CNN anchor rejects Biden call for unity — ‘You should never forget how we got here’


NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – On November 7, the media’s President-Elect Joe Biden gave an acceptance speech for his possible presidency.  In the speech, Biden called for the nation to become united once again, something CNN hosts are against.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, brother of current Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, heard the message given by Biden and wholeheartedly disagreed with it.  His reasoning?  He believes that President Trump and his supporters are what is wrong with the country. 

Cuomo said while speaking to fellow CNN Host Don Lemon:

“They [Democrats] are not abusing any tradition or any norm.  That is all happening on the other side of the ball as it always has. 

“And as I have reported all along and argued, this is a time where people must be remembered for what they did, what they said, what they did not do, and what they failed to say.

“Even tonight on our own air, people who were given all these pats on the back in the last couple of days for being a fair broker, even though they come from the right, still explaining away Donald Trump’s position towards our democracy as, ‘Well that’s the way he is.’

“No, there is good, and there is bad, and there is right, and there is wrong.  Not everything is subjective.  And just because somebody decides to do what is wrong doesn’t mean it’s a personal style choice.

“That’s about how you match a tie and a handkerchief, not about how you decide to discuss Muslims or our democracy.  And people have to remember how people acted during this time, what they said in the media, in the GOP, and yes, in the Democratic Party as well. 

And you should never forget how we got here because we can return to the same place very quickly.  In fact, Donald Trump could run again.”

Lemon replied:

“In 2024, this should be an inflection point.”


“It could be if Biden makes good on what he said.  He has to hear the people who didn’t vote for him.”


“But you have to have cooperation with that.”


“Absolutely, but that takes us to another place.  People have power.  This election proves that.  For all the money, all the special interests, all the media, all the deception, if people come out, they win.

“The winner of this election without question is the American public because they voted and participated in a way that will work for the winners and the losers.  The winners have a mandate and the person they wanted.  The losers have the ear of that person.”

There are a few issues with what Cuomo has said during this portion of the transcript.  First, although the media has declared Joe Biden to be the President-Elect, those votes have not been certified and will not be until December. 

There are also many legal challenges that have been made by President Trump and his team.  If those challenges are won in court, and if they are enough to sway the election, Biden may not be certified as the winner in December.

Second, for Cuomo to say that the Republican party, or the right, as he referred to it, is breaking from societal norms is a flat-out lie.  If there is any group of political ideologies that are breaking from the societal norms, it is members of the far-left liberal mindsets.

If there was ever a question of that, look at all the riots and civil unrest that has occurred in this country over the last few months after the death of George Floyd in police custody in May. While there were peaceful protests, there were significant numbers of riots that occurred.

While we will never know the political makeup of all of those involved in the criminal activity, we know several of them were Biden supporters.

Now, let us look at the riots and civil unrest in places like Los AngelesNew York, and Philadelphia over President Donald Trump.  Those incidents, which have been widely reported on, have caused destruction and officer injuries.

For the sake of argument and being fair, let us also look at the Republican led riots over the apparent win of Joe Biden and all the damages those have cause.  Oh…there are none.

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LET Unity

Post-election violence breaks out in Denver, multiple weapons seized and arrests made

November 6, 2020


DENVER, CO – A large group claiming to be anti-fascists marched on Colfax Avenue in Denver on Wednesday night.  Demonstrators burned a “thin blue line” flag and a Donald Trump flag.

Colfax Avenue is a main arterial boulevard that extends from east of Aurora, near the Denver airport, and ends at the base of the Rockies near Golden. 

Police arrested at least four people during clashes with police as the authorities tried to control the crowd.  There were several emergency calls to police involving reports of vandalism, broken windows, and graffiti.

Officers seized a large number of weapons being carried by the demonstrators, including a pistol, knife, hammer, and bear spray.

Denver, similar to Portland and Seattle, has become a hotbed of anti-fascist activity and demonstrations.  In the Denver suburb of Aurora, opposing sides clashed as members of “Patriot Rally” and Antifa fought and exchanged heated words recently.  A security guard working for a news channel shot and killed one of the right-wing protestors, a Navy veteran.

On October 11, the security guard engaged in the altercation.  Navy veteran and member of “Patriot Rally” allegedly sprayed bear spray, a strong version of chemical similar to Mace, toward the guard. 

The security guard drew a semi-automatic pistol and shot the man.  The man was immediately transported to a nearby hospital, where he died approximately an hour later.  Video of the altercation and shooting went viral on social media.

The security guard was not properly licensed to work in public in that capacity.  The TV station defended its position on hiring the guard:

“It has been the practice of 9NEWS for a number of months to hire private security to accompany staff at protests.”

In August, an anti-police demonstration dubbed “Give ‘Em Hell” erupted into violence outside Denver police headquarters.  The demonstration turned into a riot as participants broke windows, began setting fires, and threw rocks and fireworks at responding officers.

At one point, a protestor threw a bicycle at officers.


Fox News reported:

“A Reddit post that earlier publicized the ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ protest claimed Denver officials had not addressed activists’ calls to defund the police and said that a bill calling for a referendum on replacing the police with a Peace Force was vetoed.”

Marc Sallinger, Denver 9 News Journalist, posted several quotes and tweets as he covered the demonstration:

“People are breaking every window they see.”

“Someone came out of Quiznos with a drink in hand and said, ‘I needed a Coke.’”

“They’re moving throughout the city without any regard for the law.”

The nearby suburb of Aurora has seen its share of protests and riots.  Aurora Mayor Mike Coffman said he “doesn’t want Aurora to become the next Portland.” 

During demonstrations on behalf of Elijah McClain, a young black man who died while in police custody, over 600 people attended a mostly peaceful protest.  Approximately 150 people stayed behind after the event and became violent descending on Aurora police headquarters. The protestors broke windows and threw objects and fireworks at police officers.

Mayor Coffman stated:

“Those who remained sought to bait the police into a confrontation and to destroy as much public property as possible.   understand that our police department chose to show restraint last night by not using nonlethal munitions but now these individuals smell weakness, my concern is that they will be back again and again until they achieve their goal.”


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