Report: Huge Hochul campaign donation came from family whose company got $637 million no-bid contract


The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the writer. 

ALBANY, NY- And here we thought Washington, D.C. was the only “swamp.”

The Daily Wire reports that Invisalign candidate and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) was allegedly given hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funds while the Empire State responded in kind by paying the family’s company over half a billion dollars.

Quid pro quo anyone?

The outlet reports that the family of New York City businessman Charlie Tebele donated nearly $300,000 to Hochul’s gubernatorial campaign, as outlined in an investigative report filed by the Times Union this past week.

Since December, Digital Gadgets LLC, a New Jersey-based company owned by Tebele has been paid some $637 million dollars in taxpayer funds to provide the Hochul-controlled Department of Health with at-home COVID-19 test kits.

Competitive bidding? Not in this case…Digital Gadgets gained the contract without a competitive bidding process, the Times Union report found.

Digital Gadgets was initially a wholesaler of products such as hoverboards and other electronic devices, typically selling its products to companies like QVC, the home shopping network. However when the pandemic struck, the company apparently saw an opportunity and changed over to supplying medical equipment.

As is typical in blue states such as New York, the politically-connected company started to get lucrative government contracts in the state.

The Times Union notes that even though the company “has not always delivered as promised,” that mattered little since it continued to be the recipient of major government handouts, er payments.

All the while of course, the family has been donating significant sums to certain politicians, Hochul among them.

According to New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s OpenBookNY website, payments to Digital Gadgets began on Dec. 30 and the Department of Health made 239 separate payments to the company through March 25. Those payments started four months after Hochul was sworn in as New York governor after the resignation of Andrew Cuomo.

One minor issue…the comptroller’s website shows no record of a formal contract being signed between Tebele’s company and the Department of Health.

In fact, a spokesperson in DiNapoli’s office, Jennifer Freeman said that no such formal contract exists. Instead, she said the department entered into “purchase orders” with the company.

“These purchase orders did not come to (DiNapoli’s office) for review and approval,” Freeman said.

In a case of impeccable timing, Hochul signed an executive order on Nov. 26 declaring yet another COVID-19 state of emergency which suspended some areas of state finance laws.

Pretty convenient, especially when you can pad your campaign coffers in the process. One area that was suspended was competitive bidding for certain contracts, as well as standard contract review and approval processes normally conducted out of the comptroller’s office.

Mad with power as most Democratic governors are, Hochul continues to extend the emergency executive orders on a monthly basis, with the latest one set to expire on August 13. Don’t bet on it.

Despite the fact the COVID pandemic has pretty much subsided and the American people have tired of dealing with the constant mandates, blue states like New York continue to milk it for everything its worth. And that includes spending tons of taxpayer dollars on things such as at-home tests.

According to Bryan Lessing, a Hochul senior advisor, the $637 million spent on at-home testing kits has been done in order to protect “vulnerable” New Yorkers from the highly transmissible (though very mild) omicron strain of the virus. He said during last winter’s spike at-home tests were difficult to come by amidst demand.

“Digital Gadgets successfully delivered all the tests the state needed within the required timeline,” Lesswing said.

He noted there were two purchase orders totaling 52 million tests, with one purchase order being for $13 per test and the other $11.50 per test.

“Given the circumstances and urgency of the situation, the state determined the price was fair and it was in the state’s best interest to move forward with the procurement,” Lesswing said.

Especially if you’re getting 300 large for your campaign in return.

He claims the state contacted multiple vendors and Digital Gadgets was the only one which could satisfy the needs of the state, which was to provide a large number of tests prior to schools reopening in January 2022. He claims the state also obtained tests from seven additional vendors.

Tebele’s attorney Harlan Lazarus issued a statement in which he said Tebele “supplied tens of millions of tests” to the state “in record time” when the federal government was having trouble obtaining the tests. Lazarus also claimed that Tebele had never spoken with Hochul about the testing procurement.

