Common Sense and Guts


They’re mothers, sisters, and daughters

They’re father’s, brothers, and sons,

They’re highly trained and proficient

With their hands and with their guns.

They’ve taken the oath to protect and defend

Performing duties day and night,

They strive to handle things peacefully

But sometimes they have to fight.

Brave souls, American heroes

Sometimes working with little rest,

Guardian angels who walk the earth

Truly the best of the best.

I’m not afraid to show my support

And I’ll make that evident,

I’m on the side of law enforcement

110 %.

They’ve got my back, I’m on their watch

365 days a year,

They deserve our admiration and respect

Without us showing any fear.

I really don’t care what anyone thinks

They can scorn, or laugh, or sigh,

But I’ll totally support law enforcement

Until the day I die.

I’ll say it again and I’ll say it proud

I’ll forever support the blue,

If you have the guts and common sense

Then you’ll support them too.

By Bert L Orris

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