City council candidate, others arrested for blocking emergency vehicles trying to get to serious accident


CHATTANOOGA, TN.- Sometimes, you just have to love how karma comes back to bite some people squarely on the behind.

For those of us who are pro-law enforcement, the following incident literally made our day, if not year.

A week or so back, we reported on Marie Mott of Chattanooga, Tennessee. Mott is one of these professional protesters. She’s a person who absolutely detests law enforcement and takes every opportunity to, shall we say, bust the balls of the Chattanooga Police Department, and in particular the chief of police.

Imagine our delight then when we found that the Chattanooga Police Department has obtained warrants for the arrest of Mott and several others. 


Just prior to publication, Law Enforcement Today was notified of the following release from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee, relative to a flag burning incident at Miller Park on July 9, 2020.

Mott, Cameron Williams and Gerald Crawley have all had arrest warrants issued relative to the above incident. They are charged with Theft Under $1,000, Vandalism Under $1,000, Reckless Burning and Inciting to Riot. 


But that’s the least of their worries.

Police are also alleging that Mott, who is running for a city council seat in the city, as well as another so-called “activist” Cameron Williams obstructed the intersection of Market and East Main St. in the city.

Police allege that they had been involved in “illegal and dangerous” activity when they blocked emergency vehicles trying to respond to a serious motorcycle accident, in which the motorcyclist had sustained serious injuries.

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the police department released images from a body-worn camera showing protesters disrupting traffic and blocking an emergency vehicle trying to get to the crash.

City council candidate, others arrested for blocking emergency vehicles trying to get to serious accident
Protesters Block Road Chattanooga PD photo

In addition to Mott and Williams, two others—Grason Harvey, 22, and Lindsay Baker, 33—each are facing charges of disorderly conduct and blocking a highway.

Mott and Williams, according to the paper have been high profile agitators who have organized or been involved in demonstrations against police brutality after the death of George Floyd on May 25.

Chief David Roddy, whom Mott in particular seems to have a personal issue with, said:

“[The police department] has had numerous discussions with the protesters and officers have blocked streets in order for marches to take place as safely as possible since May 30,” he said in a statement.

Williams recorded the incident on Facebook Live, in which numerous Chattanooga police officers attempted to have the protesters get out of the roadway, to no avail.

“So, can we get out of the roadway? If not, in 20 minutes we’re going to have to arrest,” an officer says.

“So you gon’ arrest all of us?” Mott resonded. “Y’all gon’ process all of us?”

We will translate: “So, you going to arrest all of us? You all going to process all of us?” 

Williams suggested that emergency vehicles just divert and go a different way. “Instead of going one block around?” he said in reference to the emergency vehicle being blocked. “It’s one block.”

“You cannot block a street like y’all are doing,” the officer said, while noting that a tent had been erected in the middle of the intersection.

“I’m just letting you know if you want to make a public spectacle, and arrest every last one of us [who] are peacefully protesting,” Mott responded while other protesters attempt to make the case that they had been blocking roads since May 30.

Of course, Williams took the “we dint do nuffin” approach.

“[The police department] is lying, Williams told the Free Press. “We let the fire trucks through the intersection immediately.”

Williams claimed that the vehicle which was blocked was one which administrators use.

Hamilton County EMS spokeswoman Amy Maxwell said that the vehicle which was blocked was that of the County EMS lieutenant’s vehicle.

She noted that lieutenants respond to calls due to the fact that they receive additional training which standard paramedics do not receive, especially in the case of severe trauma where a patient’s airway needs to be cleared.

“If it was such a big deal why didn’t they locks us up Friday afternoon? We stood in the street for an hour,” Williams said. “They [are trying to] bully us and make a statement because we refuse to stop demanding real change.”

No, they’re arresting you because you are breaking the law.

However a magistrate didn’t sign the warrants until late Saturday after the protesters had taken their pail and shovel and gone home.

“I am not blind to the issues being challenged,” Chief Roddy said in the news release, “but I will not allow the protesters to endanger themselves, invoke fear in other community members and impede emergency services to anyone in the city.”

Williams of course doesn’t see the issue and makes the claim that the police are trying to expose the protesters to coronavirus.

“Why isn’t he having multiple conversations instead of locking us up where we cannot social distance in the middle of a pandemic?” he asked. “They don’t care about Black lives. I believe they are trying to intentionally expose us to COVID-19.”

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However police spokeswoman Elisa Myzal disputed that, saying that Roddy had met with Williams on June 8.

“They discussed the protests, police budget and Mr. Williams’ suggestions as it relates to some [department] policies,” Myzal said. “Before that meeting and since then, Chief Roddy has had multiple conversations with Cameron and other protesters during the gatherings in the parks, and marches.”

Mott whined to Facebook after news of the warrants came out, saying that she will turn herself in.

“You’re telling me blockin’ a road instills fear into the community more than seeing that an officer last year plead guilty to raping three women that you pulled over in a parking lot?” Mott asked.

“That’s not instilling fear into the community? And then, not only that, officers do these egregious actions and there’s not criminal charges brought against them.”

It’s not known what Mott is complaining about. Former Chattanooga officer Desmond Logan was arrested and pleaded guilty to two counts of deprivation of rights in connection with the rapes of three women in his custody and using a Taser on a fourth. Logan is currently in custody and is awaiting sentencing, however this has been postponed due to the coronavirus. He is facing 10 years in prison on each count. It will be up to a judge to decide if these will be served concurrently or consecutively.

Roddy condemned Logan’s actions after his guilty plea, noting that Logan was “not what the men and women of the Chattanooga Police Department represent.”

“He is an absolute disgrace of a police officer and a human being,” Roddy said at the time. “His abominable actions tarnish the badge we all proudly wear and diminishes trust so many officers work hard to build every day.”

There are two other Chattanooga officers who have been accused of excessive force over recent years who have been disciplined or awaiting the resolution of a criminal investigation.

One officer was suspended for 80 hours after using a Taser on the wrong man, while another remains on desk duty pending the outcome of a criminal investigation after a dash camera showed him punching and cursing a man during a traffic stop.

It appears that Chief Roddy is taking care of business within the department and alleged rogue officers are being dealt with.

Meanwhile, Mott also complained about officers not taking enforcement action against people for “felony refusal to wear a mask.” 

“You will charge us for protesting against your brutality, but you have people who will openly defy, in the middle of a pandemic, wearing a mask, that has already killed tens and tens of people and hundreds of thousands of people all across the country,” Mott complained in a Facebook live video. 


In case you don’t remember Mott, Law Enforcement Today recently reported on her and her continual threats against Chattanooga police officers. 

In a Facebook video, Mott had made the following statement:

“You have a right to defend yourself. We’re tired of being peaceable, we’re going to try, but nobody should be expecting that of us,” she said. 

“We can only take so much. And as far as I’m concerned, I’m interested in making sure my community knows how to shoot back properly. Shoot back. Fight back. Strike back,” Mott said, adding that activists needed to “take police off the planet” if so-called police brutality continued. 

We also reported that Mott had doxed members of the police department, including distributing home addresses to her supporters, and she also encouraged Black Lives Matter thugs to harass officers’ families. Not happy with only doxing police officers, she has also done the same to city council members. 

In a threat she made to Chief Roddy, Mott had said, “…if I see one of your officers…if I see them doing this in front of me, they ain’t going to make it and I might not make it either.” 

Sometimes it’s just a pleasure to see people get exactly what’s coming to them. 

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