LOUISVILLE, Ky. – A congressional candidate running for the 9th District seat filed a federal lawsuit against a Kentucky police sergeant who arrested him last month following a heated discussion during a traffic stop.

Russell Brooksbank, a Libertarian, alleges that Kentucky State Police Sgt. Dewayne Koch violated his constitutional rights, the News and Tribune reported.

Brooksbank was arrested by Koch Sept 16 on three charges: 1. Felony third-degree assault of an officer. 2. Interference with an officer. 3. Improper signal violation.

The assault allegation stemmed from a struggle over a phone. The sergeant indicated that Brooksbank grabbed and pulled his arm into the car during the tussle.

All charges were dropped by a Jefferson County judges due to lack of substantiated evidence.

After the charges were dropped, Brooksbank stated this in a news release: “We live in a free country, where people are presumed innocent until proven guilty, and where the Constitution and the rule of law are supposed to govern, as they ultimately did in this matter. We do not live in a police state. Mr. Koch needs to be held accountable.”

Brooksbank’s lawsuit claims that Koch falsified the police report and allegedly violated his First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights. He is represented by Kentucky attorneys Chris Wiest, Robert Winter Jr. and Tom Bruns, who said in a news release they intend to see Koch “held accountable for his misconduct to the fullest extent of the law.”