CNN report: Biden’s agencies bringing Afghans to U.S. without any sort of documentation


UNITED STATES- According to a CNN report, Afghans are arriving in the United States despite having “no documents whatsoever” after having been screened and approved by President Joe Biden’s federal agencies.

Breibart News reported that sources with knowledge of Biden’s massive refugee resettlement operation out of Afghanistan to the U.S. told CNN that many Afghans are arriving at Dulles International Airport in Virginia without having any paperwork on them. 

A source told CNN that the goal from the top-down, is to fast-track as many Afghans out of the screening and vetting process in European and Middle Eastern countries and board them on flights to the U.S. without first requiring documentation or proof of identity. 

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which is facilitating the resettlement operation, refused to disclose how many Afghans have arrived in the U.S. without any documentation. CNN reported, in part:

“The approach from the administration has been ‘get as many people on the plane as you can and we’ll sort our the (immigration visa) stuff later,’ pointing to the rush to get people out of Afghanistan after the US-backed government there collapsed.”

The source added:

“Some people have landed with no documents whatsoever, creating a very challenging work environment for the officers.”

DHS sources reportedly told CNN that even though they are able to identify Afghans without an individual providing them with documents, “it’s just a math game” due to the tens of thousands and potentially hundreds of thousands, the Biden administration is wanting to resettle in the U.S.

The source told CNN that this large-scale resettlement makes the likelihood of an Afghan with ties to terrorism “higher and higher.” A former DHS official sounded the alarm about the federal government’s inability to know whether a foreign national will turn to terrorism after their resettlement in the U.S., saying:

“Intelligence and law enforcement officials are always fearful of missing something in their vetting and that a terrorist could slip through. The challenging aspect is you can’t predict the future. You can’t tell when someone can go bad.”

The former official added:

“In rare cases, refugees allowed to resettle in the U.S. have been later discovered to have ties to terror groups and charged with lying to immigration authorities.”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby reiterated the fact that he did not know the number of Afghans who have sought resettlement in the U.S., but subsequently were found to have been on terrorist watch lists.

Pentagon also officials told Defense One that “up to 100 of the 7,000 Afghans evacuated as prospective recipients” of Special Immigrant Visas (SIVs) seeking permanent resettlement in the U.S. have been “flagged” as “potential matches to intelligence agency watch lists.” 

When discussing how many Afghans have been flagged as possible matches for individuals lists on terrorist watch lists, an official said:

“There’s certainly been a number of them.”

At least one of those Afghans seeking an SIV to enter the U.S. has been detained in Qatar after officials said his background revealed possible ties to the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization.

NBC News reported that there have been at least five cases at the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul of Afghans attempting to board U.S.-bound flights using fraudulent American passports that do not belong to them. The report stated:

“The U.S. mission team reported at least five cases of Afghans who presented U.S. passports that didn’t belong to them … highlighting fraud concerns and complicating the process of screening people to enter the airport.”

Over the last 20 years, nearly a million refugees have been resettled in the nation, which is more than double that of residents living in Miami, Florida. 

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Man on UK’s no-fly list accidentally airlifted out of Kabul – so they changed their minds and said he’s ok

August 26th, 2021

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND – According to reports, the United Kingdom accidentally evacuated someone from Kabul, Afghanistan that was on their no-fly list.

Interestingly, officials say that after interviewing the person originally on the no-fly list, they decided the person is of no threat and is allowed to enter the country.

Government officials confirmed that an unnamed individual who was on a no-fly list for the United Kingdom was flown into Birmingham with regard to the evacuation efforts in Afghanistan.

The United Kingdom’s no-fly list is not that different than any other country’s in terms of protocols and spirit for existing, flagging individuals where there may be concerns of terrorism affiliations, involved in serious criminal activity and the sort.

Usually, the system works fairly well in terms of stopping someone flagged on the list before they board an aircraft – but there is a lot going on at Kabul, as it isn’t an operation boarding run-of-the-mill commercial passengers.

However, government officials in the United Kingdom say that the error that allowed this missed initial screening was corrected and the person in question is not a threat to the country.

A spokesperson for the Home Office stated the following about the individual:

“An individual was flagged to the Home Office as part of the rigorous checks process, involving the police, security services and others. However, upon further investigation, they are not a person of interest to the security agencies or law enforcement.”