The Daily Caller said Tebele and his wife Nancy have an extended history as political donors in the state, with each donating $69,700 individually to Hochul’s campaign, the maximum allowed by law.

Digital Gadgets has scored a number of lucrative contracts with the state over the years. For example, the Times Union reported they scored two contracts for medical equipment under the Cuomo administration; one, a $100,00 contract has seen no money paid out, while another $600,000 contract saw the money returned.

They also received $119 million in an emergency no-bid contract for COVID equipment in spring 2020 from former New York City mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration ironically right after donating about $44,000 to de Blasio’s campaigns and related PACs.

In another stroke of sheer irony, Hochul’s campaign, as well as de Blasio’s presidential campaign hired a Tebele family member, a college student for the tidy sum of $3,700 per month to act as a campaign fundraising “finance associate.”

In addition, a number of Tebele family members are listed in campaign finance filings as having the same residential address; “state law prohibits political donors from being reimbursed for someone else for campaign donations,” the Daily Caller said.

In response, Tebele’s attorney said the children “are successful businesspeople in their own right” and decide political donations “independent of their father.”

Corruption is of course not limited to New York state. For one of our prior reports, we invite you to:


The following includes content which is editorial in nature, and is the opinion of the author, a current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

WASHINGTON, DC- Last November, the American version of the Gestapo, otherwise known as the FBI, conducted an early morning raid at the home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe as part of an alleged “investigation” into a stolen diary belonging to Ashley Biden, daughter of Joe Biden, as reported by Fox News.

The raid came two days after raids at the homes of two other Project Veritas associates under the same guise, according to the New York Times. So yes, the preeminent law enforcement agency (some say) in the world is now investigating misplaced diaries.

When the story came out, it didn’t make a lot of sense. While the FBI confirmed to the Times at the time that it had “performed law enforcement activity” at the Mamaroneck, New York apartment building, they would not comment on what exact type of “law enforcement activity” it was.

Recent revelations, however by the Daily Mail are shedding some light, and that light reveals what appears to be Joe Biden using the FBI as his very own version of secret police.

This past Thursday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson revealed what the Daily Mail has discovered and it is, to say the least, extremely disturbing. Let’s put it this way—if this diary belonged to Ivanka Trump, the articles of impeachment would already be in progress.

But as we have learned over the past five years if not longer, there are two very different standards of justice in Washington, DC.

The Liberty Daily reports that Ashley Biden has a lot of “issues,” all of which can be traced back to one Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., the sitting president of the United States. According to her diary, Ashley claims that “papa Joe” had actually showered with her in ways which she described as “probably inappropriate” and contributed to her being oversexualized later in life.

Read that again…at an age where Ashley clearly remembers doing so, her father showered with her. What father showers with his young daughter?

There have been rumors around Washington, DC for years that Biden seemed to have an affinity for young females (there is plenty of video evidence) so the revelations in the diary are not surprising. Yet this is his daughter we are talking about. Sick.

Report: Huge Hochul campaign donation came from family whose company got 7 million no-bid contract
Joe Biden’s “young girl” problem also included his daughter Ashley; this young girl looks a tad uncomfortable…look where Biden’s hand is

Another example:

Report: Huge Hochul campaign donation came from family whose company got 7 million no-bid contract
Biden makes daughter of Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) extremely uncomfortable

The involvement of the FBI is puzzling to say the least. First of all we are talking about a diary, not state secrets. Secondly, the diary was not stolen—it was left abandoned under a bed in a halfway house—and goes into detail about alleged abuse suffered at the hands of her father.

What is it with the Biden children and abandoning damning information? First Hunter’s laptop(s) and now Ashley’s diary.

And why the FBI? Is it because of the damning information it contains about Joe Biden and was it Biden himself that set the FBI onto the trail of the diary? According to sources, the female who found the diary is now under investigation by the FBI.

According to the Daily Mail, Aimee Harris, who found the diary abandoned under a bed at a Palm Beach “halfway house,” is now being targeted for the FBI after she allegedly sold it.

