Everyday there are thousands of Mexicans illegally crossing our porous southern border. Our Border Patrol is very much undermanned and understaffed. These agents have little equipment to stop these illegal entries. Our current president doesn’t seem to want to enforce federal laws of protecting our borders. States are hog tied by his federal mandates of restricting search and seizure of probable illegal’s there. On top of this he has attempted to reward illegal behavior to those that break federal law—crossing the border illegally. Compounding this is the asinine notion that we should give those criminals a green card and path top citizenship.

It has been a long since our forefathers had to come here legally and work hard to accomplish the American dream by playing fairly. This article is written for the next president and congress who wants to reduce unemployment by stopping illegal crossings, reduce the cost of patrolling the border, and save money with the military. This paper suggests closing unused, unnecessary, and military bases that we aren’t allow to use by the host country. After that, we bring our soldiers home and send them thru a mini school on border patrol laws and civil rights laws. Then by executive action, the president deputizes them as assistant border patrols agents.

Closing Foreign Bases

It will be easy to statistically look at our bases around the world, which are in the hundreds, and ascertain which ones have not been used in years for combat. Also in this mix should be bases that the host country has restrictive our use. Furthermore, this article highly suggests closing all bases that we have to pay for. The host country should pay for our military protecting them—especially in NATO. The only bases that are needed for ground troops should be on Russia’s and China’s borders. Why should we be in Italy, The U.K., The Philippines, and South America? A large presence in Japan and S. Korea makes sense, along with Poland, Holland, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. With the next big war, it is doubtful it will be with just troops.

Training and Temporary Duty on The Southern Border

After we close these bases (realistically a few) we would have millions and millions of dollars saved in the military budget. These soldiers are already on the federal payroll and highly trained. They can easily be brought home in a temporary assignment as assistant border patrol agents. Think of the thousands of new combat ready, yet trained as civilian federal police agents on temporary assignment on our southern border. We could have soldiers every 100 feet on it easily, with regular border patrol agents on roving patrol.

In addition to drastically increasing border protection, comes equipment already in our federal stockpiles. They include; military helicopters, humvies, armored personnel carriers, and a few tanks and mortars where the drug lords are crossing the border or shooting across the border. We can adopt an Israeli policy such as when Palestinians toss rockets across their border—the next day Israel sends a few F-16’s (the hawk) to bomb the heck out of the “militants” locations. They use one Sparrow or Sidewinder for each mortar that was fired at them—a great tactic and proportional.

We simply announce to the Mexican drug lords that this will be our new strategy if they keep shooting across the border at us. For that matter we tell the Mexican Police if they don’t start doing their job at curbing the drug lord violence that is spilling over into Texas, we will unilaterally come across the border and bomb their drug king pin villas and will not be responsible for collateral damage. *1

Should a major conflict arise overseas we simply send some of those assistant border patrol agents back into full armed forces assignment. Overtime, these soldiers will leave the military and be looking for work. They are already trained as assistant border patrol agents and can go thru some additional courses for more in-depth training and become supervisors or at least entry level ready Border Patrol Agents and make it a career. Our Army and Marine corps might see an increase in recruit by some thinking about the possibility of getting this assignment in their first tour. Also, they might be thinking about after their military service and longtime employment with the federal government as federal police officers. This is a win-win-win for the border patrol, the military, and the taxpayers.


This article has laid out a strategy to greatly reduce Mexicans who cross the southern border illegally. While at the same time cost the taxpayer no extra money, in fact probably save money. The economic benefits are obvious by saving low paid jobs for high school and college graduates just starting out in the work force. In addition to this it will reduce the burden on public social services. Also, this proposal hints at the prospect of increasing recruitment into the marine corps and army. Finally, it suggests a potential to reduce drugs from crossing the southern border.

Realistically, a few bases might be closed because of the politics in Washington and also the liberals who will scream civil rights violation. But if we could at least close one base and put 3,000 plus soldiers on the border that are deputized, our regular border patrol agents will be safer and we will have the ability to cover a larger area. The obstacles that I mentioned can be overcome if, and when, congress and the White House makes an effort to work together and get serious about the Southern Border crisis—which it is. Unfortunately, it is apparent that this will take the next president to take the lead on this crucial matter and enforce the federal laws.

*1 “Getting Central America to Drastically Reduce the Drug Flow. By: Christopher B. Kuch, PhD, unpublished.

Dr. Kuch holds a PhD, MA, and MS in criminal justice. He has written about a variety of police issues; drunk driving, women police, and university police. His current research is about preventative terrorism policies. He is a four year Vietnam Era Navy Veteran. He lives in Istanbul, Turkey and is on the adjunct faculty at Galatasaray University.