Concerned citizen warns FBI, media outlets about Antifa violent protest planned: ‘You told us to snitch’


PORTLAND, OR – A concerned citizen sent a tip to the FBI regarding a planned violent protest slated to take place on the evening of July 17th in Portland outside of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement building.

While the tip sent to the FBI bears legitimate evidence of planned violence being orchestrated by one of the many Antifa-inspired groups allowed to organize on Twitter with impunity, the tip sent to the FBI also took some jabs at how the FBI has been handling the various Antifa groups over the past year.

The onset of the tip sent goes as follows:

“Dear FBI,

You said see something, snitch. So I’m snitching.

The violent ideologues of Antifa (since Antifa is only an idea, according to our pudding-head President) is planning a violent action against the Federal Courthouse in Portland tonight at 7PM. Details below. Twitter screen caps organizing the fiery peaceful protest below.

Maybe this time you’ll actually do something to protect your fellow federal LEO brothers-in-arms instead of letting Antifa Blackshirts assault and hurl explosives at them, burn their eyes out with lasers or try to cook them in their own building like your snake of a director let happen last year for SIXTY-FOR DAYS STRAIGHT?”

The tip was accompanied by a screenshot of a post from Twitter that comes from the account Occupy ICE PDX (@OccupyICEPDX), which the group has been promoting what they call “Action Against ICE” that is scheduled to take place at 7:00 p.m. on July 17th at the ICE building located on 4310 SW Macadam Avenue.

A crudely drawn poster is promoting the violent protest, where it shows a person kicking an ICE agent in the face – knocking out their eyeball – with a stylized boot that has the numbers “1312”.

From there, the tip provided to the FBI regarding this violent planned protest in Portland takes aim at what the tipster believes to be an exercise in poor prioritization for the agency:

“Or are you too busy chasing down Capitol rowdies with Lego sets or following up on psychotic Marxist leftards snitching out family members with pocket Constitutions?

I’ve cc’d this hot tip far and wide so everyone in this country will know whether you acted or not with knowledge aforethought of a violent action. I say violent because that’s the history.

Lastly, if you actually do something and arrest some of those Antifa Nazis in the act, could you please let us all know if any of them were previously pardoned by the Portland US Attorney’s Office or by the Department of Social Justice? Thank you very much!

We’re all watching now. If you do not act, I will report the FBI itself as a national security threat for endangering the lives of brave federal law enforcement officers through sheer fecklessness or willful negligence when they had the knowledge to intervene and stop the violence before it happens.

Personally, I’d take J. Edgar Hoover in a dress over any of you clowns, especially your lying-ass director Wray. Doesn’t know about warrantless mass geotracking in the Capitol lol I’m a telecom expert. Tell him to try a better lie in front of Congress next time.”

Whether or not the FBI takes the threat of potential violence and rioting outside of the ICE building in Portland seriously is anyone’s guess at this point, as the agency does have a relatively poor record on properly addressing these sorts of far-left groups.

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We at Law Enforcement Today have reported extensively on the lawlessness that transpires regularly within Portland, a phenomenon that has existed for years but has drastically increased over the past 14 months in scale and violence.  

We recently shared a report regarding a “journalist” in Portland who was discredited through an investigation when he proclaimed to have been assaulted by Portland Police in June of 2020 when he was merely documenting the ongoings of the riot. 

Here’s that previous report from earlier in July. 


PORTLAND, OR- On June 6, 2020, Portland police officer Cameron Smith was busy assisting another officer arresting someone during last year’s daily Portland riots. During the course of the arrest, a so-called “journalist” named Donovan Farley decided to interject himself into the incident, claiming he had heard a protester say they couldn’t breathe.

At some point during the interaction between Smith and Farley, Smith allegedly struck Farley with his baton and pepper-sprayed him.

A memo which detailed the Portland Police Bureau’s investigation into the matter showed that it was Farley who tried to provoke Smith into fighting him.

