Community peace group severs ties with member after brutal beating of Asian man caught on video


SAINT PAUL, MN – A community peace group is reportedly distancing itself from a member of their nonprofit organization that was caught on camera earlier in August brutally beating a significantly smaller Asian man outside of a grocery store in Saint Paul.

The incident reportedly happened on August 12th outside of the Cub Foods grocery store in the St. Paul’s Payne/Phalen neighborhood.

Video that was captured from the incident does not show the onset of the altercation but picks up where the man adorning a “We Push For Peace” shirt has a 31-year-old man backed into a corner of a wall and is repeatedly striking the victim in his face with a closed fist.

The man who films the altercation tells the aggressor, “That’s not community peace right there, bro.”

After the series punches and stomping on the victim’s head, the man in the “We Push For Peace” shirt hurls the victim and says:

“I don’t give a fuck n*gga, he shouldn’t have put his hands on me, n*gga.”

The aggressor then re-centers his attention on the victim, who is believed to be homeless, and says, “Get yo bitch ass on, go n*gga” and then violently throws the victim to the ground once again.

As the victim is trying to gather up his items after the beating, the man threatens him once again saying “I’m gonna slap the shit out of you again if you don’t go.”

Apparently, Cub Foods has a contract with the nonprofit “We Push For Peace”, where employees are meant to engage in greeting customers, handing out masks and are meant to de-escalate issues so police aren’t called for every issue that arises at a store location.

Cub Foods released a statement regarding the disturbing attack caught on video:

“Cub condemns the violent acts that occurred overnight at our Phalen store. The incident did not involve a Cub employee, but rather an employee of ‘We Push For Peace,’ and we are thankful they took immediate action to remove this individual from their staff. We stand by ‘We Push For Peace,’ its mission, and firmly believe this single incident is not indicative of the overall organization and the positive difference they make in the lives of many in our community.”

As noted in the Cub Foods statement, CEO and founder of We Push For Peace, Trahern Pollard, did confirm that the individual was fired from the nonprofit:

“As soon as I was made aware, myself, as well as four of my managers, went over to address it immediately and terminated the associate.”

Pollard added regarding the man’s beating that while the victim may have instigated the matter, the former employee took things way too far:

“The little dude swung at him a couple of times and grabbed his hair. When they went outside, the ex-employee of mine hit the little dude to make him let his hair go. When he hit him and the little dude let go, that’s where it went wrong. He should have stopped at that point.”

Saint Paul Police confirmed that they’re investigating the incident, with department spokesperson Sgt. Natalie Davis saying the following:

“The video was very disturbing to watch. We are glad the victim wasn’t seriously injured, and we’re committed to a thorough investigation.”

The identity of the victim or man on the video have not been released by officials as of this writing.

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Man charged with attacking 70-year-old double amputee in handicap parking space dispute

(Originally published on July 29th, 2021)

BARNHART, MO – A 70-year-old double amputee was reportedly attacked by a suspect outside of a gas station, after the victim confronted the suspect over parking in a handicap parking space without a proper placard.  

The incident occurred outside of a gas station in Barnhart on July 18th, according to a Twitter post by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, where a surveillance camera caught a suspect, identified as 35-year-old Robert W. Brooks III, walking out of the gas station and gesturing toward the victim outside of the view of the camera.

Footage shows the suspect walking out of frame and then the victim allegedly being thrown to the ground, which footage shows the victim falling and his head striking the concrete and the suspect retrieving some items from the ground immediately after the victim falls.

The victim, who has not been identified by authorities, reportedly suffered unspecified injuries, which he’s still recovering from as of this writing.

Brooks has since been charged with second-degree assault of a special victim, which he’s being held at the Jefferson County Jail without bond.

This isn’t the only instance in recent times that involved an amputee being assaulted with respect to a dispute over a handicapped parking space. Although, the incident that occurred in Vernon, British Columbia involved an amputee being accosted and attacked for parking in a handicapped spot.

In a report from the Coast Mountain News, Chelaine McInroy went to the Walmart in Vernon on April 24th and parked in a handicapped parking space – which is reasonable, considering she had a valid parking pass and wears a prosthetic leg due to losing her leg below her knee a few years earlier.

McInroy said that she was confronted by an unknown male who came “storming over, screeching at me through my open window about how I clearly wasn’t disabled, that I was just faking it and taking the spot away from someone who truly needs it.”

According to the 27-year-old victim, the unidentified male spit on her through her open car window:

“He then spat in my face and took off.”

Considering that McInroy was in her vehicle at the time when the man approached her, she’s aware that her disability may not have been patently obvious – but also voiced her disdain over the matter considering that not all disabilities are blatantly forward-facing:

“All because I was sitting in my car, and this man couldn’t see my disability. I am lucky in that my disability is usually visible – although of course not obvious to this man as I was sitting in my car and the prosthetic was not visible to him – but there are tons of disabilities that aren’t visible.”

McInroy stated that no matter what was going through the man’s mind in those moments, there is simply no excuse for that sort of behavior:

“That does not give anyone the right to harshly judge others, and it sure as hell is never OK to assault someone like that. Because that is what it is – assault.”

While a police report was filed by McInroy, she acknowledges that nothing will likely come from it since the security cameras from the Walmart didn’t pick up any of the incident, and her description of the suspect delivered to police wasn’t stellar since she was befuddled by the entire encounter.

What McInroy does hope is that her experience serves as a spark to embolden those who witness such abhorrent acts to step in and help those who are being victimized, as she recalls some people “turned a blind eye and walked away” while she was assaulted:

“I beg of you all, if you see something like that happen, step in and help. Or at the very least, take note of the details so hopefully, the person can later be held accountable… Incidents like this are not as uncommon as you’d think. But they are so wrong, and if nobody ever does anything, it will continue to happen.”

“So please, keep an open mind and know that there are a lot of things going on that you might not see or understand, but that does not give you the right to judge and act like that. And if you happen to witness a similar event, do something. The world needs more kindness, especially during these trying times.”

On June 12th, McInroy underwent a surgery to remove infected bone and tissue linked to her 2016 amputation, which resulted in her prosthetic she relied on for mobility no longer fitting.

A woman by the name of Kristy Handel in Salmon Arm, British Columbia endured an over 20-mile run to benefit her on June 23rd – which her run and GoFundMe account raised the funds needed to pay for the new prosthetic:

“One of the first things Chelaine said to me after the surgery was not that she was in pain or felt unwell, but how would she pay for the resized prosthetics?”

“I’ve known Chelaine for only a couple of months, but in that time, she has become one of my most cherished friends. She has the hugest heart.”


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