What do you do if your loved one is stuck overseas or away from home? That’s where these guys come in.


Turn on any news program on the television or radio, open any newspaper or magazine, scroll aimlessly through any social media platform or just listen to conversations happening in daily life- everyone seems to be focusing on the coronavirus.

Pharmacies, both physically and online, are sold out or running low on surgical face masks.

Online sellers are jacking up prices on the same products trying to cash in on the mass hysteria that is currently settling in across the country.

Society has started to stockpile things such as toilet paper, paper towels, proteins and pasta in an attempt to prepare for the uncertain times ahead.

What do you do if your loved one is stuck overseas or away from home?  That's where these guys come in.

Turn on any mainstream news outlet and you will find a host of expert doctors giving their thoughts and opinions about the coronavirus and its impact on the American people.

Followed by experts that speak about the impact on the country’s economic state as the DOW continues to drop daily amidst global fears.

Major critics both politically and in the media of the President’s handling of this outbreak cite that his administration has sent mixed messages to the American public on the severity and breadth of the virus.

one spokesman

President Trump, however, has assured the American people that his administration is on top of the global crisis, while daily new restrictions emerge from the White House that is trickling down to the individual states’ leadership.

The United States travel ban has recently added Ireland and the U.K to a list of countries, limiting global movement.

Many companies and organizations have been forced to change their day to day operating styles due to the increasing restrictions. One company that is attempting to be a calming presence amongst the chaos is Conflict International.

Law Enforcement Today spoke exclusively to Stephen Komorek, who is the Operations Director of the United States for Conflict International. Komorek explained that the company is doing what they can to bring their clients around the globe some normalcy and a place to turn to for accurate information.

What do you do if your loved one is stuck overseas or away from home?  That's where these guys come in.

“The biggest thing we want our clients, and everyone to know, is to not lose hope,” Komorek stated, “that is one of the most important things right now.”

Conflict International is providing its clients with the most up-to-date area travel information and restriction.

In light of the restrictions on travel across the world, Conflict is making sure their clients who have the ability at this time to travel – can get where they need to go and getting it accomplished safely and in accordance with best practices for cleanliness according to the CDC.

They are also providing their clients with C-suite security transport which includes BIO filters for the safety of their clients in all vehicles.

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What do you do if your loved one is stuck overseas or away from home?  That's where these guys come in.

Komorek explained that “clients that still have the ability to travel are being provided accurate information by Conflict to make knowledgeable and safe decisions about traveling. For our clients that are unable to travel and are currently being held in place in a foreign country such as Italy, we are also in contact with them regularly to provide them detailed information on what those restrictions mean, and how best to handle those situations.”

Conflict International has taken the steps on educating all senior staff members through the World Health Organization on the COVID 19 crisis.

With this training, Komorek explained that they can provide clients with solutions to an uncertain future for conducting business in a world where social distancing is the new normal for the foreseeable future.

“We have measures in place to offer corporations ways to come up with new emergency plans quickly, as well as contingency operations to help continue workflow.” Komorek stated.

“The major thing that we want current clients, and others that need our assistance to know- we are here to help, we will continue to be here to help, and our team will continue to provide excellent customer care in these uncertain times.” Komorek explained:

“We’re here to help. Don’t lose hope!”

Conflict International is a multi-national intelligence agency made up of the some of the best private investigators in the world.

Stephen Komorek, is the Operations Director, the United States for Conflict International.

He is also an international Private Investigator, a security consultant, as well as a senior faculty at the World Institute for Security Enhancement where he teaches board-certified intelligence, and technical courses.

He is a member of the World Association of detectives, the National Association for Missing and Exploited Children, National Domestic Preparedness Coalition, and the Association of British investigators.

What do you do if your loved one is stuck overseas or away from home?  That's where these guys come in.
(Photo – John Chapple) Stephen Komorek

Conflict International is a London based intelligence, investigation, and security agency providing investigation and surveillance services to clients worldwide.

They are highly experienced in both private and corporate investigations. Conflict International’s extensive network of professional investigators based in most jurisdictions worldwide enables them to conduct international investigations cost-effectively and efficiently.

The company’s headquarters are based in Central London with auxiliary offices in the USA, Hong Kong, Marbella, and Cyprus. Conflict International has on the ground resources and capabilities in most jurisdictions worldwide with the ability to mobilize a team of bespoke private investigators at very short notice.

This is what we need more of right now – companies going above and beyond to provide accurate and timely data and assistance.

For more information regarding Conflict International readers can visit their website at www.conflictusa.com to see the array of services that they offer to clients.



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