In ultimate insult to police across Connecticut, state raises Black Lives Matter flag over Capitol building


HARTFORD, CT- It’s the proverbial middle finger to Connecticut law enforcement.

The very state that demanded the removal of the Thin Blue Line flag last year from a law enforcement memorial has raised the Black Lives Matter flag over the Connecticut Capitol Building.

In case you were wondering, yes – it’s Black Lives Matter protestors are the same people who said, “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!”

Yup, that Black Lives Matter. 

What happened to George Floyd was a travesty of justice. This never should have happened, and 99.9% of police officers across the country probably agree with that sentiment.

What has happened since then across our country is an equal travesty. We have seen businesses destroyed and burned. We have seen stores looted, people assaulted, and police officers seriously injured and in some cases killed.

On Wednesday, we saw a police officer in defense of his life who used deadly physical force charged with eleven felonies, including felony murder which carries a death sentence.

Never in our nation’s history has this happened. Police are under attack and assault and politicians, sports figures, Hollywood elite and the media are sitting on the sidelines, cheering.

Who is leading the cheers? Black Lives Matter.

The concept of black lives matter as a practical matter is not under dispute. All lives are equally important, none more than the other. Black Lives Matter as a political entity? Not so much.

Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization. They have in their manifesto a number of what they call “reforms,” which includes the dismantling of the criminal justice system, the defunding or elimination of police departments, releasing nearly every person who is locked up, destroying capitalism and moving toward a socialist or Marxist system, undermining the “nuclear” family, universal basic income, reparations for blacks and completely open borders and zero immigration control.

“I think the Governor needs to tells us if he supports the demands of this organization.   Respecting the message of Black lives Matter is one thing, but we all must understand this is a political organization that wants to defund police,” said JR Romano, chairman of the CT Republican Party.

Remember last year when the state legislature removed a Blue Lives Matter plaque from the concourse connecting the Legislative Office Building to the Capitol building? We do.

It was only replaced after law enforcement – and a heavy push by Law Enforcement Today – pushed back against its removal. But, we should have known then that law enforcement is a necessary evil for those who run Connecticut state government. 

Under state regulations, responsibility for granting or denying flag-raising requests is charged with the State Capitol Police Department. The Capitol Police are under the command of Luiz Casanova.

But that’s not what happened in this case.

Sources tell Law Enforcement Today that “Legislative Management” took the decision away from Capitol Police, who did NOT want the flag raised.

In 1999, the Capitol Police issued a list of approved flags. According to the Hartford Courant, the U.S. flag and state flags are standard approvals, as well as flags of nations which the United States maintains diplomatic relations with.

According to the Courant, the Capitol police say that flag raising should not be a “political event,” and do not approve flags which could be considered divisive. We believe one could make the argument that the Black Lives Matter flag, based on the organization it represents, is divisive.

We wonder… if Law Enforcement Today were to ask to fly a Thin Blue Line Flag… would that request be honored?  We’ll get back to you on that.

In 1999, the Capitol flew the rainbow flag to symbolize LGBT equality, however Republican legislators objected and said it didn’t belong on a government building. At the time, they said:

“The Connecticut General Assembly is representative of all of the state’s citizens, many of whom have strong moral objections to the lifestyle for which this flag stands,” lawmakers wrote in a letter at the time.

“We should not permit the most symbolic flagpole in the state to be used as a purely political statement of a vocal but small minority.”

Twenty years later, this June the rainbow flag was again raised without any protests from lawmakers.

The Courant notes that Capitol police typically approve flags of military organizations, including those for veterans and the POW/MIA flag, however, will not allow the Gadsden flag, which actually has military origins.

The Gadsden flag has been associated with the Marines since the 1770’s. However, the flag, which displays the words “Don’t Tread on Me”, is also used by the Tea Party, which has somewhat faded into obscurity, however which has conservative roots within the Republican party.

The Capitol police, according to the Courant have denied requests to fly that flag at least four times in the past decade.

The acting Capitol police chief in 2010 blocked the flag from being flown because there was a political rally planned after it was raised.

“It went from being a flag-raising ceremony to a political event,” said the acting chief of police, Walter Lee at the time. “They are using it as a launching pad for [candidates for] public office.”

The policy as designated by the Connecticut General Assembly 2010-R-0295 allows the following flags to be flown:

  1. The United States or Connecticut;
  2. A U.S. state or political subdivision;
  3. The District of Columbia;
  4. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico;
  5. The U.S. Virgin Islands;
  6. Any territory or insular possession subject to the jurisdiction of the United States;
  7. An Indian tribe recognized by the United States;
  8. Any foreign jurisdiction with which the United States maintains diplomatic relations or its political subdivision, including the United Nations;
  9. A recognized U.S. military organization, including the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion; and
  10. An organization for POW/MIAs.

