Your city does not have your back!


It is no surprise. City administrators have not been very supportive of police officers in the past 30 years.

You are expendable, but not replaceable. If you think your city administrators have your back, think again. Cops are finding themselves deserted on a lonely highway when it comes to support. 

Social decay, corruption, and moral bankruptcy in the United States have contributed to many problems which transformed governance. Government officials began to move from factory mentality to participative management and back to autocratic.  Somehow it also erased administrator’s perceptions of employees as people and transitioned them into numbers, or tools like a box of pencils. 

City administrators are still in another world of management. Many date back to the birth of scientific management. We can tout all the new ways of governance but many do not want to use it because change is scary.

Contrarily, you are not replaceable anymore. The replaceable words still echo in some of our minds because we were conditioned to believe that. But, they will sacrifice you for politics.

Police administrators also do not work to keep the good ones. They get pushed right out the door along with the problematic ones.

Bad policy. 

Policy manuals grew from realistic regulation and “make sense” rules to the size of Agatha Christie’s collection. True story. That’s a lot of pages, by the way.

Things started to go really awry years ago when the city governments decided to pinch pennies because economics are more important than backing their employees during proper decision making.  Boy, were police officers mad. Imagine paying someone big bucks when you did everything right, but the city just decided it was cheaper than going to court. 

Over time, police have been stripped of their ability to enforce the law. Even their due process is jeopardized by having court on social media.  Headlines give us a glimpse of depolicing every day. Police powers are constantly being constricted to the point officers cannot make decisions or refuse to act. This is dangerous. 

I bet it even hurts way deep inside with some veterans who used to work in the good ‘ol days and have had to adjust to the new ways.

I am not advocating that police organizations cancel reform nor that they are a bunch of inactive weenies. Of course, we can always do better.

The pressure and environmental influences are great in favor toward failure. Bad policy makes good cops flounder during dynamic situations. 

Additionally,  going into your police administrators office for guidance or clarification is moot. They have become rubber stamps. Your top lawdogs cave to the city officials who have tied their hands. Equally bad are our brass administrators who have no balls nor leverage for push back against injustices or bad leadership. 

Sometimes stew does not make a good meal.

Entitlement. Civil unrest. Handouts. Aggression toward cops. Deconstruction of family structure. No consequences. Participation ribbons. These are some of the ingredients going into a stew of social decay catalysts.

If you don’t agree, you are a racist. A racist is a serious and very vile noun. Using it for everything that does not align with you really is ineffective.

But it has become a generic term for someone you don’t agree with or like. The true definition of the word has gotten lost.  

You can get paid to protest. It is a job now. Money kind of takes away the principle of the things. 

Somewhere it became fashionable to join domestic groups such Anti-fa.  Like its a club doing some social warrior work or something. You might not want to carry their member card because it may land itself on the terrorist list and there you are with a nice ticket to prison.

We see a huge flood of attitude shifts by parents raising a bunch of namby pambies who think they are entitled. 

The government let it grow and continue without consequences.  Then, the angry mob form a group or nonprofit organization to make their aggression legit.

But we have to blame someone, so the police are assigned the blame. 

The blue line flag is now considered racist by like-one person- and so it is under fire. Somewhere in the mix, people also decided cops were racists.  However, remember in recent studies it was disproven. Yet, it didn’t really get many headlines because it wasn’t divisive news and it did not fit a narrative.  

You are not Spartacus!

What if we had never bowed down to one frivolous lawsuit? What if the cities, counties, states, and the federal government started to support good actions and pushed back against the nonsense? Maybe all the current nonsense would never have come to fruition.

For example, you probably have read recent articles about how the warrior mindset instilled in policing has created a complication with officers developing a rogue personality. Furthermore, opponents believe the police are attaching themselves to the word, “warrior”, thus giving them a superiority complex. And now, some publications claim we have a “warrior” problem.

Hyper-vigilance is a good skill.; it will probably save your life.

Critics will  also say police have such a gladiator attitude that they cannot trust people and are engaging too early in combat, whereas this is a misdirection in policing. 

Um, have you looked at the world lately? The police react to the behavior of…people. 

People start a thing. Police respond.

How many LEOs get out of their cars every other block and ask a random stranger if they want to have a go? Come on. Cops would rather zoom around in circles munching on donuts or fighting real crimes.

The warrior mindset does not equal a battle of us versus the world viewpoint. This is where those who have never gone through years of intense police training fall short in reality and lack “relatableness”. No one outside the LEO wheelhouse will understand procedures. Ever. 

Now, they want to take away our shield and sword. I am really going to be upset if have to return my suit of armor. 

They say police are over organized and way too structured. 

