Massachusetts city uses taxpayer money to fund sickening anti-police BLM mural dripping blood and skulls


The following editorial content is written by a former police officer and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today.

SPRINGFIELD, MA- The city of Springfield, Massachusetts has lost sixteen police officers in the line of duty, the most recent being the shooting death of Officer Kevin Ambrose on June 4, 2012.

Prior to that, the last two officers shot and killed in the line of duty occurred on November 12, 1985 when officers Alain Beauregard and Michael Schiavina died in the line of duty.

So, how does the city remember its fallen police officers? By approving a Black Lives Matter mural in which the letter “T” contains a depiction of the Blue Lives Matter symbol, surrounded by red dripping blood and skulls instead of stars. But it’s “not anti-police.”

Massachusetts city uses taxpayer money to fund sickening anti-police BLM mural dripping blood and skulls
BLM Anti-Police Mural-photo: Instagram

Turtleboy Daily News, a blog that originates out of Worcester, Massachusetts discovered the mural. And it is nauseating.

This is the third go-around for Black Lives Matter murals in the Western Massachusetts city, best known as the home of the Basketball Hall of Fame and Bondies Island, the city’s sewer treatment plant which gives of an aroma befitting of the mural mentioned above.

The first mural, painted in the street in front of Springfield City Hall was defaced when a wanna-be NASCAR driver decided to burn rubber on it. That mural was in fact defaced three times. Think there is maybe a message there, not sure.

This time, they’re not taking a chance with anyone burning rubber on the mural—this time, they’re painting it on a building.

Massachusetts city uses taxpayer money to fund sickening anti-police BLM mural dripping blood and skulls
BLM Mural Springfield-photo courtesy: Instagram

One of the “artists” painting the mural, Frankie Borrero said:

“I love working with the community, and as an artist this message brings the community together.”

Unless of course you are a police officer or support police officers.

Borrero and the other “artists” want to send a “powerful message” to those who damaged the first mural three times.

“This is just because we got no action on the defacing of the other mural, and we know that there is someone that’s known for defacing the first time,” bellowed Springfield City Councilor Trayce Whitfeld.

Each of the “artists” were given a letter which ends up spelling out “Black Lives Matter” to design and paint.

Borrero explained that he got the letter “T”, which he claimed “has put a balance, sort of like a scale, weighing out the justice system, the hand in the middle reaching out.”

Western Mass News reported that organizers of the vandalism, er mural want to see more action.

“We would like the mayor’s administration and the D.A.’s Office, come forward with that person,” Whitfield said. “So, we can maybe prevent or defer (sic) folks from coming down and doing that again in the future.”

Gee, wonder why they would want the person identified? Prevent them from “doing that again in the future?” Ah yes, dox them, get their address published and harass the crap out of them. Got it.

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LET Unity

The mural in front of City Hall on Court Street has once again been “repaired” and are hoping the new mural will “send a message to the community.”

The question is, who is paying for all of this? If you guessed the taxpayers of Springfield, you are probably onto something.

 Turtleboy hit it correctly:

“…every time one of these politically charged, anti-police children’s drawings on public property gets ‘defaced,’ they’ll get more work. Because God knows they can’t create anything of value that someone would purchase on the free market. They are completely dependent on the government paying them to doodle on brick buildings.”

Touché’ Turtleboy.

The “T” painted by Borrero is clearly anti-police imagery. The Blue Lives Matter imagery in the letter is obvious and using that imagery which is used primarily to honor police officers killed in the line of duty is the epitome of ignorance.

Massachusetts city uses taxpayer money to fund sickening anti-police BLM mural dripping blood and skulls
BLM Anti-Police Mural-photo courtesy: Instagram

Whitfield, however says that the mural is not anti-police.

“We know all lives matter; I want to make that point clear. We know police lives matter as well,” she said. This isn’t anti-police; we need to create awareness for what’s happening to a lot of black people in the nation.”

Yes, we know…nine for all of 2019. True carnage.