Defense Minister Ben Wallace said the following about the matter:

“We call it generically the no-fly list. But it has many sub-divisions. It could be that this individual – and this is speculation about this particular individual – but it could be it’s ‘no fly until they’re checked.’ It could be that there are lots of different conditions before they fly.”

“It’s not necessarily, ‘you are that dangerous you can’t come on airplanes.’ It may be, just check who they’re flying with before they get on a plane.”

Another government spokesperson stated that while the person who slipped through wound up not being any threat to the country, there are of course people from Afghanistan that are of concern, which is why attention to detail when screening individuals is important:

“There are people in Afghanistan who represent a serious threat to national security and public safety. That is why thorough checks are taking place by government, our world-class intelligence agencies and others. If someone is assessed as presenting as a risk to our country, we will take action.”

According to the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, they’ve flown out over 7,100 people from Afghanistan on UK-bound flights since August 13th. Afghan nationals who have been brought to the United Kingdom will be later processed through the country’s Afghan Relocation and Assistance Policy program.

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Experts warn Taliban’s release of prisoners in Afghanistan poses grave terror threat at southern border

(Originally published August 24th, 2021)

WASHINGTON, D.C.- According to senior Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials and national security experts, the Taliban’s release of prisoners throughout Afghanistan poses a security threat on the U.S.-Mexico border. 

The Taliban freed thousands of prisoners, many of whom either worked directly with or had ties to al-Qaeda and ISIS, when it captured Bagram Air Base on August 15th.

Afghan soldiers surrendered the base with virtually no resistance, leaving U.S. intelligence officials with little ability to track suspected terrorists.

According to one DHS official who requested anonymity to speak candidly, the crisis at the southern border could prove an inviting target for terrorists. The official said:

“We’ve always been surprised by the countries of origin we see individuals coming from along our southwest border. It’s more than likely some Afghans will arrive now as well. It’s definitely a national security threat and the strain of forces currently along the border would make it more likely that some would slip through illegally.”

The intelligence community reportedly warned the Biden administration about terror threats at the southern border just weeks before President Joe Biden announced the planned withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

In a classified memo, national security officials warned the White House that border patrol officers had arrested two Yemeni nationals on the terrorist watch list as they attempted to cross into the United States from Mexico.

One of the two men were also on the FBI’s no-fly list. Their names have not yet been released to the public. Senators from both parties pressed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Mark Milley on whether the Pentagon would change its terror assessment of Afghanistan following the collapse of the U.S.-backed government.

In their report to Congress back in June, the two stated that Afghanistan contained only a “medium” risk of terror groups and was likely obsolete.

Individuals who had worked on assessing terror threats at the southern border told the Free Beacon that the surge of migrants has left border patrol officers ill-equipped to face the new terror challenge. 

Former Immigration and Customs Enforcement chief of staff Jon Feere said that the record-setting influx of illegal border crossings will only exacerbate the threat. He said:

“When it comes to cross-border illegal immigration that goes undetected, there is obviously no background check taking place. Customs and Border Protection apprehended foreign nationals from countries across the globe and that means there are likely many aliens from problematic countries getting past the border patrol already.”

Border patrol agents have already complained about the lack of resources to adequately police the southern border. A little late to the game, but Biden administration officials are slowly starting to acknowledge the strain at the border. 

According to leaked audio, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas privately told border agents:

“If our borders are the first line of defense, we’re going to lose and this is unsustainable.”

According to the audio obtained by Fox News’ Bill Melugin, Mayorkas said:

“We can’t continue like this. Our people in the field can’t continue and our system isn’t built for it.”

Mayorkas told the agents that the current border situation “cannot continue.” He said the federal government’s system was not designed to handle such an influx of migrants as the U.S. has seen in recent months and he was “very well” aware that the sector recently came close to “breaking.” He said:

“It’s our responsibility to make sure that that never happens again.”

While visiting the Texas border, Mayorkas announces that agents handled more than 212,000 migrant encounters in July, marking a 13 percent increase from the previous month. Some border agents expressed being exasperated by the Biden administration’s approach to the crisis.

One agent told Mayorkas:

“For those of us who have been around here long enough … we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. We’ve had this happen before. We know exactly how to shut it down. We need to make illegal entry illegal.”