This week, the Portland Tribune reported that the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office has declined to prosecute Smith for the incident involving Farley.

District Attorney Mike Schmidt, who has built a reputation for being soft-on-crime for riot-related offenses decided his office would not pursue charges of second-degree unlawful use of mace and fourth-degree attempted assault against Smith, citing “insufficient evidence,” The Post Millennial reported.

A follow-up investigation conducted by Willamette Week further details the investigation by the Portland Police Bureau (PPB).

A memo issued in October 2020 found Farley’s version of the incident was “demonstrably inaccurate,” referring to footage from a PPB criminalist named Jason Mills. In this video footage, it appears to show Farley attempting to goad Smith into a fight.

“Officer Smith strikes Mr. Farley in the leg with his baton after which Mr. Farley says, ‘Take that shit off, motherf**ker! Take that shit off!’” the memo says.

Farley continued to provoke Smith until he was finally pepper-sprayed, causing him to turn around and walk away. According to the PPB memo, Smith’s use of force was necessary because he was “attempting to arrest Mr. Farley who had just tried to punch him.”

The memo continued that a PPB detective had tried to reach Farley in order to interview him about the altercation; they couldn’t find his phone number but located his address and sent a certified letter. Donovan never responded to the PPB’s outreach efforts.

The memo also noted that Farley had posted on social media about the police trying to reach him.

“To date, Mr. Farley has not responded to [PPB] Detective Traynor, and there is nothing to indicate that he has made contact with any law enforcement agency regarding the incident. Based on the inconsistencies between Mr. Farley’s written account of what transpired and the video recordings available for review, the state is unable to conclude that a crime was committed.”

Farley made the excuse that he didn’t contact police because he didn’t think he would have been treated fairly.

“It’s totally and unequivocally false that I would try to fight a police officer,” he told the Portland Tribune. “The guy was abdicating his duty and trying to prevent me from doing his job.”

Farley has denied that he is an “Antifa journalist.”

“’Antifa journalist?’ I got you taken out do the New York Times, little Pinocchio,” he tweeted to The Post Millennial’s editor-at-large Andy Ngo. The statement saying “I got you taken out” is unclear as to meaning, but Ngo has been repeatedly assaulted by members of the far-left fascist antifa group.

In August 2017, Farley invited Richard Farley, a neo-Nazi white supremacist to Portland for a brawl. “I’d like to invite him to PDX w/o a cop escort,” he said. “I can totally arrange a [Antifa] welcome committee to test his theories.”

This would seen to indicate that Farley protest too much when he claims he’s not an “Antifa journalist.”

In fact the assault on Ngo, which occurred in June 2019 saw the Post-Millennial’s editor-at-large pelted with what appeared to be milkshakes with concrete or a hardening agent in them.

Farley tried to provide cover for Antifa in a piece he wrote for Playboy, attempting to portray the domestic terrorist group’s actions in a positive light, claiming there was “insufficient evidence” about the milkshakes distributed in June 2019 which were thrown at Ngo having contained a hardening agent or cement.

Farley interviewed an Antifa leader named Alisha Berry, who had organized the Antifa event in question and who used the pseudonym, Effie Baum. “We definitely weren’t advocating throwing them at people, but we weren’t naïve enough to think it might not happen.”

In fact, Farley has even admitted to trying to paint Antifa in a more positive light, making the group more acceptable to a mainstream audience.

From December 2019:

“This article about the misconceptions of antifa and why they exist. They exist in part bc of the messaging issues. Saying ACAB doesn’t help with that in terms of square people’s understanding of the movement. It turns them off. These are facts.”

He continued:

“If ‘you’d like to see antifa gain more mainstream acceptance’—the point of the article—then perhaps you should adjust our understanding of what journalism is and reflect upon the fact that twitter and activist circles ain’t the real world chief.”

Farley has filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Portland for the incident involving PPB Officer Smith.  Farley’s claims that he is a “journalist” seem to fall flat in light of the above statements, which reveal him to be much more of an “activist.”


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