Whitfield apparently made allegations of racism at the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2017 where she publicized of an alleged racial slur posted on her son’s dormitory door. The problem is, it never happened.

Massachusetts city uses taxpayer money to fund sickening anti-police BLM mural dripping blood and skulls
Springfield City Councilor Tracye Whitfield- photo courtesy: Facebook

Evidently, five black cadets at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School had found graffiti containing a racial slur on the dormitory doors, along with the words “go home.” It was later discovered that one of the five had been the one who wrote the graffiti, in order to get out of a jam for an unrelated misconduct complaint.

When she was contacted after the truth came out, she remained indignant.

“It’s still a slur—whether it was a white person or a black person who wrote,” she said. “My son still experienced it. We still experienced it.”

The incident went viral when Whitfield posted it on her Facebook page and it was shared across the country. The press became aware of it, and it basically went national, which got to the point where the Superintendent of the Air Force Academy gathered all 4,000 cadets together. But Whitfield continued to play the victim.

Massachusetts city uses taxpayer money to fund sickening anti-police BLM mural dripping blood and skulls
Whitfield Racism Hoax Air Force Academy- photo courtesy: Facebook

Whitfield also led a mob to protest at a bar in Springfield because the establishment had implemented a dress code, which she claimed “targeted communities of color.”

Massachusetts city uses taxpayer money to fund sickening anti-police BLM mural dripping blood and skulls
BLM protest at Nathan Bills Springfield photo: Facebook screenclip

What was the dress code? No plain white t-shirts (anti-redneck), no shirts that hang below the thigh (fat guys who lost weight), no do-rags (fat, bald guys who lost weight) and no “excessively low or baggy pants.” (people who haven’t learned to pull their pants up).

The below Twitter post was put up by “Bishop” Talbert Swan, a local anti-police zealot and proponent of defunding the police. Oh, and he also wants the city to establish a citizen’s review board, which would have disciplinary authority over the Springfield Police Department. 

The protesters claim the dress code was implemented after the bar was targeted for a protest by anti-police zealots due to its reputation as a “cop bar.” Time was that private establishments were permitted to implement dress codes. Not in the era of mob rule apparently.  

The protest must have worked because they managed to shake down the business for $6,500 which was used for the vandalized mural on Court Street.

Mission accomplished.

We’ll leave you with this.  Watch the video below.  You’ll meet Kyle Ambrose.  He’s a police officer.  And his father was that officer we talked about in the beginning of this article… who was killed in the line of duty.

This is what warriors look like.


Springfield City Clerk says to “shut the f- up” in Zoom meeting as police commissioner speaks (Op-ed)

July 2, 2020 – SPRINGFIELD, MA.- The so-called “new normal” of conducting public meetings via videoconferencing has the ability to provide some, shall we say “interesting” moments. One such moment happened this past Monday during a Springfield (MA) Budget Hearing, when the City Clerk directed an expletive at the Police Commissioner. 

Police Commissioner Cheryl Clapprood was speaking during the police portion of the budget, and she commented that morale on the police department was at an all-time low, not surprising given the anti-police sentiment that has been permeating the country in the wake of the death of George Floyd.

While there have been some supporters, most politicians across the country, as well as so-called sports “stars,” Hollywood “beautiful people” and most of the media have accused police of systemic racism.

While watching the Zoom video of the meeting, most of the faces of those attending the meeting were visible, which is typical for Zoom meetings. Some however did not have their cameras turned on, so when they spoke, just their name came up.

After Clapprood made her remark, a voice said:

“Aw, bitch, shut the fuck up.”

As the statement was made, the Zoom had the name Tasheena Davis come up on the screen, Springfield’s city clerk.

Ironically, Davis just happens to be someone who has been critical of some of Clapprood’s decisions, sources told MassLive.

That information was gained from private meetings conducted by a newly formed task force which is made up solely of black department heads under Mayor Domenic Sarno.

