Dear Journalists,

There was a time when qualities like integrity, dignity, honor and character were weaved into the moral fabric of our country.

These qualities held us together, like the threads of our flag, tightly knit, doing their part to hold form and shape. Values were held above all else.

The understanding that this life we live, the questions we seek, yearning to understand the world in which we live, was of the upmost importance for the survival of our people.  We were not perfect as a society, as we are not perfect today.

The stories that were told in our past, had an impact on the masses. To have the means and capability to tell the reality of our people, the struggles, the tragedies, the victories and defeats, was an honor to those who were lucky enough to be granted the opportunity in life to fill that role within our society.

The profession, the craft of journalism, was held in high regard.

Before ratings, before sponsors, before political affiliations poisoned the medium that tells the stories of our people, journalism was a noble trade that people held in high regard. Throughout our time on this Earth, there is but one thing that has stood the test of time.

It is not our structures, our technology, our clothes or our belongings, it is our stories. It is the stories of the humans who lived before us. Who were bold enough to stand tall and change the course of our world. Those who spoke out against the atrocities of our people.

Those whose character, courage, resolve and heart were strong enough to move the masses. The serpents who were threatened by their righteousness lashed out. Slandered their name through publication, word of mouth, letters, papers and any other means they could. A practice that continues to this day.

There is a reality that has been made more present in the last 10 years than ever before.

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To those who have the desire to hold the most stressful, demanding, mentally exhausting role within todays modern world, President of the United States of America, there is something you must understand. While fulfilling the duties of the most psychologically demanding roles of our time, you will be under constant attack.

Not from our foreign enemies, but from those within the country you swore to defend and honor in your role as its leader. Gone are the days where those who filled this most critical of the world’s roles were given an opportunity to settle in to a job unlike any other.

In our world today, those who disseminate information out unto the masses have abolished any form of opportunity. Opportunity for those who to take on this most demanding of roles to learn and navigate the chaos of world leadership.

Your namesake, your identity, is under constant attack. Whether it be because you voted against a bill they had invested illicit monetary value into, your interests were not in-line with their political strategy, or any other host of cynical justifications.

Journalists of today, have become so intertwined with the toxicity that has infiltrated those who desperately clench to the roles of our nations leadership that the art of public deception has been completely abandoned.

The purity, the original purpose of these roles within our society has been dissolved. Ratings, breaking stories, drama, spinning every scrap of evidence possible into an agenda that pushes chaos and anarchy out onto the masses has become standard operating procedure.

This, this is your warning. Those of you within the walls of the corrupt, caught in the middle, now is your time.

Those who hold power and influence on our screens and in the air of our networks have dropped their attempts of skillful deceit and moved onto pure hatred and rage. Our society, those who make up this great land, whose hands are calloused and clothes are worn.

Who have fed our country through generations, built our infrastructure through sweat blood and sacrifice. Who risk their lives behind a badge, who save the lives of others from destruction and from death itself. Who leave their homes, their families, their lives behind, to wear a uniform and dedicate their lives to purpose.

These people, along with the millions of others who still hold that very real piece of the American dream in their hearts and in their minds, have seen enough. This time in our history, the tension we all feel on a daily basis, it is not the first time our people have held this feeling.

There is still time, to right what is wrong. The decision, the choice, is yours. You have the ear of the people, the screen, the lights and the camera. Breathe, think deeply, speak with us, not to us, as your time to be heard may be coming to its end.

Do what is right. Not for your wallet, not for your political party, not for your boss or for your network, but for the American people.

Those who know me, they have given me the only name you will know with this letter,

War Daddy

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