Conservative company launches massive new fundraising campaign to help Florida rebuild – and preserve freedom


If you’re looking for a quick link to help support the cause while getting discounts to over 500 pro-police businesses across the country, click here.

Florida: If you haven’t heard of charitable organization and conservative business Mammoth Nation, you’re missing out. They have recently announced their pledge to launch a massive new fundraising campaign to help the people of Florida affected by the recent devastating Hurricane Ian.

Late September, Hurricane Ian pummeled much of Florida, especially the west coast. The historic storm took over 100 Floridian lives, scores of people were left homeless, many families destroyed, and left millions without power- many still to this day weeks later.

Conservative company launches massive new fundraising campaign to help Florida rebuild - and preserve freedom
Fort Myers was one of the hardest hit areas. Fox News YouTube channel screenshot

Florida Disaster Fund

Just this week, First Lady Desantis has announced that the Florida Disaster Fund has raised over $45 million dollars. It included countless local, regional, and national businesses- many of whom got creative with the donation process.

According to an online news source, it stated:

“DeSantis also highlighted creative fundraising efforts by local businesses such as Adamec Harley-Davidson, which has designed a special T-shirt that is free with a $10 donation and 100% of those proceeds will go to the Florida Disaster Fund. Businesses that are interested in finding creative ways to support the Florida Disaster Fund are encouraged to call 850-414-7400.”

But the consensus among Floridians is that there is still much work to do, still much more money needed to bring Florida back to its glory.

Conservative company launches massive new fundraising campaign to help Florida rebuild - and preserve freedom
First Lady DeSantis talks to media about the $45 mil fundraising for Disaster Relief Fund, but still more work to do. YouTube screenshot, First Coast News

Florida’s Rising Popularity

Florida has become a hot spot for Americans everywhere looking to relocate in recent years.

The onset of the pandemic has created mayhem among many states across America- especially Democratic states that shut down during the pandemic. Many of these ‘blue’ states, like New York, California and the like, instituted draconian policies and completely shut down their states and crippled their own economy.

It forced countless businesses to shut down, many people to accrue massive debt and who were forced to hemorrhage money from their life savings.

But not Florida.

Florida stayed open and let their residents continue life as usual- a concept known as freedom, the true American way of life.

This was all be attributed to Gov. DeSantis decisions to keep the state open, which was rooted in his conservative, freedom first ideology.

And he was spot on.

Conservative company launches massive new fundraising campaign to help Florida rebuild - and preserve freedom

It’s booming real estate industry has thousands of people lining up to grab a piece of the Florida dream. Florida’s popularity has soared and continues to this day- all due to their belief in the American way of life.

But the historic Hurricane Ian has caused a significant setback and Gov. DeSantis’ focus has shifted to rebuilding and restoring the glory that it was building.

Mammoth Nation’s Fundraising Campaign

One of the reasons the charitable organization, Mammoth Nation, is starting a new fundraising campaign is because their organization is rooted in the same conservative beliefs.

They believe in traditional American values, freedom, the constitution, support for the law enforcement community and military, and much more. They want to do everything they can to help Florida rebuild and to help them continue their conservative agenda for the sake of keeping our Republic intact.

In fact, their business model is a perfect example of this. They help connect conservative American shoppers with conservative businesses. The novel idea gives shoppers reassurance that their spending is going to like-minded companies.

More importantly, it prevents conservative shoppers from inadvertently spending their hard-earned dollars at liberally run companies with destructive liberal agendas like Starbucks or Ben n Jerry’s.

That is one of the reasons that Mammoth Nation wants to start their own campaign. They have a history of charitable contributions and want to grow on their belief system- all for the sake of helping people.

With this new campaign, they will also help preserve everything America was founded on and our conservative ideology.

Conservative company launches massive new fundraising campaign to help Florida rebuild - and preserve freedom
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According to an exclusive statement provided to LET by Mammoth Nation’s management team, they stated:

“We’re a conservative platform that connects conservative shoppers with conservative retailers, and we also support many conservative causes.  We have lots of members and vendors who live in Florida.”

It continued:

“Ron DeSantis is one of, if not the best Governor in the country, making Florida one of our greatest conservative states.”

They hope to tie-in their fundraising campaign directly with First Lady DeSantis’ campaign. Whether that officially happens or not will not affect their determination to help Florida rebuild and recover from one of America’s most devastating hurricanes.

They are contributing 50% of their “Ian Relief – Lifetime Membership”- click here for details  towards the Florida Disaster Fund.

Their already conservative- friendly system helps promote true American values and keeps our conservative community tight knit, so everybody wins.