While previous reports indicated the Bidens had reported it stolen in an alleged “burglary,” Harris is not currently being investigated for the theft, only for apparently selling it. Ashley Biden stayed at the halfway house after leaving rehab; the home was often used by recovering addicts.

According to a “well placed source,” it is “selling of the property that could be considered a crime,” while the fact it is Biden’s daughter’s “kicks it to a different legal level.” Harris allegedly found the diary in the halfway house shortly after Ashley Biden moved back to Philadelphia in 2020.

According to sources, and according to Liberty Daily, “the diary contained shocking and sensitive information, such as details about her chronic drug abuse, sex addiction, and being ‘hyper-sexualized’ in her youth.”

“I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/my dad (probably not appropriate),” she wrote in a January 2019 entry.

Ashley further detailed her chronic drug abuse, extramarital affairs, having her finances “down to the wire,” and how her father had allegedly cried with worry ahead of a Democratic primary debate.

Ashley writes that she may have actually been using drugs while working on her father’s presidential campaign in 2019. This guy is clearly father-of-the-year material.

In November 2021, the New York Times reported the Justice Department, aka the FBI was investigating the diary and confirmed at the time the diary was authentic. However the Times carefully didn’t include in the story the fact the diary contained salacious details about Biden’s apparent sexual misconduct with his daughter.

The diary is a confessional about how screwed up Ashley Biden was and closely mirrored the trainwreck that is her brother Hunter. During the campaign, she wrote the following:

“There is anxiety + not sure where it comes from…maybe it’s ‘lack’ of having substances…it’s been 5 full days. It’s been the longest I’ve gone in a while,” she wrote.

“I think the longest period of abstinence has been 10 days since basically March” she added in another entry.

Ashley Biden has a long history of drug arrests and scandals going back to 1999. That year, she was arrested while attending Tulane University in New Orleans for possession of marijuana. Two years later she was arrested for underage drinking in Maryland and was issued a bench warrant after she failed to show up for a hearing.

In August 2002, she was arrested for interfering with police during a bar fight in Chicago. In March 2009 she was shown in  a video snorting cocaine at a party in Delaware, which was reported by the New York Post.

Project Veritas bought the rights to publish the diary for $40,000, however O’Keefe decided not to publish the information, saying it could be “characterized as a cheap shot.” He did however allegedly try to leverage it into an interview with Joe Biden. A copy of the diary was leaked by a Project Veritas insider to National File, which published excerpts on October 24, 2020, just before the election.

Carlson invited attorney Harmeet Dhillon onto his program to discuss the latest revelations from Ashley Biden’s diary, with both agreeing that Joe Biden appears to be using the FBI as his own “secret police” to cover up his wrongdoing.

Joe Biden is batting .333 as a father, which is a good batting average, but which sucks as a parent. The fact that he has two drug-addled losers as his only remaining children speaks volumes about his lack of parenting skills.

He was too busy being self-important while his kids suffered from his neglect. Yet he’s trying to dictate to the rest of America how to parent our children.

No thanks.  

Report: Huge Hochul campaign donation came from family whose company got 7 million no-bid contract

For the other half of Biden’s dysfunctional children, below is a report on a Hunter Biden-tied Russian oligarch who escaped Biden’s sanctions.


After Russia invaded Ukraine, we heard a lot of pining about imposing “sanctions” on Russia, including on Russian oligarchs. What if we told you that there are at least 45 Russian oligarchs who have not yet been sanctioned? Vicky Ward, in an investigative piece in Substack tells us that at least one of those oligarchs has ties to none other than one Hunter Biden.

Ward noted she received a document indicated that in 2012, while his father was serving as vice president, Hunter Biden was scheduled to meet with one of those unsanctioned Russian oligarchs, Vladimir Yevtushenkov, who owns a tech oriented conglomerate inclusive of Russian cellphone company MTS.

