Urgent warning: China has been recruiting top Asian-American nuclear scientists for years, and its working


Sante Fe, NM: A disturbing report was released that details China, one of America’s leading adversaries, has been actively pursuing and recruiting our nation’s top scientists to help with research and other projects, including developing top-level weaponry and other war fighting equipment.

Over the last two decades, China has been luring scientists, many of whom already had national ties to the PRC, the People’s Republic of China.

China in the midst of collecting treasure trove of data on Western interests, documents show
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China is at it again.

According to an NBC news column, it stated:

“The report, by Strider Technologies, describes what it calls a systemic effort by the government of China to place Chinese scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where nuclear weapons were first developed.”  

It continued:

“Many of the scientists were later lured back to China to help make advances in such technologies as deep-earth-penetrating warheads, hypersonic missiles, quiet submarines and drones, according to the report.”

America has long been considered the leading authority on advanced weapons systems and technology. However, China has been nipping at the heel’s of America’s technological superiority, largely in part to there ambitious recruitment strategy.

China has been offering payments of up to $1 million dollars to top scientists in a program China calls ‘talent programs.’

Urgent warning: China has been recruiting top Asian-American nuclear scientists for years, and its working
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Decades ago, a quasi- cooperative effort between Chinese youth and American educational programs were designed to bring Chinese students to the United States to participate in various research and scientific efforts.

But according to the report, the plan all along was to have the Chinese visitors return to the mother land to share the wealth of knowledge they picked up while in the U.S.

According to the official report executive summary, it states:

“The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is employing a Talent Superpower Strategy designed to incentivize academics, researchers, and scientists to go abroad, deepen their expertise, and return to China to advance its strategic interests.”

It continues:

“What began in the 1980s as a program to send young talent overseas has evolved to incorporate initiatives that seek to harness these individuals’ efforts for China’s gain and, ultimately, encourage them to return to the PRC to work in key technology sectors.”

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Los Alamos laboratory is among the leading advanced scientific hubs in the world. They attract countless scientists, researchers and developers looking to make a difference in the international community.

Urgent warning: China has been recruiting top Asian-American nuclear scientists for years, and its working
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According to their website, the ‘about us’ pages describes themselves as:

“Los Alamos National Laboratory’s mission is to solve national security challenges through excellence. We focus on integrating research and development solutions to achieve the maximum impact on strategic priorities.”

It continues:

“We also perform work for the Department of Defense, intelligence community, and Department of Homeland Security, among others. As a result, our strategy reflects U.S. priorities related to energy, environment, infrastructure, health, and global security.”

Basically, they make nukes.

Los Alamos was the home of the Manhattan project- the program that designed the atomic bomb that annihilated Hiroshima and Nagasaki and ended the second world war.

Urgent warning: China has been recruiting top Asian-American nuclear scientists for years, and its working
Some US politicians suggest first-strike nuclear attack if Russia invades Ukraine-YouTube screenshot

Many of the Chinese scientists include staff from Los Alamos laboratory. They are the prime targets for the Chinese recruitment programs.

The PRC government officials have been fixed on becoming the world superpower in the scientific, military and economic fields.

And unless something changes, they are on their way.

Recruiting the scientists is among the top priorities as that will be the leading factor in their international goals of world supremacy.

According to the report, it states:

“Since returning to China, Los Alamos alumni have helped the PRC advance key military and dual-use technologies in areas such as hypersonics, deep-earth penetrating warheads, unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAV), jet engines, and submarine noise reduction.”

It continued:

“A key member of this “Los Alamos Club” is Dr. Chen Shiyi, a world-renowned expert in fluid dynamics and turbulence who spent the 1990s at the lab. After returning to China, Chen served as president of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech), where he excelled at recruiting scientists with links to Los Alamos.”

Urgent warning: China has been recruiting top Asian-American nuclear scientists for years, and its working
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The problem is so pervasive and the numbers of scientists returning to China are so high, they are calling themselves ‘the Los Alamos club.’

The increasing level of alarm of the PRC program has been revolved around the threat to national security. However, the Chinese scientists only conduct research and are severely limited on what they have access to.


Urgent warning: China has been recruiting top Asian-American nuclear scientists for years, and its working
Screenshot of the official report, Striderintel.com

But that may not stop them from having discussions with others about more sensitive topics. When it comes to intelligence gathering, any information is good information.

