Community raises over $20K for officer beaten unconscious in Florida: ‘Not on our watch’


Atlantic Beach, Florida – A GoFundMe fundraiser aimed at simply trying to show support to an officer that was brutally beaten in Florida was asking for $1,000 in an effort to showcase that the community appreciated the officer that was beaten unconscious.

Well, that fundraiser certainly met that goal – and then some – when by the time the organizer deactivated the fundraiser, they’d amassed $21,733 for the injured officer.

The fundraiser that was established on July 16th managed to really pick up steam a day later, which led to a local news outlet showcasing the story behind the fundraiser.

An unnamed police officer from the Atlantic Beach Police responded to a call about a suspicious individual outside of a Panera Bread restaurant on July 16th, when things suddenly turned bad fast.

The suspect, 19-year-old Jaden Perkins, had allegedly initiated some sort of physical altercation with the responding officer, and reportedly knocked the officer unconscious and started stomping on his head. That’s when a second officer arrived on the scene and witnessed the suspect attacking the downed officer.

The responding officer issued a series of verbal commands to the suspect, in which Perkins initially complied and got down on the ground. However, when the officer was waiting for additional units to enacted the arrest, Perkins rose to his feet and said:

“You’re going to have to kill me.”

Atlantic Beach Police Chief Victor Gualillo stated that was when the suspect started moving toward the officer who responded to the officer down. Thereafter, Perkins allegedly tried to retrieve the weapon from the unconscious officer, in which the second officer fired a single shot which non-fatally struck Perkins.

Chief Gualillo stated that the injured officer won’t be identified at this time, but noted that he had joined the ABPD 18 months earlier after having served with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office for 27 years:

“We anticipate he will recover, but it will be a while before he can come back to work. He is a great officer. He has been an asset to us, for sure. He’s had plenty of time on the street and knows what he’s doing.”

Sources say that the officer is currently recovering, but is slated for facial reconstructive surgery in the coming week. As for Perkins, he was charged with second-degree attempted murder and is currently in the hospital recovering from the sustained gunshot wound.

Marisa Carbone, who established the fundraiser for the injured officer, stated that whenever the words “officer down” are spoken then its always an issue of importance:

“When you hear of an officer down, that’s a big deal. And I just want to help.”

Carbone was pleased to see the manner in which the community came together and supported this officer who was gravely injured in the line of duty. She feels as though there a strong cohesiveness within Atlantic Beach:

“So when something bad happens, we all try to rally around and try to help.”

We at Law Enforcement Today hope that this injured officer has a speedy recovery, and are pleased to see so many coming to back this officer in their time of need.

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LET Unity

While some are actively backing police officers during this difficult time – you have some politicians trying to sue federal agencies and officers for simply doing their job and arresting people. 

In a bizarre and likely political stunt move, the Oregon Department of Justice announced that they will be suing numerous federal agencies for alleged civil rights violations. In a nutshell, the lawsuit stems from the federal agents arresting people at protests that have been left unchecked by local authorities for weeks.

The announcement from the Oregon DOJ came on July 17th, and among the lawsuits alleged to be headed in the direction of federal agencies – some state prosecutors are actually looking to pursue criminal indictments against certain agents for force used against rioters and protesters.

The John Doe lawsuit named Homeland Security, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Marshals, and the Federal Protective Service. The rationale for creating a “John Doe” suit was because those pursuing the suit aren’t aware of the officer’s identities or agency affiliations specifically.

As if the idea of a lawsuit wasn’t silly enough – the aim of it is even sillier – because the suit aims to have a judge create a restraining order that “would immediately stop federal authorities from unlawfully detaining Oregonians.”

Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum recently released a statement on the federal intervention in the state, claiming that all the problems the city is experiencing with regard to protests is the fault of the federal government:

“The current escalation of fear and violence in downtown Portland is being driven by federal law enforcement tactics that are entirely unnecessary and out of character with the Oregon way. These tactics must stop.”

Apparently the “Oregon way,” must be when protesters set the Portland Police Association office on fire.

While the PPA was just recently set on fire, weeks earlier protesters set an actual police station on fire and also hurled projectiles at Portland Police. Yet, somehow Oregon is upset that the feds stepped in and started cleaning the mess up.

Rosenblum has accused federal authorities of using “scare tactics” against protesters – despite the fact that the city has been under siege for roughly 50 days by these bad actors:

“The federal administration has chosen Portland to use their scare tactics to stop our residents from protesting police brutality and from supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Because nothing supports the Black Lives Matter movement quite like looting local businesses.

Many of the people outraged online keep pointing their fingers over to a clip filmed, that shows a person getting detained by men in military-styled fatigues that have the words “police” emblazoned on a breast-plate patch.

The person arrested in that clip, later identified as Mark Pettibone, has been named in this lawsuit against federal agencies alleging that his July 16th arrest was a violation of his civil rights.

Pettibone claimed that he was arrested without cause or explanation:

“No one told me why I had been detained, provided me with any record of an arrest, or explained what probable cause they had to detain me.”

Turns out, that was a lie by Pettibone, according to CBP spokesperson Stephanie Malin:

“Agents had information indicating the person in the video was suspected of assaults against federal agents or destruction of federal property.”

Apparently, agents later released Pettibone and didn’t file any formal charges against him. So, it’s almost like a no harm-no foul situation.

What is most interesting is that one rarely hears from the perspectives of regular citizens in the Portland area about what is happening in the city – as the news typically only covers the perspectives of demonstrators and outraged elected officials.

While some are trying to claim that Portland protests have been peaceful, others from the area are chiming in online and saying otherwise:

“I live 2 miles from downtown Portland and I can assure you they are NOT “peaceful”, our DESTROYED downtown is proof of that. These people are rioters, and our Mayor and Governor have sat back and let this happen, negatively affecting thousands of citizens.”

Whether this lawsuit or criminal investigation gains any real traction is anyone’s guess at this point, but hopefully Portland is able to be handled quickly and efficiently soon.

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