According to Private Eye,  Yevtushenkov was “invited” to the Kremlin by Vladimir Putin and instructed “to work in solidarity with the government over the Ukraine crisis.”

It should be noted that Yevtushenkov is a friend and associate of a woman named Elena Baturina. Sound familiar? She was an investor in Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Realty at the time of the scheduled meeting between Yevtushenkov and Hunter Biden.

Biden’s close friend and business partner at the time, Devon Archer served as a liaison for Baturina at the firm, according to a source with direct knowledge, Ward wrote. It should be noted that Archer is currently serving a jail sentence for bond fraud.

Archer introduced Hunter to Baturina, who in term introduced him to the oligarch, according to two sources with knowledge of the meeting. According to a 2020 Senate Republican report, Baturina wired $3.5 million to “Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC” in 2014. Rosemont Seneca was a consulting company co-founded by Hunter and Archer.

Ward noted the document which she had possession of was written in Russian, however, was authenticated by an insider at Yevtushenkov’s company, Sistema. The source told ward the document was copied from the server “because they were concerned by what it showed.”

In that document, an itinerary shows Yevtushenkov and directors of his holding company, AFK Sistema for a visit to the United States from March 12, 2012, through March 15, 2012.

That itinerary included a breakfast on March 14, 2012, with Hunter Biden at the Ritz-Carlton in New York City, as well as a three-hour meeting the next day in Dallas with “Rosemont Realty,” to “review real estate portfolio Rosemont Realty.” [emphasis in original]

The point of contact for Hunter Biden was listed as Dan Burrell, whose email is listed as [email protected]. Burrell is a high-profile entrepreneur and venture capitalist, yet for some reason he is listed as Hunter Biden’s secretary. However the truth was Burrell was in fact the CEO of Rosemont Realty, headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, not Dallas. The company did maintain a small Dallas office consisting of three or four people.

According to sources close to Burrell who was authorized to speak on his behalf, he never met Yevtushenkov in Dallas or elsewhere, nor did Burrell have knowledge of a scheduled meeting between Hunter Biden and Yevtushenkov or anyone else at Rosemont Realty, which was sold by him in 2015.

According to a source familiar with Yevtushenkov, while he may not have stuck to the planned schedule, he did come to the United States. Ward noted that she was told by a Sistema spokesperson that Yevtushenkov’s meeting with Hunter Biden did take place, as a matter of “routine,” while noting the oligarch was looking for business opportunities. According to the spokesperson, there was no follow up after that meeting.

However a separate source said after Yevtushenkov left the U.S., he told colleagues, apparently quite excitedly, that he had been introduced to Hunter by Elena Baturina, who it should be noted was married to the late Yury Luzhkov, mayor of Moscow.

Yet another source told Ward that prior to March 2012, Archer asked Burrell, in Europe at the time meeting with investors, if he would meet Baturina, who was also looking to invest in the company. The meeting only lasted under a half hour and according to a “well-placed source,” Burrell never again met with Baturina.

It should be noted that Archer had been appointed to the board of Rosemont Realty in concert or as a consequence of his co-founding of Rosemont Capital with another politically connected offspring, Chris Heinz, son of John Kerry, former Democratic presidential candidate and Secretary of State under Obama. Burrell had worked for Kerry as a staff member on his political team. A source with knowledge of the transaction told Ward that Baturina eventually did invest in three of Rosemont Realty’s 117 properties.

Another source told Ward that Hunter Biden wasn’t at the Europe meeting, however Archer introduced him to Burrell and asked if he could join on the Rosemont Realty advisory board, to which Burrell agreed.

So there is a bit of background. Who exactly is Yevtushenkov? Ward tells us he is “the largest of Russia’s tech-oriented investors,” and his company Sistema AFK is traded on the London Stock Exchange.

It’s largest subsidiary MTS, a telecom company, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Ward noted Private Eye recently reported that MTS is currently being pressured, with Vodafone suspending its partnership after the Ukrainian invasion.

