Concealed Carry Off Duty


Do you practice concealed carry off duty? Is it a habit, or hit and miss? Do you pack heat when it’s convenient, or every time you leave the house?

Seems like we can agree that we’re living in a crazy world. Consequently the potential to find yourself in the middle of a hostile encounter while off duty is real. So arm yourself!

Arm yourself everywhere

Since you take children to school, go to the gym, attend movies, etc., how often do you find yourself without your weapon due to inconvenience or circumstance? Most noteworthy are a few sold out troops that can honestly answer, “Never.” Good for you, but you’re unique!

Open carry

If you are fortunate enough to live in a location that allows open carry, congratulations. But while you’re off duty, don’t put a target on your back. Hence, if you are authorized to carry concealed, do it!

Interestingly enough, much of this is dictated by geographical culture. Where I currently reside, open carry is practiced. In my former state it was unlawful. Nevertheless, my organization required concealed carry if you chose to carry off duty.

Concealed carry

First of all, my preference is to have my firearm on my body. I’ve always been that way. It was drilled into my professional DNA at the basic undercover operative school I attended, and then reinforced during deadly encounters. “If the gun isn’t attached to your body,” we’d say in our office, “it’s useless.” As a result, I still have the outlook to this day. The mindset of concealed carry had a spillover effect while toting my weapon off duty.

However, I live in a warm weather environment. Gym shorts and lightweight shirts are typical attire. They are not exactly tailor made to conceal a firearm. Furthermore, I believe in the philosophy of carrying a BFG—Big Freakin’ Gun. As such, a real firm belt is required to carry my BFG, but that isn’t always feasible. So where do I hide it?

Go bag du jour

Enter the Vertx® EDC Commuter Sling bag. This is not your father’s fanny pack, nor is it your child’s backpack. Yet it’s a modern day go bag. It is a fantastic way of to carry concealed off duty.

Fortunately, this style of bag is very trendy in a generation that was raised carrying a backpack. So it does not advertise, “I’m armed” like the old fanny packs.

As you will see in this video, the bag is durable, versatile, and once equipped with your favorite firearm, you will feel confident facing an adversary during a deadly off duty encounter.

After viewing the video you will realize that Vertx® is an upper crust company. They didn’t take shortcuts putting their products together. As such, quality is synonymous with the brand.

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– Jim McNeff and LET Staff


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