I’m confused and I don’t think I am alone. The world is changing in a nonsensical manner that I simply can’t fathom. I remember when there were only two genders, male and female. Politicians, duly elected in a democratic republic, would never openly propose socialism or communism. I’m so old I remember when some people had a sense of humor and weren’t offended at the drop of a hat.

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Remember when rudeness wasn’t a crime? It was just rude! Remember when crime was the fault of criminals rather than the law-abiding tax-payers who try to raise their families with good standards and morals? I do and I miss those halcyon days.

Remember when you worked hard, saved your money and once you had enough you could sit back and enjoy the benefits. Now someone else reaps the rewards of your hard work. Bug-eyed socialist politicians with no life experience tell my peers, and me we are the problem. Local politicians work their hardest to steal from my pension rather than ensure it is maintained.

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Now imagine the fine officers who have come in to replace my retired peers and me. They were probably raised with the same morals and standards. They too, try to raise families and teach their children to be good people. Imagine the stress they endure at work knowing the only person who has their back is in the car seat next to them.  

Look at the myriad of Democrats who have already announced their candidacy for president and find one that is pro-law enforcement. Instead, they sing in unison how the police cause crime in our cities. Forget about the gang selling drugs or the burglar smashing in your back door. They aren’t the problem. It’s the police. Think about the drive-by shooting and the innocent two-year-old struck and killed by the stray bullet. Think about the laid-off factory worker who returns with a handgun and starts killing people while also seriously wounding the responding officers. Once again, the person pulling the trigger isn’t at fault, it’s the police officer who is the blame.

Who’s blaming the police? Here is the short list: Our politicians, our clergy, our teachers, and the mainstream media. Why are they blaming the police? Fame, fortune, and power drives their selfish motives.

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Chicago Police Department Superintendent Eddie Johnson marching arm in arm with Father Michael Pfleger in the illegal demonstration. (Screenshot CST news broadcast)

Imagine the United States without police. Even Mayberry needed Andy and Barney. Statisticians say crime is down across our country. Still, there were estimated to be 1,247,321 violent crimes in 2017. That means at least one victim for each crime, shooting victims, robbery victims, battery victims, and more. Take away the police or further limit their powers and see what happens to those stats.

How will the police be blamed then? I’m sure the politicians, clergy, teachers, and media will find some way to lay it at the feet of the police or the hardworking law-abiding citizen.  

Despite overwhelming odds, we have sworn police officers who each day suit up and go to work to protect these same people who find fault with their every move. Why? Because they took it upon themselves as their duty.

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Police recruits salute during the playing of the National Anthem at the Chicago Police Department recruit graduation ceremony at Chicago’s Navy Pier Grand Ballroom March 30, 2015. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Spc. Jason Dorsey, Illinois National Guard Public Affairs)

These officers show great honor in the manner they handle that duty. They took an oath to serve and protect and they do even when surrounded by others with no sense of duty and honor.

I salute the sworn law enforcement community. Without you, we would be lost.

Stay safe. Run low and zigzag.

– Robert Weisskopf (Lt. ret.)


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