Urgent alert: Chinese are fastest growing group among illegal immigrants crossing southern border

According to reports, the fastest growing group of illegal immigrants crossing through the southern border is none other than Chinese migrants. While the reasoning is unclear, the potential implications are unsettling considering the underlying tensions between the United States and China.

In a report from CBS News regarding the befuddling development along the southern border, journalist Sharyn Alfonsi claimed, “We saw large groups [of Chinese migrants], including many from the middle class, come through a 4-foot gap at the end of a border fence 60 miles east of San Diego.”

Bear in mind, China is approximately 7,000 miles away from the portion of the U.S./Mexico border where these Chinese nationals have been entering the country illegally. Reportedly, some are attempting to apply for political asylum. However, entry without inspection, which is an offense these Chinese nationals are apparently committing, is still illegal regardless of intentions to seek asylum.

Generally speaking, disregarding or favorably adjourning an entry without inspection offense is a courtesy rendered to Cubans seeking asylum due to the very narrow/particular nature of their venture to the United States. Furthermore, Cuban citizens will generally fall under one of the five protected grounds to obtain asylum in the United States due to their country of origin’s political practices.

Meanwhile, despite these Chinese migrants illegally entering the United States via a easily visible vulnerability along the barbed wire representing a portion of the U.S./Mexico border, Border Patrol agents “did not deter them,” according to CBS News, even though said agents were roughly 25 feet away from these Chinese migrants flagrantly breaking federal law right before their eyes.

While CBS News was on-scene amid discussions with the Chinese illegal immigrants, apparently “a smuggler's SUV raced along the border fence and dropped another group at the same spot,” thirty minutes after the cameras started rolling. Apparently, another thirty minutes later, another SUV dropped off a load of Chinese illegal immigrants along the same path on the U.S./Mexico border.

The aforesaid Chinese illegal immigrants are generally exploiting the lacking screening and immigration policies of Central and South American countries and finishing the trek by any available means only to be welcomed into the United States with seemingly little pushback by the current administration’s federal boots on the ground.

According to CBS News, a Chinese illegal immigrant among one of the groups who was also able to serve as a translator for the news outlet claimed the reason she was coming to the United States was because “Oh, it's hard to live [in China]…hard to find jobs.”

For the sake of context, illegal immigrants – or even those lawfully entering via a port of entry - are unable simply claim economic circumstances as being their right to obtaining refugee status. Fleeing poverty alone does not craft a valid asylum scenario in the United States.  

Nonetheless, these Chinese illegal immigrants have apparently caught wind of specific vulnerabilities along the U.S./Mexico border via videos on TikTok.

The U.S. land in which the migrants captured by CBS News’ cameras were encroaching upon is owned by 75-year-old Jerry Shuster, who is not pleased with the trespassing occurring on his 17-acre property in California.

The problem, according to Shuster, has been ongoing since May of 2023, and when he attempted to ward off some of group of hostile illegals on his own property, he wound up being arrested.

“[I]t was, like, four month ago, there was eight guys start knocking my trees and start burning…my trees on the other side. So, I told 'em, ‘Please, don't do that. Please don't do,’ and they start surrounding me. I went home, and I got my gun, and I shoot in the air. They arrest me.”

Arrested, though never formally charged, Shuster still had his firearm confiscated for simply trying to protect his own property – which now looks something more akin to a homeless encampment where roughly 3,000 illegal immigrants cross through and encroach upon weekly.

This is just one story and one portion of the southern border under the Biden administration, one where illegal immigration is blatantly going unchecked and where bonafide American citizens are getting arrested for trying to oust hostile illegals from their own personal property.
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Americans have many arms, how well do they know how to use them? We might find out sooner than one thinks.


This is nothing more than a military unit being smuggled in to the United States with the idea of being a takeover of the US Government and making the USA into a Communist Nation.


Look at 'em! Same age. Same haircut. All dressed in sporty clothing. And looking like SEAL TEAM 6. Chinese military. Should be bussed directly to detention and interrogated by the CIA. But the Prez wants them to be "assimilated"....yeah, right. They're sleepers awaiting the order to strike.



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