Claire McCaskill: “Not a hint of scandal during eight years of Barack Obama”. Except… these.


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ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI – Tone deaf.

In the same month where information has come out showing that at a bare minimum key members of the Obama administration virtually framed Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn in the Russia collusion hoax, former Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill went on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC Wednesday and said the following: “Not a hint of scandal during eight years of Barack Obama.”

In text parlance, ROFLMAO.


McCaskill, who fancies herself a “network political commentator” was speaking about the upcoming presidential election. Here is what she told host Joe Scarborough:

“I think what would be the tale of this election will be what is going on in September and October. I think there are going to be three metrics that this president is definitely afraid of, to use an unfortunate phrase.

He’s going to be afraid of the unemployment numbers in September and October, and so far, the complicated and byzantine stimulus that’s been put forward has not eased unemployment. And that’s the measure here. Not the stock market”

Stop the tape! First of all, Ms. McCaskill we find ourselves in unprecedented times. Nobody, no matter what party they are from could have predicted that we would be hit with a worldwide economic recession tied into a virus.

Secondly, why are the unemployment numbers so high?

Look at the states. The president didn’t shut any businesses down; the governors did.

Why are the numbers staying so high, despite the stimulus? Because the governors in primarily blue states are dragging their feet reopening their states businesses up, despite the fact that the number of deaths related to COVID-19 are far lower than originally projected.

Then we are basically quarantining an entire population to protect a small segment of the population who are vulnerable. We should be protecting the vulnerable, using common-sense precautions, and get businesses back open. That is hardly the fault of President Trump, and quite honestly if anyone thinks that Joe Biden could do a better job, they are seriously delusional. Back to McCaskill.

“How many people are in bread lines and how many people don’t have jobs, and how many people have lost health care? That’s the measure. And then how many—what is the daily body count in September and October?

How many people are dying every day from this virus in September and October? And how many new cases are showing up every day? There’s no way there will be a vaccine before September or October.”

Wow. It almost seems like McCaskill is hoping the death count remains high in September and October. Will there be a vaccine before September or October? Probably not, but it is possible.

What there may be is a treatment.

Over the past week or two, there have been a few promising signs that a treatment might be on the near horizon. An anti-viral drug called Remdesivir has shown some promise, however there have been some mixed reviews. McCaskill continued:

“So, what is the president’s playbook? Looking down that tunnel, his playbook is to go to what worked for him in 2016 and is to lie about his opponent.

And what that thing was with the senators—I’ve got to get this in—what that thing was with the senators yesterday, he went to that lunch to tell them to lie for him.

You’ve got to lie about Barack Obama and Joe Biden. You’ve got to turn them into something they are not. You got to make them criminals.

“He wants to get to the point where they’re chanting lock them up at his rallies about Obama and Biden, who have done nothing illegal. Nothing, nothing, not even close!

Not a hint of corruption during eight years of Barack Obama. No wholesale firing of inspector generals. So I really think that it’s startling that he’s so panicked that he felt the need to go down there to shore up the Republicans, you guys got to get tougher and lie better because that’s essentially what his message was yesterday.”

“Not a hint of corruption!” Let’s examine that, shall we?

The most blatant and obvious is the situation involving Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. For McCaskill to outrightly dismiss the information that has been coming out recently about the circumstances surrounding Flynn’s coerced guilty pleas shows an amazing level of ignorance.

Flynn was targeted not only by the FBI, but by the Obama administration.

According to the New York Post, Obama’s acting attorney general Sally Yates heard about the Flynn investigation, not from the Justice Department, but from the Sultan of Smooth Obama himself.

She told investigators she “had no idea what the president was talking about.” The Post added that the New York Times, hardly a conservative rag had reported that Obama aides had been heavily involved in the Flynn investigation.

Let’s move on to Catherine Engelbrecht, whom most people have probably not heard of. She was a voter-fraud activist, and Democrats had accused her of voter intimidation in 2012.

The Obama administration, using the IRS swooped in and subjected her to two business audits, two personal audits, a BATF investigation, even though her business does not fall under their purview, an OSHA investigation, environmental inspectors, and six FBI terrorism inquires, the Post reported.

Who drove the Engelbrecht targeting? Oh, Democrat senators like Chuck Schumer, and former Democrat senators Al Franken and Dick Durbin. The IRS was also unleashed on other conservative political groups.

Then we have then vice-president Joe Biden and the Burisma scandal. As Law Enforcement Today reported this week, an audio tape of Biden speaking with the former Ukrainian president Poroshenko was released, with the Ukrainian official who released the recording saying he had proof that Biden had received $900,000 in lobbying money from Burisma while he was serving as vice-president.

The recording also seemed to confirm allegations that Biden had twisted Poroshenko’s arm to fire a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, where Biden’s son Hunter served on the board.

The Heritage Foundation also reported on several other Obama era scandals:

Hillary Clinton, then Obama’s secretary of state, set up a private server on which she conducted official business, which included communications with Obama. She also transmitted classified material over the unsecured server; it is alleged that Clinton set up the server to evade open-records laws.

Then there is Operation Fast and Furious, a gun-running operation run through Eric Holder’s Justice Department when he served as Attorney General. Guns were allowed to fall into the hands of suspected drug smugglers in the southern United States, with the hopes of tying them in to Mexican drug cartels.

Thousands of the guns went missing, and sadly, one was used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. Holder was held in contempt of Congress for refusing to turn over documents related to the operation.

Lois Lerner, Obama’s IRS Director used the power of the agency to target political opponents. Congress filed a contempt citation against Lerner, however the Justice Department refused to enforce it.

What about Benghazi? Four Americans, Ambassador Christopher Stevens among them were killed during a terrorist attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Libya.

The administration, including the state department, tried to pin the attack as a “reaction to an anti-Muslim film,” rather than a terrorist attack. Emails from Clinton (then Secretary of State) showed that it was known the attack was terrorism.

Also, since McCaskill mentioned inspectors general, in 2014, 47 of 73 inspectors general under Obama signed a letter slamming the administration for obstructing their investigations.

Other scandals under the “King of Cool” included the swap prisoner swap of handing over four high-level Taliban operatives in a prisoner exchange for deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl without informing Congress to sending a boatload of cash to Iran in the middle of the night as part of a hostage exchange deal.

Oh, the four operatives we turned over? All of them returned to the battlefield targeting American troops. 

We won’t even get into the virtually silent coup that was facilitated by the Obama administration against President Trump and his administration. That is for another day, and besides there is plenty of scandal that we’ve already covered. 

Not a “hint” of scandal, Ms. McCaskill? Not a hint, a full-blown trail of evidence.

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