WATCH: CNN’s Cuomo, Lemon make fun of Trump supporters, white people, Christians (op-ed)


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NEW YORK CITY, NY – The tag team of CNN anchors Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon recently mocked addicts, white people, white males, Christians and Trump supporters on the air the evening of Tuesday, September 8th.

With two frenetic monologues bouncing off each other, it was challenging to logically follow their arguments, which ended up looking like a tossed salad that someone threw on the floor.

Lemon clearly dominated and tended to go on and on with conflations while Cuomo gifted short, safe answers and was occasionally rebuked for wrong think.

A transcript is available at News Busters, and video is available at Daily Wire.

On the topic of racism, for example, Cuomo said:

“You know there’s systemic racism.”

Lemon attributed racism as a form of addiction:

“They don’t know. When has anyone ever admitted that they had a problem? Have you ever known, have you ever had a family member or friend who’s had an issue whether it’s addiction, or whatever it is, who admitted to it?”

Cuomo replied with a bombshell:

“People don’t like to admit they have problems.”

Lemon then said America has a problem with race:

“Yes! It’s in pretty much everything. Look at how the country was founded. Look at what’s happening on the streets of American cities and not just playing out in America. Look at what’s happening with monuments and statues. Look at what’s happening – look at the President and his priorities.”

Both men then say racism extends to lending, pay, employing, housing, adoption and all sorts of things.

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Cuomo then ominously added:

“Scaring white people works.”

To clarify this discussion on race, Lemon decided to throw in a form of funky feminism that he learned about while talking to women:

“But listen, this is what I have to say. If you talk to women, honestly, they will tell you if you’re a man, and you haven’t taken advantage of the privilege or the advantages you have in this society, then maybe you’re doing it wrong.”

In other words, according to Lemon and unnamed feminists he has spoken to, men who haven’t taken advantage of their male privilege have somehow erred, yet if they were to indeed take advantage of their status, they would be demonized in a total catch-22 situation.


Conflating feminism, racism and economic disparities, Lemon further says:

“If you speak to some people of color they tell you the same thing. If you’re a white person and you have not taken advantage of being able to always get loans, always get an education, always vote, always have every priority, even if you’re poor, if you haven’t taken advantage of that, then maybe you are doing it wrong!”

So, poor white people who do not take advantage of their privilege have also somehow erred, but if others do indeed take advantage, they are demonized as well in a damn if you do and damn if you don’t situation.

Then Lemon throws in a comment about blame to try and clarify the muddy waters he and Cuomo have played in:

“But you should not be blaming the people who don’t have agency in society along with you. There’s another blame for it. But it’s not those people. You’re just being pitted against those people because someone is taking advantage of you. You’re the mark. You’re the person that’s keeping the other people rich, keeping the other people in power.”

In an almost “amen” moment, Cuomo replies:

“They’re playing for a sucker.”

Lemon then decides to throw in some religion for good measure:

“They’re playing for a sucker. You are the mark to the con that is going on. So, this whole idea about there is no privilege in society for white people. That’s bull****. There is a privilege. ‘There is no privilege for men.’ That is bull.

“If you are a Christian, there is a privilege in the society because we prioritize Christianity even though we’re supposed to be a country that believes in freedom of religion.”


Cuomo responds:

“And separation of church and state.”

Lemon then says:

“But yet, what do we do? We demonize Muslims. We demonize Islam. We demonize anybody who is pretty much not a Christian or even if you don’t believe in religion.”

Cuomo notes:

“But Islam hates us. Islam hates us though.”

Somehow, Cuomo’s brevity makes Lemon’s point or points, depending on how one absorbed their conversation.

Lemon then retorts:

“But that’s the whole point. You’re making my point. So, to believe that there aren’t certain privileges in this society — this American society — that are not unique to America is just plain old absurd!”

Cuomo goes out on a limb and responds:

“But only the President makes that grotesque argument.”

Lemon cuts him down and says:

“No, no, other people make the argument. He is just using it to his political advantage.

“Let me tell you something. They’re not afraid of Joe Biden. They’re afraid of what Joe Biden represents. They’re not afraid of Trump being replaced by Biden. They’re afraid of what may replace them as the preeminent voice.”

Cuomo calls it “a good fear, powerful fear.”

The topic then moves to Trump’s supporters and Cuomo saying that they “overlook all of Trump’s obvious failings.”

Lemon immediately reprimands Cuomo:

“They’re not overlooking it. They’re agreeing with it. There is no overlooking. You cannot overlook Trump. He is in our faces every day saying what he’s saying. There’s no way of overlooking.”

At one point, Lemon gets annoyed with Cuomo interjecting comments as the discussion abruptly ends with their shared view of Trump as a bully:

“Will you let me finish? You no longer have the advantage or the privilege that you have once had in this society.

“That’s what the fear is. The fear is not Joe Biden. It’s not Kamala Harris. It is what the fear is the inevitable no matter how much they fight it. It is the inevitable.

“Trump may hold back what they think is going to happen for a moment. But he’s not. It’s AstroTurf. It won’t happen. This country is going to move on.

“The more people who, like me and you, who will talk. The people who are in mixed interracial relationships.

“The more people who will overlook that BS as this country, as the world continues to grow, this is not going to be the same society where the same people have a preeminent voice.

“It just is what is. You’re just prolonging the inevitable.”


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