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Large veteran group using intel to help Afghan interpreters avoid Taliban checkpoints, escape country

(Originally published August 23rd, 2021)

In a recent report from Fox News, a “massive veterans group” is employing the use of intel and satellite imagery to help Afghan interpreters still in Afghanistan navigate around Taliban checkpoints in order to avoid capture and certain death if discovered.

In what was described as a network consisting of “hundreds of thousands” of people, this campaign coined as “digital Dunkirk” is assisting Afghan interpreters to evacuate from Afghanistan.

Fox News reports that this network hosts “analysts using satellite imagery to locate Taliban checkpoints surrounding the Kabul airport, are coordinating to evacuate Afghan interpreters from the country.”

Afghan interpreters are being targeted by the Taliban, as they’re essentially viewed as having been allies to the United States during the Afghanistan war and would sometimes assist in capacities beyond that of simply translating.

Former CIA analyst Matt Zeller says that the Taliban sees these interpreters as “the people who have been helping us to kill them over the last 20 years” and spoke of how invaluable they were during the United States’ period within the country:

“These people that we’re talking about…they were our eyes and ears on the battlefield.”

With an estimated 20,000 Afghan interpreters and their family members still residing within the country, Zeller says that they’re under extreme threat of the Taliban so long as they remain there:

“They want revenge, they want retribution. There’s no place for these people in Afghanistan.”

Zeller says in a period of just a few weeks, the “digital Dunkirk” campaign has attracted “hundreds of thousands” of people willing to assist in the effort but believes that the number could grow into the millions by the time the effort completes.

The former CIA analyst added that pretty much anyone who served in Afghanistan and feels empathy for those still trapped in the country are assisting:

“If you served in the Afghan war and you still care about these people, chances are you’re probably part of the digital Dunkirk.”

The effort started out simply as veterans getting contacted by Afghans in the country, but has since grown into various human rights, faith-based, and political organizations getting involved, Zeller stated:

“It’s incredible. It’s not just veterans. Literally it’s pastors, it’s my mom, it’s my relatives, people who have never served in Afghanistan…widows, widowers, children of people who served.”

“We’ve had intel analysts who have come and started doing satellite imagery analysis and actually putting together products for people where they’re mapping out Taliban checkpoints in real time using social media data.”

While the Taliban have previously claimed that former Afghan interpreters would come under no harm, conflicting reports have been coming in saying that the former interpreters are either being killed or having their information recorded.

Zeller said that his contributions to the “digital Dunkirk” find him up during the evenings directly communicating with Afghans on the ground and providing insight on where to go to reach the Kabul airport safely:

“I’m spending most of my nighttime texting with Afghans, telling them ‘no, this is the gate you now got to try and get to. Oh, well here’s where this Taliban checkpoint is, you gotta take this street to literally get around them.”

While getting to the Kabul airport is pivotal for these Afghans, Zeller says that the struggles don’t end at simply arriving safely:

“If you get people who get there, they need to be prepared to wait up to nine, 10 hours, in horrifically hot, humid conditions, with no water, no food no bathroom. Just the worst possible conditions you can think of.”

“Because on top of that, the Taliban are shooting indiscriminately into the crowd and over everybody’s head. It’s just complete and total chaos.”

Zeller says that the United States bears a responsibility to evacuate these Afghans, saying that if they’re not removed soon then “they’re gonna be dead, and we’ll regret for the rest of our lives having failed them.”

Having served in Afghanistan years ago, Zeller remarked about how their interpreter saved his and other Marines’ lives:

“We would roll into a village and [our interpreter] would tap me on the shoulder and say ‘something’s wrong here, normally when we come here, that guy comes out with tea, and those kids are over there playing with a soccer ball, and there’s no one around. This is a bad thing. We usually get attacked when it’s like this.’”

“And five minutes later, we’re getting shot at.”

Back in 2013, Zeller was relieved to see the interpreter who saved his life in 2008, Janis Shinwari, was granted a visa to come to the United States after he was being sought by the Taliban. But Zeller says that there are many more like Shinwari that need our help:

“I’m thankful I got to fulfill it for him, but there are now thousands of others, who Americans made just as equal and just as important of a promise, who are being betrayed and left behind.”


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