In order to avoid sanctions, Sistema reduced its MTS ownership in March to under fifty percent—49.94 percent. Yevtushenkov’s son Felix, however, remains chairman. Up until recently Sistema owned RTI, one of Russia’s largest defense contractors, however it is now controlled by the State.

Ward noted that Yevtushenkov wasn’t a stranger to the Global Economic Forum in Davos, having shown up several times with Ukraine’s former pro-Russia President, Viktor Yanukovych. A witness who spoke on condition of anonymity told Ward that Yevtushenkov has never spoken out publicly against Putin’s war in Ukraine. He was also one of a number of oligarchs summoned to the Kremlin by Putin as the war began.

So why then is Yevtushenkov still not sanctioned by the U.S., while he is by the U.K.? Of course, the British sanctions only happened recently after protests outside his London home.

None of this explains why Yevtushenkov remains unsanctioned by the U.S. Perhaps neither the British nor U.S. governments are aware exactly how close Yevtushenkov is to Putin.

Back in 2014, Yevtushenkov was accused of money laundering and placed under house arrest, however was later cleared of charges. Apparently he and Putin have since repaired their relationship, Ward’s source told her, which even included spending a night together in a Siberian military facility during a snowstorm on two military camp cots in the same room.

All of this again begs the question…why does the United States and the Biden administration seem to be going so easy on Yevtushenkov? Does it have anything to do with the 2012 breakfast scheduled between him and Hunter Biden in New York City? Why is he one of 45 Russian oligarchs yet to be sanctioned?

Further, is it related to Baturina’s $3.5 million 2014 wire transfer to Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC, the company co-founded by Hunter Biden and Devon Archer?

Although according to a recent report in the Hunter Biden laptop-denying (until recently) Washington Post, Biden suggests that company was dissolved by the date Baturina wired the money and in a case of throwing his former friend and business partner under the bus, claims Archer arranged the wire.

Ward notes that in 2012, Yevtushenkov met with a number of CEOs of major companies, as well as investors—Steve Zide of Bain Capital, John Hess of Amerada-Hess, Bill Ford of General Atlantic, Mark Gollogy of Centerview Partners, and the former RNC financial chair Larry Bathgate, an attorney—plus Daniel McCrum, a journalist for the Financial Times.

The mystery centers around the three-hour meeting in Dallas which has no name attached to it. Ward wonders why Yevtushenkov had an entire morning scheduled with Rosemont Realty, mysteriously held not at its headquarters but at a satellite office, and why Burrell, clearly a much more important impactful player was listed as Hunter Biden’s secretary.

Also, what is the likelihood that Hunter Biden (unless he was on one of his crack benders) didn’t know what was going to occur in Texas the next morning after having breakfast with Yevtushenkov in New York the previous day?

Ward said she spoke to a Sistema spokesperson via email, who said that nobody “remembers who Sistema spoke with from Rosemont Realty in 2012,” noting it was one out of a number of meetings during “a crammed business trip that took place a long time ago.”

She reached out to Archer and Hunter Biden in emailed questions, however neither responded. However she noted that a person authorized to speak for Burrell claimed that both he and Gemini-Rosemont Realty (the name under which Rosemont realty now operates) “were very surprised to learn of the existence of at least one description on the internet misrepresenting that Archer had been the chairman of Rosemont Realty.”

Ward contacted the press office for the United States Treasury, where the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) is located to query why Yevtushenkov has yet to be sanctioned by the Biden administration. She further noted the scheduled meetings he had with Hunter Biden and Rosemont realty; to nobody’s surprise she has yet to hear back. Likewise, she emailed Baturina’s foundation, same (non) response.

So all of this begs the question. Why haven’t Yevtushenkov and the other 44 Russian oligarchs yet been sanctioned by the Biden administration? Especially Yevtushenkov. One need only look at the history of the Biden crime family and their deep ties to assets in China, Ukraine, and Russia to seriously wonder if perhaps there isn’t more to this. After all with the Biden’s, where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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