CLEVELAND, Ohio – Police Chief Calvin Williams is asking for prayers for the family of Officer David Fahey, who was killed while “out there protecting his city” this morning.

At a press conference Tuesday morning, Chief Williams asked the public to help find “the person who left the scene and didn’t check on our officer.”

“We have to find this person. Officer Fahey was out there protecting the city and doing his job. He’s not going home to his family,” Williams said.

The hit and run accident occurred at the Warren Road exit. It occurred just after a portion of the highway was closed when a fire truck was struck by a van at Hilliard Boulevard, reported Fox8 News.

Officer Fahey was setting up flares for the original crash when he was hit according to police.


Cleveland police released this photo of the car that hit and killed a police officer on Interstate 90. (Cleveland Police Department)

Cleveland Police Seek Help

Chief Williams said police are looking for a mid 80s to early 90s white Toyota Camry that has some grey striping on it. A partial plate reads: GTD.

Williams said the city lost a great public servant. Fahey was with the department for three years. The chief asked for prayers for Fahey, the officer’s family, and the entire city.

If anyone has any information on the vehicle or the suspect, please contact police 216-621-1234.

UPDATE: The Cleveland Police Department made an arrest in this case. You can read the report here.