And now they are helping rebuild Florida to make Florida great again.

You can get more information on and please visit their Hurricane Relief efforts by clicking here.


Conservative company launches massive new fundraising campaign to help Florida rebuild - and preserve freedom

More on Gov. DeSantis’ showing a big heart.

Lying media: Florida’s Ron DeSantis skips Zeldin fundraiser to honor cop killed in the line of duty

Posted August 30, 2022

The following includes content which may be editorial in nature and expresses the opinion of the writer. 

OYSTER BAY, NY- Earlier Monday, much was made in the mainstream media about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis backing out of a fundraiser for New York candidate for governor Lee Zeldin (R). Surely, there had to be some nefarious reason for America’s governor to be backing out.

Maybe since Zeldin is Jewish DeSantis is a secret anti-Semite! Maybe he was scared of Invisalign model Gov. Kathy Hochul, who joined slick-haired California Gov. Gavin Newsom in attacking DeSantis, someone who clearly is living 24/7 in their heads.

The truth is, on the same week where Joe Biden completely ignored the one-year anniversary of his personally-caused deaths of thirteen American service members in Afghanistan, DeSantis canceled his appearance to attend a memorial service for a member of his security detail tragically killed in a motor vehicle crash in the line of duty, the New York Post reports.

On Aug 2, FDLE Special Agent Jose Perez was responding to a call in an unmarked police vehicle when he was involved in a crash with a man named Javier Sandoval, 35, in Miami. He was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries, which he succumbed to on Aug. 20.

Sandoval was subsequently arrested and charged with a number of violations, including DUI manslaughter and vehicular homicide.

“Today we mourn the tragic loss of FDLE Special Agent Jose Perez, who died in the line of duty,” Florida’s first lady Casey DeSantis wrote before Monday’s service. “With over 20 years in the U.S. armed forces & more than 30 years in law enforcement, he lived a valiant life serving our nation & state. The entire @fdlepio community is in our prayers.”

Gov. DeSantis had been scheduled to appear with Zeldin at a $25,000-a-plate fundraiser for Zeldin in New York’s Oyster Bay on Saturday, which Zeldin staffers expected to raise about $1 million. Conservative radio and Fox News host Dan Bongino was tapped to fill in for DeSantis, according to sources.

“An unforeseen tragedy forced Gov. DeSantis to reschedule his trip to New York,” Zeldin spokeswoman Katie Vincentz said, as reported in the Post. “While we’re rescheduling with Gov. DeSantis for a later date, tonight’s fundraiser will proceed and is expected to raise almost a million dollars.”

Zeldin explained DeSantis’s absence to attendees, telling them Perez was part of the governor’s security team and he was returning to Florida to attend the memorial service in his honor. DeSantis did go to the home of the head of Midtown Equities, Jay Cayre in New Jersey earlier in the day.

A Zeldin spokesperson said DeSantis promised to return to the Empire State at a later date to attend an event with Zeldin.

Hochul, the incumbent governor of New York was speaking at a Holocaust education event where she couldn’t help herself and launched a verbal attack on DeSantis, according to the New York Post.

 “I just want to say to the 1.77 million Jews who call  New York home: Thank you for calling New York home,” Hochul said, using what should have been a solemn occasion to launch into politics. “Don’t go anywhere or to another state. Florida is overrated. I shouldn’t say this but look at the governor. It starts at the top down”

That of course didn’t sit well with the DeSantis campaign, which Lindsey Curnutte, a campaign spokeswoman blasting Hochul in an email to Newsmax.

“An event about Holocaust education is not the time to launch cheap attacks at a fellow governor,” Curnutte told Newsmax. “Kathy Hochul’s tasteless comments were offensive to thousands of Jewish people who are fleeing her state because of New York’s oppressive taxes, shuttered businesses, crimei-infested cities, and needless mandates.”


Conservative company launches massive new fundraising campaign to help Florida rebuild - and preserve freedom
TopGuv Ron DeSantis (R-FL)

Last week Hochul targeted Zeldin, former President Donald Trump, and Dutchess County (NY) Executive Marc Molinaro, saying the trio should “just jump on a bus and head down to Florida where you belong. OK? Get out of town. Because you don’t represent our values.”

Ah yes…values such as abortion right up to birth, men having babies, men playing women’s sports and coddling criminals…New York values.

In response to Hochul’s comments last week, New York State Republican Committee Chair Nick Langworthy slammed Hochul saying she should drop her obsession with Florida and concentrate on her own state.

“Hochul should give up her creepy obsession with Florida and focus on the crime and economic crises in her own backyard,” the Post reported.

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