Chris Pratt pays tribute to fallen warriors, defends Constitution: “Your right to free expression is paid for in blood”


Chris Pratt took to Instagram on Memorial Day to share his appreciation for those who paid the ultimate price in helping secure and maintain America’s freedoms.

The thoughtful post, while paying respects to the fallen, also issued a reminder to those that “bitch and moan about America,” noting that snarky commenters’ “right to free expression is paid for in blood.”

Chris Pratt is among the few A-list celebrities that have openly spoken out about supporting the military, law enforcement, and doesn’t shy away from his Christian faith. So his sentiments shared this past Memorial Day seems to fall right in line with his consistent messages of positivity.

Sharing an amalgamation of images Pratt had obtained from a friend’s Instagram feed that showcased loved ones grieving over those who passed while serving, the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star wrote the following caption honoring our fallen service members:

“America’s exceptional armed forces have altered the course of the world for the better. From the Union Army defeating slave owning confederates, to the Greatest Generation and her Allies vanquishing the Nazis or our special operators hunting down the perpetrators of 9/11. We count the names of each fallen solider lest they be countless.”

Pratt’s post continued from there, highlighting the bravery that comes with serving in the armed forces and the reasons why their sacrifices should be cherished by all Americans:

“They are the good guys. They run to the sound of gunfire. They know pain and suffering we never will. They have given us the most free and decent society planet earth has ever seen.

We run the risk of losing that decency when we fail to instill gratitude in the minds of our youth or the perspective of what it actually means to be free- should they never learn of the selfless sacrifice of our armed service members in the face of oppressive evil.”

Considering that topics related to supporting the military has a tendency to bring out the worst in anti-military critics, Pratt also preemptively addressed those who might use his Memorial Day post to gripe about the country or the military.

In that portion of the post, Pratt reminded those who seek to “bitch and moan about America” should also remember how many people sacrificed their life so that Americans could enjoy the freedom to voice their disdain of the government – a freedom that people in other countries do not enjoy:

“So join me in showing support for our fallen. Take a quiet moment to really consider the sacrifice. And if you use the comments section on posts like this to bitch and moan about America please understand there are countries in the world where criticizing your government will get you killed or imprisoned.”

“Criticism is a right and necessity in amending the flawed systems of man. So by all means, let your voice be heard. But never forget your right to free expression is paid for in blood. May God give their souls rest, and may they live in our memories this weekend and always.”


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His commentary regarding Memorial Day proves once again that he’s a class act among today’s Hollywood.

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LET Unity

Back in May, we at Law Enforcement Today shared an editorial regarding another Hollywood star that used their online platform to spread disdain toward police officers – alleging that if “Jesus were alive today he’d be murdered by police officers because of the color of his skin.”

Here’s that previous editorial. 


The following article contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

HOLLYWOOD, CA- The day that America starts taking moral advice from a Hollywood B-list actor is the day our country is done. The latest has-been to weigh in with her mentally deranged insane opinion is Rosanna Arquette, who plays make-believe for a living.

Her apparent claim to fame is starring in such Hollywood classics as Desperately Seeking Susan and Pulp Fiction. Clearly, Arquette is desperately seeking relevance.

In a typical loony left irrational tweet on Wednesday, Arquette made the absurd claim that if Jesus were alive today, he would be “murdered by police officers because of the color of his skin.”

In fact, if Democrats had their way Jesus would never have made it that far because the abortion cult would have had him killed in Mary’s womb.

Secondly,  her comments about Jesus make no sense since he has been widely portrayed as a white male. Of course, she’s clearly making the claim that Jesus was a person-of-color, which seems to fly in the face of over 2,000 years of history.

This is simply a fantasy being pushed by leftists (who actually know as much about Jesus as they do about our country) in order to somehow use the Lord as a convenient prop. Otherwise, they are more comfortable worshiping at the altar of Jesus’ alternative, who resides somewhere south of Hades.

This is the lunacy of the far-left lunatics that populate Twitter. The fact that this nobody has managed to get some 188,000 Twitter followers actually says more about them than it does about her.

Arquette apparently already doesn’t know how to read. Statistics are widely available that show police do not kill people of color at a higher rate than they do whites. That is simply a fact, which is easy to find if you look.

The fact that this bimbo probably doesn’t know how to read probably plays into her making such an ill-informed, stupid comment. 

Let’s get one thing straight. Arquette is just another America-hating, Marxist-loving Hollywood moron. She has plenty of company such as Alyssa Milano, Bette Midler, “Meathead” Rob Reiner and hundreds of others.

Sadly for every America-loving patriot like Gary Sinise or Tim Allen, there are a hundred clowns like Arquette.

The irony of her post being on Twitter, which claims to block “hate speech” is rich.

While conservatives get banned for merely suggesting a bit of malfeasance in the 2020 election, people such as Arquette can spit vile, untrue and inflammatory comments about police officers, our military and others with no risk of being de-platformed.

Arquette, who now that she’s been deemed irrelevant in Hollywood (if she ever was relevant) has taken to making her life about making obsessive compulsive deluded posts on social media. She’s also apparently irrelevant in her personal life as she seems to have problems keeping husbands, now being on her fourth marriage.

Of course as a liberal, Arquette portrays herself as a victim, claiming that because she spurned alleged sexual advances from pervert producer Harvey Weinstein, she was no longer cast in so-called “A-list lead roles.”

She also claimed in a 2019 interview that the FBI had advised her to make her Twitter account private, she said after “online critics harassed her” for tweeting that she was “ashamed of having white privilege.” No, they probably harassed her because she’s an idiot.

This past March, Arquette equated police and the military as being white supremacists in a Twitter post which has not been removed.

“Kkk [she’s not the brightest bulb] spent years hiding behind their hoods. Now they are front center for the world to see. Nazi White supremacists are many governors, people in Congress, our police force, military, in entertainment news. We see you and you won’t get away with it.”

Wow…deep words there from Arquette. Lots of big words too.

Still not satisfied with hearing herself talk, in April Arquette, probably coming down off a crack cocaine bender wrote:

“If there are any police officers left serving our communities who aren’t racist and aren’t set on killing human beings because they aren’t white, step up, show yourselves now, step up front and tell us you are not racist and because as it looks to us you are Gestapo.”

A true wordsmith. Maybe that crack bender hadn’t quite worn off.

 In another unhinged Twitter rant in November of last year, she took aim at over 70 million Trump voters:

“The Gop (sic) are Nazi gestapo they blindly follow their insane unhinged leader and commit crimes against humanity.”

Not to be outdone, just a week or so ago, the unhinged loon posted this:

In 2019, the brain-dead bimbo posted a picture of herself kneeling in front of what appeared to be a hundred American flags, in which she said she would “never stand for the flag again.”

If we could make a suggestion to Arquette…Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act offers mental health care. We strongly suggest you avail yourself of it.


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