CNN’s Don Lemon having a meltdown over the Supreme Court- “Blow up the system!”


The following editorial is written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today

NEW YORK, NY- “Blow up the system!” You’ve got to hand it to liberals. They are easily triggered. Their latest outrage comes after the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg…you would have thought that Gandhi himself had died.

And one of the kings of getting triggered is CNN hack Don Lemon. You see, liberals cannot stand the thought of Republicans winning, most especially President Trump.

Remember the famous words uttered by the liberal’s messiah, Barack Hussein Obama?

“Elections have consequences.”

Well, the consequences have come and as Obama’s favorite pastor Jeremiah Wright once said, “the chickens have come home to roost.”

On Monday, Lemon was doing his touchy-feely crossover with the workout king, Chris Cuomo. And poor Don…he is really despondent.

You see, Don…he doesn’t know how this whole constitution thing works.

Don is a sore loser and he is still despondent about Hillary Clinton losing the 2016 election. So according to The Washington Examiner, Don, he wants to “blow up” the system, because that’s what liberals do…or try to do.


What got us in this position? Well, Justice Ginsburg has been sick for a long time…she was after all 87 years old and had suffered numerous bouts with cancer, including the usually quite fatal pancreatic cancer.

Barack Obama was president for eight years. If Justice Ginsburg was so concerned that she be replaced with a hard-core liberal justice like herself, she should have retired during the Obama administration.

When Clinton lost to Trump, the die was cast. Ginsburg HAD to outlive the four years of a Trump presidency, when the planets would realign and the Democrats would take their rightful place destroying the country.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, God had other plans. So Democrats of course believe that only six weeks from the election, President Trump couldn’t possibly nominate someone to take Ginsburg’s place, could he?

After all, in 2016, President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to take the place of Justice Anthony Kennedy when he retired eight months before the presidential election. At that time, the Republican-controlled Senate led by Mitch McConnell refused to put his name forward, which was their right to do. As Obama said, elections have consequences.

So the Democrats said, turnabout is fair play. If the Senate refused to put Garland’s name forward for a vote, they couldn’t possibly do so this time, could they?

Look at it this way. If the Democrats were in the position the Republicans currently find themselves in, with a Democrat president and a Democrat-controlled Senate, does anyone think for a millisecond that they wouldn’t do exactly what President Trump and the Republicans are doing?

So for all this handwringing and whining and crying, the president is clearly fulfilling his constitutional duty by making a nomination to the Senate, and the Senate is carrying out their constitutional duty by holding a vote on said nomination.

Now you have Democrats, clearly unhinged Democrats at that, making all manner of threats. Pelosi wants to impeach the president for…something. A number of Democrats say that “everything is on the table” if they win the Senate in November.

They are threatening to add more members to the Supreme Court because they don’t want to go by the rules…they want to remake the rules. If they do not get their way, they’re taking their pail and their shovel and they’re going to get what they want.

Make Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, two Democrat strongholds states, thereby adding four more Democrats to the Senate? Eliminate the electoral college? Have you ever seen a bigger bunch of petulant children in your life?

Fox News said that on the crossover between Lemon and Cuomo, Lemon was virtually in tears. He looked like he had just lost his favorite teddy bear or binky…he was really upset.

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Lemon was following right in lockstep with the Democrats. He argued the Democrats should push to eliminate the electoral college, a tall task since that would require a constitutional amendment, not an easy task.

Next? “Stack the courts!” Lemon argued that getting rid of the electoral college would be possible if Biden wins and he can nominate endless numbers of radical liberals to judgeships. Somehow, Lemon apparently thinks that the Constitution can be overridden if you have the right kind of judges in place.

“Until you have a group of people that decide to consistently be better than what they reject, you’re going to have people in the exact position they are in right now, Don. Which is no matter what happens everybody sticks with the team,” Cuomo said.

He noted that both Democrats and Republicans have changed their positions since 2016 on filling Supreme Court vacancies in an election year.

“We’re going to have to blow up the entire system,” Lemon replied.

For once, Cuomo was actually the measured one in his response, saying, “I don’t know about that. You just got to vote.”

Lemon barked back, “Honestly, from what your closing argument is, you’re going to have to get rid of the Electoral College. The minority in the country decides who the judges are, and they decide who the president is. Is that fair?”

Earlier during the conversation, Cuomo conceded that the appointment of a new justice to the high court was a “short term win” for President Trump.

“Look, this is a  short-term win,” Cuomo said.

“If it’s a win,” Lemon whined back.

Cuomo shot back, saying:

“I think it’s a win. I think that if they get this judge it’s a win because if he wants people to vote for him, if he doesn’t deliver a nominee and it doesn’t get acted on by the Republicans, they’ve got trouble,” Cuomo said, obviously referring to the repercussions among the Republican base if they were not to act.

I know what people say, ‘Well in races that are close,’” Cuomo said. “Who’s voting or thinking about voting for a Republican who doesn’t want them to pick a judge right now?”

Who knows if Democrats actually listen to people like Lemon? However PJ Media noted that after Lemon came out on his show and actually said that the riots needed to stop, likely because polling data was showing Democrats were starting to feel the negative effects.

Biden finally opened up about it after months of silence and meekly condemned the violence, while still refusing to blame either Antifa or Black Lives Matter for the violence.

Not too many people take notice of anything Lemon says (the show ranked 37th in cable news in August), however apparently Democrats and liberals do.

The founding fathers, in crafting the Constitution sought to prevent tyranny of the majority, which is why we have a representative Republic, not a pure Democracy.

The Constitution employs a series of checks and balances which places limits on federal power. Unbeknownst to Lemon, the Constitution places restrictions on the government, not the other way around.

When forging our country, the founders deliberately sought to limit the power of the majority because as the saying goes, “power corrupts—absolute power corrupts—absolutely.”

Under Lemon’s proposals, as noted by PJ Media, by eliminating the Electoral College and stacking the Supreme Court, tyranny of the majority would be a natural consequence.

Democrats view the Supreme Court as an extension of the legislative body instead of a check on both the legislative and executive branches. This is a concept most liberals simply do not understand.

Granting statehood to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico is strictly a move to give permanent control of the United States Senate to the Democrats. It is nothing more than an obscene power grab.

It cannot be overstated that if Democrats gain control of the Senate and Biden somehow wakes up for long enough to get elected to the presidency, our Republic as we know it will be gone with no hope to recover it. That is not an overstatement, it is not paranoid…it is fact.

Democrats and their radical minions have shown over the past five months that blowing up the system and creating chaos is the end game. Lest anyone think this will end no matter how the election goes, you are kidding yourselves. If Biden and the Democrats win the presidency and Senate, these anarchists will be emboldened.

If Trump and the Republicans win the presidency and Senate, the anarchists will have a temper tantrum. Either way it promises to be an interesting time coming up.

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