Not surprisingly, the warrior mindset conversation blends well into the ongoing criticism of the militarization of the police. What dictates police reform, training issues, and tactical changes?  

Society. Oh yeah, the people thing again. 

That’s right. People. People are not respectful nor using common sense judgments out there. They force the hand of law enforcement.

Police are paramilitary. Except, now we have too much of it because we look mean.

Society has adopted a new philosophy. Noncompliance is the key to solving their problems or accomplishing their agenda which somewhat resembles a temper tantrum. How far did that get you with your parents?

It is harmful manipulation. 

Each time you are non-compliant, you will face the consequences of those actions.  By being an imbecile on the street, police have to react to your bad behavior. Be compliant and take it to court.

Heck, go to the media with your proof of wrongdoing if you want. Just make sure you show the whole truth. 

Police have a magnitude of muck to muddle and no one is really looking at the issues.

City officials are cowards and have succumbed to mob mentality. Sometimes, city big wigs are conducting knee jerk reactions without all the facts. Or maybe they have all the facts, but saving money is more important.

Let’s not forget the media.  Sometimes the city administrators use them to promote their own status by feeding the frenzy. Media giants skew things for ratings and clicks because that generates money. Once again, we have placed economics in front of the facts.

No one has boundaries. There are no civil discourses. Even the use of court has become a tool, a badgering tactic through all the civil suits.

The police have pushed the decline of American society as a talking point for years, but it fell on deaf ears. We tried to get people to listen, take notice, and implement some changes. 

What do a bunch of street cops know anyway, right? 

Strangely without intervention, the situation has gone from bad to worse. Duh. It is like a vortex of sewage without a drain and plenty of material to keep it going. 

America is really in crisis mode and if you thumb your nose at that notion, you are just as blind as the others who don’t listen to those who work in the trenches. 

You don’t need to be a top administrator to understand what is happening at the majority population level. In fact, most administrators and politicians have nary a clue. They are so far removed from the situation, they cannot possibly understand it. 

Neither are the talking heads of the media really attune to Americans and the deep social problems.  They mostly report a blip or are steered by academia, big corporations, and what policy makers spin.  Social disorganization is not newsworthy. 

Less resources are used to sign a check.

Who has been making the differences? The little guys. Individual efforts which somehow grow into community drives because one person came up with a genuine big idea.  

Cops also make a difference. 

They are out there just muddling through human misery, trying to keep the peace. During that time, nothing else matters but doing what is right and instinctive. 

Think about it. A world without law enforcement would be chaos. Can you imagine the fear each person would have to protect their kin and property? I think they made a movie or two about that. 

We have witnessed cops failing to act because their hands are tied in bad policy or they are not right for the job. And then what happens? The administrators and politicians turn a blind eye to accountability and proper fact finding to protect their own skin from outcries and public condemnation. 

If they quietly settle frivolous lawsuits, everyone can go silently into the good night. It looks good for the election and most politicians do not like confrontation.

Less resources are used to sign a check. 

Police officers will be sacrificed through settlements, termination, and spoiled reputations. It is part of the political fallout stemmed from societal decay.

Can you imagine what would happen if city officials started standing up against silly complaints and overzealous lawsuits? Picture polices that make sense. I have no idea.  If you fight the battles and win, maybe only legit ones will start to show up in the system.

Wouldn’t that be something. 

You are only as brilliant as you look on TV. 

The last few years we have seen police agencies pouring out good stories, fun challenges, and publicizing their community events. Consequently, police departments have participated in these community services for years, but did so without recognition. They didn’t need to prove their legitimacy in humanitarian endeavors. 

Not even 12 good deeds or heroic acts erase one negatively viewed event which immediately gets spun into an extraordinary story before all the facts of the case are available. Why? Because the seemingly nefarious stories makes money. 

Right and wrong no longer matter. It is about convenience.  It is about money.

What matters is how the police look on TV. Seriously, anything less than textbook accuracy will be met with haters. 

There are legitimate reasons to hate cops, right at the moments they gotchu. Criminals hate to be got. 

One cop being rude because he or she was having a bad day flows through the grapevine like wildfire. Pretty soon all cops suck. If that same cop comes to your house and helps you during a bad time in your life, do you think all the hatred is lost? Maybe briefly. I reckon most often the warm fuzzy appreciation fades quickly after life settles back in.

The police can no longer afford to have a bad day. They cannot be weak or make a mistake. Not even once. It is unforgivable and might lead you to be the city’s sacrificial lamb. In fact, the public hold you accountable to be a perfect decision maker.

Society need to pull themselves together with a lot less running amok, rein it in.  Or at least run in an orderly fashion like your 2nd grade teacher taught you. While logic says cops cannot be perfect, I would argue there is a way. 

Dear people, be perfect citizens.


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