The Department of Energy has publicly stated that they have increased their security protocols in recent years to include vigorous vetting, added intelligence countermeasures and so on.

But one of two questions remain. Is it enough? Or is it a ‘too little too late’ scenario?


Urgent warning: China has been recruiting top Asian-American nuclear scientists for years, and its working

China is an absolute threat.

Red alert for America: China can take down the United States without firing a single shot through technology

Posted September 14, 2022

BEIJING- While the Biden administration continues its assault on the constitutional rights of Americans, focusing on so-called “domestic terrorism” committed only by its political enemies, China continues to work its plan to take down the United States, not directly but through the use of technology.

According to Slay News, the communist nation has been utilizing technology in an effort to wage not a conventional war against the West but a digital one.

The Chinese have been using drone technology, telecommunications companies such as Huawei, and using Americans’ obsession with the social media platform TikTok  to expand its reach and influence far beyond China.

Of course the Chinese have long criticized the United States as being imperialist, accusing Washington of acting in the capacity of world policemen, however Beijing must have liked what it saw and have now decided to form the equivalent of a Digital People’s Liberation Army to go after the United States, using our obsession with technology against us.

In fact, Sun Tzu, famed Chinese military strategist who wrote The Art of War, once wrote that, “It is never beneficial to a nation to have a military operation continue for a long time.” Perhaps he was on to something, as the U.S. saw with our 20-year engagement in Afghanistan.

Chinese leadership appears to have taken heed of Tzu’s comments, with Beijing looking to score a victory over the United States without having to use its ever-increasing military.

For example, China currently has the world’s largest naval fleet, although currently they only have one overseas naval base. They are, however attempting to change that if reports are correct.

Conversely, the Unites States has hundreds of foreign military installations, including a number of naval bases. With that said, China is more concerned about using their advancing technology to defeat their greatest enemy, not warfare.

This is where Chinese tech giants Huawei Telecommunications, DJI drones, and TikTok come in. All three companies are closely tied to the Chinese Communist Party and all show how Beijing integrates civilian, government and military apparatuses for espionage purposes.

How so? Huawei’s CEO, Ren Zhengfei is a member of the Communist Party who once served in the Chinese military. That company “received $75 billion of government support to expand its global operations selling hardware laced with ‘cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities’” that gives Beijing a back door into networks that rely on the company’s equipment.

What’s more, Huawei has been under US sanctions since 2019. Despite that, Huawei has been allowed to engage in 5G development in the U.S.

Recently, when they weren’t busy targeting Biden’s political opponents, the FBI warned the company’s equipment sitting atop cellphone towers in the Midwest possessed the capability of intercepting and disrupting U.S. nuclear arsenal communications, which was reported on by Law Enforcement Today.

Concerns have been raised about China buying up land in areas adjacent to US military assets. But don’t worry…the old Scranton Kid has it all under control.

How about DJI, the largest civilian drone manufacturer in the world? Beijing is a direct investor in the company, with the Department of Defense claiming the company’s drones present a national security threat. While efforts have been made to restrict use of these drones by government agencies, those efforts have met with varying levels of success.

No fear though. Brendan Carr, FCC Commissioner has warned the company collects “high-resolution images of critical infrastructure,” as well as facial recognition information and troves of data from smartphones.

Despite all of that, DJI drones are used by hundreds of state and local police departments, as well as the federal government, all because the equipment is cheap. Apparently there is a price for national security and that lies in the cost of cheap Chinese drones.

As Slay News reports, “Beijing’s trojan horse with wings is mapping the United States and collecting biometric data while China expands little effort.”

But those Trump voters!!!

Finally, there is TikTok, which currently boasts some 80 million users in the U.S., mostly between the ages of 10 and 29. The company is affiliated with ByteDance, a Beijing-based company.

Despite warnings that the platform is being used by the CCP to retrieve troves of user data, including browsing history, geolocation data, keystroke information, financial data, social contacts, draft messages, and much more, the obsessed youth of today obsessed with such intelligent TikTok content as the “skullbreaker challenge” do not seem to mind being spied on by the Chinese communists.

A recent report in BuzzFeed confirmed that user data of TikTok’s American users is routinely accessd in China.

The information can be aggregated using artifical intelligence technologies to develop sophisticated user profiles esxposing individuals to blackmail and coercion.

This is but an example of how Beijing is using Americans’ obsession with social media as a stealth weapon against us.

