Female Air Force veteran to overpaid celebrities: No, we’re not “all in this together”. You’ve proven that.


I am so tired of entitled celebrities zoom calling in their shows from their mansions telling their audiences, “We are all in this together”.

I’m equally sick of watching the entire federal legislative body inflate the already overinflated “relief packages” with their pet projects.  I’m tired of politicians and wannabe politicians (queue Shaheen, Pelosi, Messner, etc…) benefiting from payroll protection programs to the tune of millions, as small businesses shutter by the thousands, all while telling us “We are all in this together”.

And I’m tired of being told that my “white privilege” means I owe reparations to people who have never been slaves, even though neither I nor my family every owned slaves or much of anything else for that matter.

I don’t owe anyone anything except decent human respect, and frankly when people behave like this, I don’t even owe them that.

I’ve worked for what I have. 

My family couldn’t afford to send me to college.  I’m not sure I was really in that head space at 18 anyway. 

But, my father was of the mind that 18 year old’s were adults, and were either going to contribute or move out.  I worked for the summer after high school at a fast food place and then joined the United States Air Force. 

It wasn’t a real “girly” thing to do back then, but there were a few of us, and it worked out well.

So, how can all of the rainbow signs all over towns say “we’re all in this together”?  We are so not all in this together. 

Mr & Mrs or is it Ms. Celebrity are sitting in their mansions and can’t go out to fancy restaurants or jet off to Monaco to see the princess.

They assuage their guilt for being so damn financially above everyone else, by slamming the middle class, calling us privileged and telling us that we owe people who are literally burning down our cities back pay for something they never did.

No, we are not in this together.

I’ve honestly never felt so by myself in anything in my whole life.  Celebrities and academics are working quite diligently to make sure that all young people conform to their agenda. 

If you’re young and white, you really need to give up your place to a person of color.  Wash feet.  Drop to the ground and apologize for something you didn’t do.  Social distance unless you are doing one of the aforementioned things.  We are not in this together.

I was born in the greatest country on earth, and I’m watching it erode.  Equal opportunity is important.  Redistribution is ridiculous.  Destroying the nuclear family is tantamount to destroying the United States and then where will we be? 

A socialist hell hole is one guess.

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LET Unity

As the far left likes to try to convince us, none of us are from here, so here is a little of my history.

My paternal family are French Canadian, descended from French Huguenots.  They fled France throughout the sixteen hundreds to escape religious persecution by the ruling Catholic church and other Protestant sects.  My ancestors practiced an Anglican Religion referred to as Calvinism.

My direct ancestor ended up in Hubbard’s Nova Scotia where he, and generations of his family made their livings as lobster fishermen.  As time evolved, they built a small family compound across from the ocean.  They fished, gardened, worked hard and raised their families.

In 1918, there was an explosion in Halifax Harbor, NS

Approximately 2000 people were killed, and the economy was upended.  In 1918 my Grandfather and my Grandmother immigrated legally from Canada to the United States, settling in the Dorchester area of Boston. MA. 

My Grandfather trained as a barber and opened shop.  He and his partner worked that shop for over 50 years, making enough from two-bit haircuts to raise their families.  It wasn’t easy, but that’s what they did.

My aunt and my dad were born in Boston and lived there until my aunt married and my dad joined the Navy.  Dorchester was, and still is a very inner city.  There was crime when they were growing up and it’s worse now.  Somehow those little French kids managed to make it out. 

My dad lost a friend to gun violence when he was 12. 

White kids weren’t and aren’t immune.

I work on several boards to help veterans.  It’s the privilege I have and it’s not white nor black.  I’m in it with them, but I’m not in it with Ellen or Cher.

Frankly, I don’t think we’ve never been all in “this” together more in the entire history of our country.  We really need to get back to the basics of what it means to be a society of laws. 

Or in planer terms, we need to get our shit together. 

Stop breaking the law. 

Have respect for each other. 

Realize how fortunate we are to have first responders willing to protect law abiding citizens, even when politicians are risking the lives of those very same first responders to score political points.

It pretty much comes down to this:  We can all be in this together if we want to be, but we can’t if we keep letting “celebrities” and politicians dictate our thinking.

Colin Powell once said:

“A dream does not become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.”

Start working and stop submitting to group thinking.  When we are all in this together, just think what we’ll be able to do!!

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