The policy says that it is up the chief [of police] or his designee to determine which flags meet the criteria spelled out in the policy, thus being allowed to fly over the Capitol.

However, “particular facts or circumstances may necessitate an officer taking action other than the procedures listed above.” (Policy 2-10-IV).

In this case, it looks like Democrats in the state didn’t care what the Capitol police thought… they made the decision to raise the flag anyway.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Since the Black Lives Matter inspired riots have taken place across the country over 400 police officers have been injured across the country, with 130 of those in Chicago alone. Here are a few, all riot related:

  • Albany, NY- May 30; hit by a brick;
  • Atlanta, GA- May 30, struck by an ATV;
  • Boston, MA- seven officers unspecified injuries;
  • Brockton, MA- June 2, state trooper and multipole officers hit by bottles and rocks;
  • Buffalo, NY- June 1- one Buffalo officer, two state troopers struck deliberately, one trooper run over and suffered serious injuries;
  • Champaign, IL- May 31, multiple officers suffered unspecified minor injuries;
  • Columbia, S.C- three Richland County Sheriff’s deputies, and 12 Columbia officers suffered unspecified injuries
  • Denver, CO- three officers struck by a vehicle in a hit and run on May 30, two treated and released, one unknown condition
  • Jacksonville, FL- officer’s neck slashed by a rioter, recovering;
  • Las Vegas, NV- Las Vegas officers hot in the head on June 1; currently on life support and paralyzed from the neck down; twelve other officers injured;
  • Los Angeles, CA- 27 LAPD officers injured in multiple incidents over multiple days, one suffered a fractured skull
  • New York City, NY- 33 officers injured in multiple incidents; one officer struck by vehicle intentionally in hit and run; one officer stabbed in the neck, two others shot in an ambush;
  • Oakland, CA- Federal law enforcement officer David Patrick Underwood shot and killed in drive-by ambush; second officer was also wounded and remains in the hospital
  • Philadelphia, PA- thirteen officers suffered unspecified injuries in multiple incidents;
  • Pittsburgh, PA- nine officers suffered unspecified injuries from thrown objects on June 1; treated and released;
  • Providence, RI- eight to ten officers were hit by bricks on June 2, minor injuries;
  • Salt Lake City, UT- 21 officers injured on May 30, including one hit in the head with a baseball bat; all treated and released;
  • San Jose, Ca- multiple officers struck by rocks and bottles on May 29; one officer hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries;
  • Louis, MO- Retired police Captain David Dorn was killed by a gunshot fired by a looter when checking on pawn shop owned by a friend; four other officers were shot on the same day, non-life-threatening wounds;
  • Washington, DC- approximately 50 US Secret Service agents and 11 police officers injured by bricks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails on May 31; most minor injuries one officer will require surgery for a broken leg

The above list is not a complete list many more officers were injured than listed above. In addition, many officers who were assaulted were uninjured due to protective gear.

Civilians also suffered casualties at the hands of the Black Lives Matter inspired riots. More than 30 deaths are believed connected to the violent protests and riots. Eighteen people were killed in one day in Chicago in riot-related violence, with 25 being killed by gunfire on Memorial Day weekend in total.

The raising of this flag is an insult to every officer who wears the uniform in the state, and more so an insult to everyone that wears a uniform in the country.

Remember Black Lives Matter protesters a few years ago marching down the street chanting “Pigs in a blanket, fry ‘em like bacon?” We do.


Did the state legislature and the capitol police see show owners in Rochester being struck with 2×4’s as they tried to protect their business?

Have they seen police getting assaulted with barricades, pavers, bricks, and any other manner of weapons? How about getting mowed down by cars in New York City?  


Have they seen Black Lives Matter leading the charge to defund, and in some cases dismantle police departments across the country?


The Connecticut Legislature and Gov. Ned Lamont should be embarrassed.

Out of political correctness, fear, and a lack of intestinal fortitude, they are throwing every state trooper, every police officer, every correctional officer, and every judicial marshal in the State of Connecticut squarely under the bus.

Every officer in the state should stay have stayed home out of protest, but they won’t. It’s because the residents of Connecticut shouldn’t have to pay the price of their safety due to the sheer stupidity and ignorance of their state leaders, and these troopers and officers are professionals.

They go to work knowing they don’t have the support of their gutless, feckless, cowardly “leaders.” But they do the job anyway.

The State of Connecticut has always been known to be a laughingstock. This just cements the legacy.

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