After the statement was made, Sarno and City Council President Justin Hurst appeared stunned.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Sarno replied to the comment.

“I’m sorry, somebody was out of order there. I don’t know who that was, and  I apologize to the commissioner,” Hurst said.

“Completely out of order,” Sarno continued.

The meeting was quiet momentarily, as Hurst asked Davis to take roll call of the councilors. After a few moments of awkward silence, Davis spoke up and apologized.

Then the excuses started.

“I’m so sorry, that was me, but I was not talking to the commissioner…someone walked into my house. My cousin and her boyfriend were arguing.”

Just like the child who is found up on the counter with his hands in the cookie jar, and mom asks, “Little Johnny, what are you doing?” Davis tried to deny she was in fact responding to the commissioner.

“I’m not doing anything mommy.”

MassLive’s print version, the Springfield Republican said that they reviewed the audio several times, as did Law Enforcement Today and neither were able to find any type of background noise on the clip indicating any type of argument, though as MassLive notes, Zoom would not necessarily pick up noise coming from another room.

However, given the history between Davis and Clapprood, that seems a bit thin.

Davis continued her apology tour on Tuesday, sending an email to both Sarno and Clapprood, while admitting at a second meeting at Tuesday that while she had made the comment it was not directed at the commissioner.

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

For her part, Commissioner Clapprood wasn’t biting.

“I do not believe she was talking to a family member. I listened to the clip over and over and I didn’t hear anyone in the background. I do not accept her apology and if that’s the way she feels about me personally and this department, that is a big problem,” the commissioner said in an interview. “I’d like to get to the truth.”

She continued:

“I’m discouraged and disappointed that anyone in that room would come out with those comments.”

Davis refused a request by MassLive for a comment on the incident. She was appointed by the City Council less than a year ago, having previously worked in the Law Department as a city attorney.

Two councilmen, however, came to Davis’ defense, including council president Justin Hurst, another vocal critic of the police department. Of course.

“I stand behind Attorney Davis 100%,” Hurst said. “She made a mistake that could have happened to any of us considering these unusual times and remote technology.

If she says she wasn’t speaking to the Commissioner, then I believe her until proven otherwise. She has done an unbelievable job as our clerk and we all make mistakes that we have to learn from. This situation is no different.”

City Council Malo Brown, apparently up on his bible verses said:

“He without sin throw the first stone.”

And we wonder why kids accept responsibility for nothing.

Councilor Mike Fenton wasn’t buying Davis’ explanation, saying the “comments were way out of line, way out of line.”

When asked if he believed Davis’ explanation about the outburst, Fenton refused to answer. Silence speaks louder than words at times.

While there are no plans for immediate discipline, Sarno didn’t dismiss the possibility entirely, and said he would be willing to look at taking “further action,” as well as an independent review if the situation called for it.

Sarno said that both his and Clapprood’s first response when she offered her bizarre explanation was to check on her well-being, since she intimated there was a domestic disturbance going on.

“We said: ‘Are you in trouble…are you OK, do you need us to send a car over?’” “My first thought was that someone hacked into the meeting because it’s happening all over the country.”

Focus Springfield Community Television broadcasts all public meetings and was apparently trying to scrub the profanity from the video. The plan is to apparently mute the audio for a few seconds, which as MassLive notes may draw even increasingly more attention to it.

Of course, doing that may lead to further questions, according to station manager Stephen Cary, since there were reactions to the comment immediately thereafter. There were also concerns that by editing the tape there could be issues of violating the Commonwealth’s open meeting laws.

For her part, Clapprood remains concerned about Davis’ comments, since she swears in new police officers as part of her official duties and is also the so-called “gatekeeper” for public records requests related to the Springfield PD’s newly launched police body camera program.

“We’re partnering up with of course the law department in terms of requests for body-cam footage…and I know she was slated to be one of the attorneys helping with that,” the commissioner stated. “If that’s how she feels about me and this department we need to look at that…we need to get to the truth of the matter.”

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