She’s an actress, political commentator and hardcore police supporter. Now she’s running for Congress.


LAS VEGAS, NV – For those who don’t know who Mindy Robinson is, she’s a political commentator, an outspoken conservative, actress, supporter of the Second Amendment, and now she’s running for Congress in Nevada’s Third District.

Anyone who has followed Robinson on social media has had an opportunity to see her in action when it comes to shutting down the far left.

She’s all for ICE enforcement, border security, and even stands behind a universal concealed carry.

Sounds good to us.

I was afforded an opportunity to have an exclusive interview with Robinson on April 8th to discuss her campaign and the current holder of the seat in Congress that’s she’s gunning for.

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Considering that Nevada’s 3rd District is currently represented by Democrat Susie Lee while being an area that happens to have an equal balance of registered Republicans and Democrats, Robinson has a solid shot at landing the seat.

I started by asking Robinson what the biggest motivation was for her transitioning from commentator to congressional candidate.

Robinson responded with:

“I’ve been exposing leftists and frauds nationally online for years…then I realized it was happening in my own backyard and literally no one was doing anything about it.”

This congressional candidate has no issue with calling out her state’s officials in any number of instances.

Much like how she called out Governor Sisolak’s hypocrisy regarding the restrictions of dispersing hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 patients, all while he claimed he was trying to “mitigate the spread of COVID-19 to save lives.”

With the republican primaries approaching on June 9th in Nevada’s 3rd District, Robinson is currently competing against Brian Nadell, Corwin Newberry, Daniel Rodimer, Dan Schwartz, and Victor Willert for the nomination.

Under the assumption that Robinson lands the primary, she’d be going head to head with Democrat Susie Lee.

I asked her thoughts on that potential scenario, to which she responded:

“Susie Lee only got voted in because she ran on a platform that she was a ‘moderate Democrat.’ She’s anti-gun, supported by Planned Parenthood, wants looser immigration, and voted for impeachment in a district that voted Trump.”

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Robinson wasn’t lying about Lee: Planned Parenthood even took to Twitter to boast their support for Lee.

Lee was glad to receive that endorsement as well, posting her pro-abortion stance on Twitter earlier this year.

Robinson continued:

“[Lee] needs to be outed for the Leftist she is and then she’s going to need to pack her bags.”

With far-left ideas picking up steam, I asked Robinson her thoughts on the political climate they have produced, and the dangers that come with it. Specifically, I asked her, regarding the rise of AOC-types and the dangerous ideas coming from the fringe left getting mainstream adoration, what she thought was the biggest threat to America and today’s love affair with far-left ideals.

The congressional candidate responded with the following:

“I think the biggest threat to our society is that we’re allowing the next generation to be indoctrinated by the left. We have kids coming out of college thinking socialism is ‘wonderful’ when it’s literally responsible for killing more people than the holocaust.”

Robinson isn’t spouting hyperbole on that note. Many estimates say that over 100 million deaths can be attributed to socialist regimes that upheld the Marxist-Leninist methods.

Robinson continued:

“We need to pull funding from these colleges and universities if they refuse to address and act on these insane Antifa-supporting radical leftists they have working for them and teaching our kids.

They’re supposed to be teaching facts to our kids, not propaganda.”

I couldn’t have stated that better myself.

Of course, our readership is most concerned about law enforcement and how elected officials will treat them. While we didn’t discuss the subject personally, her campaign website says it all with how she feels about law enforcement: 

“I’m pro-law enforcement: You will not catch me protesting cops that are working hard every day to keep us safe.

To this day, I’m still not sure what the radical Left’s plan is if they got rid of all organized law enforcement like they want. Sounds like lawless anarchy to me.”

Sounds like that to us, too. .

For those interested in learning more about Mindy Robinson and her campaign, you can follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

We at Law Enforcement Today were pleased that Robinson took the time to discuss her campaign with us. On that note, we wish her the best of luck to “Make Nevada Red Again,” as her campaign website proudly boasts.


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