City councilman demands memorial to fallen police officers be removed, compares it to Christopher Columbus statues


BALTIMORE, MD.- With every passing day, we are seeing what happens when abject morons are elected to public office. We have seen it with Nancy Pelosi, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and so many others. The latest example of someone who shouldn’t be a member of a PTO let alone a city council is Councilman Ryan Dorsey of Baltimore.

On a Twitter feed called @scanthepolice, they were reporting on police responses throughout the city, including a protest march on July 4. The scanner reported: “Cop says it looks like some protesters want to do one thing and some want to do another”; one cop says, “That’s where our memorial is,” referring to the FOP-funded memorial on President, which another says they should guard; they’re also sending cops to guard the Columbus statue.

Next reply: “Cop says protesters are passing by FOP memorial, continuing down President towards Harbor East.”

This is where Dorsey steps in. Clearly clueless, and obviously not aware of where a memorial to fallen police officers stands, Dorsey then tweets the following:

“How is it that with all the attention given to the Columbus monuments, and as consistently awful as the FOP is, how is the FOP memorial not on the list of monuments to remove?”


Reply to Councilman Ignoramus says: “I believe that one is for the officers that have died in the line of duty. That’s non-controversial and should stay. Unless you’re talking about another one.”

Another reply said: “It’s a fallen officer memorial, not an FOP memorial. The FOP just services it.”

“Such a bad and cringey take from @ElectRyanDorsey. Yikes dude you’ve jumped the shark.”

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed

Gee, why would councilman Dorsey be so quick to ask for the removal of a FOP monument you say? Well, The Baltimore Sun reported on May 8 that the Baltimore Police Union had criticized Dorsey in a campaign mailer sent to Baltimore voters.

“Baltimore City Council District 3 deserves a council member who puts his constituents’ interests before his own,” and one who “will work with the Baltimore Police Department to fight crime and protect our children and neighborhoods,” reads the mailer in part, which was sent out to 27,000 residents in the Northeast District of the city.

Hmmm. Seems like Mr. Dorsey may have gotten his panties in a bunch because the Baltimore FOP had the audacity to criticize him in a mailer. So, in return, Dorsey apparently thinks that a memorial maintained by the FOP should be torn down. How very tolerant of him.

Union president Sgt. Mike Mancuso said that union leadership is throwing its support behind Dorsey’s opponent, Rain Pryor because Dorsey “has been anti-BPD for years.”

“He attacks us as a rampant corrupt department instead of being responsible and articulating that there has been a very small percentage of officers who have done wrong. He lumps us all into the same basket,” said Mancuso, president of FOP Lodge 3.

The mailer also included a quote that came from Dorsey’s Twitter account that read:

“I’m not made to feel safe by police, and I will very often take a drug dealer over a cop.”

Sounds like Dorsey would be better suited to be a member of Antifa.

Responding to the FOP mailer, Dorsey said in a statement that the FOP opposes him because of his belief that “police should be accountable to the residents of Baltimore City, including that I’ve been a leading advocate for local control of the department.”

He went on, “Finger pointing, and cheap shots won’t make us safer, but bringing to light the BPD’s shortcomings is the only way we have a shot at improving it’s performance. I’ll keep pursuing, even if it’s not popular with the FOP.”

Cheap shots councilor? A cheap shot like “I will very often take a drug dealer over a cop?” That kind of cheap shot?

Pryor said that she had engaged in discussions with FOP leaders and noted that they have said that they support rooting out corruption.

“They want something new and better,” she said.

Pryor has said that if elected, she is hoping to build stronger relationships between the community and the police department. “As a community, if we are going to rebuild trust and rebuild our communities and neighborhoods, we have to…crossover and extend an olive branch.”

The police union’s mailer also noted that Dorsey had accepted $42,000 in campaign donations from individuals tied to Clinic Management and Development Services, which is planning on opening a substance abuse treatment facility in the district. Little quid pro quo maybe?


Dorsey said that he had returned the money, however, was supportive of a  positive relationship between the facility and the community.

“Ultimately, it’s a relationship that should have the chance to be built and succeed without the specter of large campaign contributions.”

In the meantime, Dorsey continues to get slammed on Twitter, with the following responses to his tweet:

“Widows, parents and children of fallen officers raised money to build that memorial. MY father’s name is on that wall, along with the names of over 100 other heroes. Have some respect!”

Yet another:

“What the Hell is wrong with you Dorsey? Widows, children, and friends of these murdered officers put that monument up, not just the FOP. You put that tweet up to encourage people to tear it down. You act like such a privalaged (sic) twit how are you still in office.”

And, our favorite two:

“You are a disgusting human being. It isn’t a FOP memorial. It is. Memorial to officers killed in the line of duty protecting Baltimore. Disgusting. And you revel in how disgusting and obnoxious you are. Amazing.


No, the MF was talking about the Police Memorial dedicated to the men and women both flack and white that have lost their lives in the Line of Duty. You have to be a low life piece of shit to endorse the removal of that monument. And there you have—Dorsey!”

You want some advice Dorsey? Stay in your lane. Leave the destruction of historical monuments and statues to the “experts”…Antifa and Black Lives Matter. Unless of course you endorse their tactics. Even then, leave the monuments and memorials honoring our fallen heroes alone.

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