

Of those counts, only 3 are misdemeanors.

The felony charges include 3 counts of rape of a child under 13, 2 counts of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse with a child and 7 counts of indecent assault of a child under 13. Four of those charges are of the aggravated.

He is also facing 50 counts of sexual abuse of children by photographing or videoing sexual acts and 50 more for possession of child pornography.

Now, he is facing charges in New York that include assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest and obstruction.

The assault of the two officers should catch no one by surprise. Metz was on parole for a conviction in Pennsylvania. That conviction: assaulting a police officer.

As reported by the New York Post, Metz was photographed as he was taken into court, and spit on a photographer before referring to them as “bitch.” He entered the court in pajama bottoms and no shoes, shackled at both the hands and feet.

He was all smiles, as seen in the photographs published by the Post.

According to reports, Metz was adopted into a foster family in Pennsylvania where he was in contact with the twins he is said to have raped.

Metz was arrested in Pennsylvania for the alleged rapes on March 30th. He was a parolee.

Those two aspects beg the question…how was he in New York being sought on an active warrant when he should have been in jail in Pennsylvania?

The assault on two law enforcement officials in New York should have never happened.

We have reached out to the Newberry Township Police Department to see if they have any details in his arrest and subsequent release. Should we receive a response, we will update this story.

For now, a dangerous child predator and a repeat assaulter of law enforcement is off the streets. It remains to be seen if he will stay there for the foreseeable future or if he will be released for some unfathomable reason.


"Prison reform": Paroled convict sought for rape of twin 4-year-olds, arrested for assault on two NYPD officers

How is it that people who prey on our children wind up walking free? We challenge you to:


Man who stated voices were telling him to rape children released on bail after Freedom Fund paid it

Originally published: 2/7/2022

ANDOVER, MI – A controversial group known as the Minnesota Freedom Fund has posted bail for a man who allegedly told officers arresting him for criminal mischief that he heard voices telling him to rape children.

On January 22nd, a man identified as Bel Mbungson Tosah, was inside of the Minnesota St. Paul Airport (MSP) around 4 am allegedly causing a disturbance.

As the MSP Police officers were responding to the Terminal 1 Transit Center, they were notified that Tosah was allegedly breaking multiple monitors and had emptied several trash cans, damaged hand sanitizers and discharged several fire extinguishers.

As the officers arrived at the terminal, they observed Tosah as he was discharging a fire extinguisher after he had “hit a fire alarm box causing the alarm to sound and broke tile behind the alarm.”

Officers reported that Tosah initially refused to identify himself while they were conducting his investigation and became erratic and threatening towards officers.

Tosah was eventually placed into custody and his erratic and threatening behavior continued, forcing an MSP officer to remove a Taser in preparation of discharging it so that they could maintain control of his person.

According to the affidavit, when this happened, Tosah allegedly yelled: “Shoot me.”

Officers stated that they were able to get him under control and Tosah allegedly started making several comments about raping children. He then allegedly admitted to damaging the airport’s property and said he did so to stop the voices in his head that were telling him to rape children, to stop.

MSP officers reported Tosah allegedly damaged numerous items, such as:

“A CCTV camera, a TSA portable workstation monitor, 4 Delta check-in kiosk monitors, a monitor at an information booth, 6 flight display monitors, and the discharge of 2 fire extinguishers.”

Man who said he wants to rape children bailed out by Minnesota Freedom Fund 

The officers noted that the exact damage amount was not known at the time of arrest, however, it was estimated to exceed $1,000.

After the arrest, Tosah was transported to the Hennepin County Jail until his first appearance in front of Hennepin County Judge Marta Chou who set his bond at $5,000.

Tosah remained in jail until the controversial Minnesota Freedom Fund decided it was a good idea to bail him out.

The group, once endorsed by Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris, believes that cash bail should be abolished and has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to bail alleged criminals out of jail.

According to their website, their Mission is:

“The Minnesota Freedom Fund pays criminal bail and immigration bonds for those who cannot otherwise afford to as we seek to end discriminatory, coercive, and oppressive jailing.”

The group claims its goals are to grow a decarceration movement and to maximize the number of people who are released from “cages.”

They also claim they are ending detention “based on immigration status, race/ethnicity, and class.”

The Minnesota Freedom Fund has had its share of bad publicity after some of the people they have bailed out have gone on to reoffend. One of these people, Lionel Timms, had been in custody for third-degree felony assault when the group bailed him out.

Less than a month after his release, Timms found himself in custody again, this time for beating a person and kicking him on the head while he was on the ground. The kick was significant enough that it left the victim with a traumatic brain injury.

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Police-defunded NYC’s “bail reform” resulting in 4 in 10 alleged criminals being rearrested for new crimes

NEW YORK, NY – Recent reports from New York were obtained by The City which shows that the recidivism rate is massively increasing since supervised release programs have been expanded.

According to The City, certain criminals that have been deemed a high flight risk had been released on a program called Supervised Release.

The program is made up of trained social workers who are assigned certain at-risk offenders in attempts to provide them not only services, but also to ensure that they show up to court dates.

While this seems like it could be a good idea, trends over the last three years are showing steady increases of those that are released on this type of program and reoffending, often time committing new felony violations.

The City, after looking at the numbers, alleges that four out of every ten people released on the Supervised Release program go on to reoffend.

The unit that oversees the program, the Mayor’s Office of Criminal Justice (MOCJ) noted in 2018, only 8 percent of those in the Supervised Release Program went on to reoffend. That number increased in 2019 to 10 percent and in 2020 that number reached 13 percent.

The percentages reported by the MOCJ are very low and disputed. The City wrote:

“But an analysis by THE CITY of data compiled by the state Office of Court Administration and the state Division of Criminal Justice Services reveals a much higher rate more recently: 23% of those freed on supervised release were re-arrested on felony charges from January 2020 through June 2021.”

They also claim that the percentages climb to 41 percent if you factor in those felons being arrested for misdemeanors while in the supervised release program. The City wrote:

“In all, four out of every 10 individuals placed in the supervised release program from Jan. 1, 2020, through June 2021 were rearrested after being freed.”

Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams believes that numbers like those found by The City are causing crime trends to increase. He believes that the laws should be revised to allow New York judges the discretion as to when to assign bail to a defendant, and how much. He said:

“We must allow judges to take dangerousness into account [when setting bail or releasing a defendant]. New York is the only state in the country that does not allow a judge to detain a defendant who poses a threat to the community.

“Forty-nine other states, as well as the federal government, allow judges to consider a defendant’s dangerousness. New York must catch up.”

It’s something that Chief Administrative Judge Lawrence Marks agrees with:

“Many judges – we’ve got most of our judges who sit on criminal cases – would like more discretion in making determinations about bail and release of people accused of crimes.”

Marks believes that there should be some leeway written into the laws so that it is up to a fully informed judge as to whether the defendant should be released or held on bond. He said:

“But I think it’s fair to say that individual judges would like to have more discretion in making these decisions and feel that they would be able to fairly and effectively make decisions on a case-by-case basis.

“To me, that’s a fair characterization of how most judges who sit on criminal cases in the state Unified Court System feel.”


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