As Antifa rioters use explosives, weapons to destroy Seattle and attack cops… the mayor is blaming President Trump.


SEATTLE, WA – Antifa Rioters have made downtown Seattle a combat zone. Last week, Antifa drove a van full of weapons and explosives along with a mob to set fires in the streets and to demolish police departments. This violence has upset the Mayor of Seattle, Jenny Durkan. She is blaming US President Donald Trump for the violence.

She said: “The president wants the violence. He is running a dress rehearsal for martial law. His efforts to boost law enforcement to counter the rising tide of crime and violence have decreased public safety.”

The violence has been going on for two months, as Antifa’s attempt to burn down the federal courthouse and Justice Center. Seattle Rioters have driven vans to the city packed with fireworks, smoke bombs, stun guns, bear and pepper spray, gas masks, and more. They blew an 8-inch hole through a wall at the East Precinct, where Fifty-nine officers were injured.

Sgt. James Lee said:

“The bear spray is causing burns and itching and stinging to officers’ faces and exposed skin. This lasts much longer than the …. type of pepper spray that police use and is much stronger. It is not safe for humans.”

Police found fragments of a Molotov cocktail that exploded near a juvenile detention facility that is still being built.

In a press conference on Monday, with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Mayor Durkan said:

“I hate to say it, but it looks like the is president is doing a dress rehearsal for martial law, sending in federal forces to take over police duties in city after city for political purposes. It is frightening and it’s making things worse. It has not improved public safety; it has decreased public safety.”

PJ Media news reported that last week President Trump announced sending federal officers to help fight a crime wave in America. He named this task “Operation Legend.” The name honors the 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro, who was shot and killed on June 29 in Kansas City as he slept. The cities that President Trump is sending federal offices to include: Chicago, Albuquerque, NM, Cleveland, Detroit, and Milwaukee.

Mayor Drukan and Police Chief Carmen Best spoke about the seriousness of the Antifa Rioters on July 29th. Chief Best reported that the van with all the explosives was impounded after obtaining a search warrant. They discovered pyrotechnic fireworks, smoke bombs, stun guns, bear and pepper spray, makeshift spike strips and gas masks.

Chief Best said:

“The van provided evidence that not everyone who comes to these protests [is] peaceful. Peaceful protesters do not show up in a van full of … explosives.”

Seattle could really use those federal officers in combating Antifa rioters. They have exhibited some real dangerous and violent attacks.

PJ Media News reported that Durkan welcomed an:

“historic civil rights reckoning stating “peaceful protests are good for America and good for our city. They push us to be better. They see a core tenet of who we are as a country.”

Rioters have attacked business owners and pedestrians during the riots and have vandalized business’ buildings such as Starbucks, Walgreens, and Amazon Go.

Mayor Durkan did condemn the rioters, stating they undermine the peaceful protesters cause and meaning, which undermines the need for systemic change.

She urged for peace, saying:

“violence is sowing those divisions that the president wants; playing right into his hands.”

PJ Media News commented:

“When rioters are terrorizing a city, setting off bombs and lighting bonfires, perhaps the mayor should focus on countering the ideology behind the rioters, rather than demonizing the president who is offering to send federal officers to help combat violent crime.”

PJ News reported that it appears that Mayor Durkan agrees with the left-wing viewpoint, but she should not demonize the president. The Antifa rioters stem from the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest (CHOP) in June. They took over the whole downtown area.

It seems she has other issues to address foremost. A class-action lawsuit alleges:

“Rather than seeking to restore order and protect the residents and property owners within CHOP, the City instead chose to actively endorse, enable, and participate in the occupation of CHOP.”

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Here is the full story on the van that contained weapons and fireworks, bear spray, and more in Seattle.

SEATTLE, WA – The city of Seattle recently played host to a riot on July 25th, and now police are looking into some of the items recovered from said riot during the course of the investigation into crimes committed during the chaos.

As Antifa rioters use explosives, weapons to destroy Seattle and attack cops... the mayor is blaming President Trump.
Image of large fireworks modified to function as large explosive, retrieved from van in Seattle riot – Seattle Police press release video screen shot

Chief Carmen Best from the Seattle Police Department was joined alongside Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan on July 29th to announce the investigation into some of the items used by rioters on July 25th.

Apparently, these items came from a van that was driven to the East Precinct on July 25th, and seemingly abandoned.

As Antifa rioters use explosives, weapons to destroy Seattle and attack cops... the mayor is blaming President Trump.
Bear mace seized from van – Seattle Police

The contents inside were described as fireworks, bear mace, improvised spike strips, body armor, homemade shields and other items.

It just so happens that after that van was dropped off at around 4:25 p.m. out front of the precinct on July 25th, that was around the same time fireworks and other explosives were levied at the police precinct. One explosive was said to have caused a hole in the northside wall of the precinct.

As Antifa rioters use explosives, weapons to destroy Seattle and attack cops... the mayor is blaming President Trump.
Gas masks recovered from van – Seattle Police

Police made the discovery of the contents of the van after securing a warrant to search the abandoned vehicle, after investigators suspected that the positioning of the van and the fact it was abandoned made police believe that there were incendiary devices inside.

Obviously, that was case – along with weapons, shields, and a means to disable tires on vehicles.

As Antifa rioters use explosives, weapons to destroy Seattle and attack cops... the mayor is blaming President Trump.
Baton seized from van – Seattle Police

Mayor Durkan, who once coined the antics of these kinds of rioters in June as engaging in the “summer of love”, has certainly changed her tune on these folks:

“Our police department has an obligation to disperse a crowd when dangers to public safety like explosives, fires, individuals intent on causing harm.”

As Antifa rioters use explosives, weapons to destroy Seattle and attack cops... the mayor is blaming President Trump.
Tazer and OC Spray recovered from van – Seattle Police

After the contents retrieved from the van, Mayor Durkan is finally starting to realize that this isn’t the “summer of love”, but rather violence stemming from malefactors:

“I think what we saw in our city last week in 3 separate protests that there were individuals who were intent on causing harm. And the items seized from this van show exactly what they were planning, saw the results on our street.”

Officials are still investigating all the incidents that took place from the riot on July 25th.

The Seattle Police Department is asking that anyone who may have additional information about the riot to contact Seattle Police Violent Crimes tip-line at (206) 233-5000.


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