Retired Brigadier General Robert Spalding warned in “War Without Rules” that the “unrestricted warfare” being waged on the United States by China “involves a fusion of military and non-military tactics designed to attack our economic, social and political systems,” Slay News wrote.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger noted years ago that the Chinese approach centers around a “mindset of encirclement” inspired by the ancient game called Go.

This involves the Chinese encircling enemies and then lashing out if threatened with the same.

This was seen in the Korean War where CCP forces crossed the Yalu River to ambush U.S. forces, and in the western Himalaya border dispute with India in June 2020, when PLA troops killed 20 Indian soldiers.

China has realized that they do not need to engage in an actual war of attrition with the United States using conventional means when they can use technology to replace us as the world’s pre-eminent superpower. In fact, technology has likely accelerated China’s move toward world dominance.

In the case of China, they are using their alliance with companies such as Huawei (ears), DJI (eyes) and TikTok (human data” to gather intelligence about our strengths and more importantly, our weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

China could very well win this war without firing a single shot, and use our own ignorance as a key weapon to do so.


Why is China buying up all that farmland? Read below to find out why:


GRAND FORKS, ND- While the Biden administration focuses on its progressive agenda, they have taken their eyes off the ball, that being the substantial investments communist China has made in American real estate, in particular farmland.

For example, a bio-fermentation company based in China, Fufeng Group, recently purchased some 300 acres of land in North Dakota for $2.6 million. Plans are for the company to build a milling plant in the area.

Three hundred acres of land doesn’t seem substantial, but when added to the 191,000 acres of land China already owned in the United States, it raises the question of what exactly the communist nation is up to.

Last week, North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum sent a letter to Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin asking the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS) to immediately investigate the purchase.

Notably, both Yellen and Austin have been laser-focused on matters such as global warming and proper use of pronouns.

“We ask that this review process be completed with the utmost urgency to aid Grand Forks officials in their decision-making process and provide clarity on whether this land purchase has national security implications,” Burgum wrote.

Law Enforcement Today recently reported on a disturbing revelation that China has been actively pursuing land purchases in the vicinity of U.S. missile silos and military installations. That story is referenced below.

According to Fufeng’s Chief Operating Officer Eric Chutorash, the company is not tied to the Chinese government, and assured that workers at the facility would be Americans. He added that the human resources director, commercial director sales team, and engineer were not going to be transferred to the U.S. from China.

“I know we’re not going to be asked to be collecting any intelligence on Grand Forks Air Force Base,” Chutorash told the Grand Forks Herald during a March forum. “I can’t stress it any more than that. (But) personally, I wouldn’t provide it. I don’t believe the team being built here would provide it.”

However in an op-ed written by Chuck Devore of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, he warns China’s purchase of $6.1 billion in real estate last year poses a significant threat to our national security.

He noted a CNN piece which outlined the Chinese government’s over ten-year effort to establish massive electronic intelligence and jamming capability in areas adjacent not only to U.S. military installations, but also Washington, DC.

He notes that “such a system could deliver a crippling electronic Pearl Harbor against American nuclear weapons systems and strategic communications” which he said are “vital to deterring and defeating a surprise military attack.”

DeVore further outlines that an FBI counterintelligence investigation into the threat posed by China was so secretive that “senior policymakers in the White House and Congress weren’t told until 2019.”

It was soon after that Congress banned small telecom companies from using certain kinds of Chinese manufactured equipment.

Yet despite that ban, none of the equipment has yet been removed, despite an appropriation of $1.9 billion to do so. Carriers say the government is short about $3 billion to accomplish the removal.

How invested in American real estate is China? And where are they investing, aside from farmland near military assets?

Well, in 2017, China offered to pay $100 million to build the National China Garden in Washington, D.C. at the U.S. National Arboretum, the entire cost. It was only after concerns were expressed by American counterintelligence officials that the project was rejected.

How close did the U.S. come to allowing China an important strategic location?

The proposed Pagoda was to be located on one of the highest points in Washington, D.C. and moreover would be built with materials shipped to the United States in diplomatic pouches, DeVore wrote, which means they would not be subject to import inspections.

As DeVore notes, one of the reasons the pagoda project drew so much attention was because it was being built on federal land in our nation’s capital. However purchases of land from private landowners doesn’t typically gain as much attention until later on in the process.

This takes us back to the Fufeng Group’s land purchase in North Dakota. The land purchased for the project las only 16 miles from the U.S. Air Force’s Air Combat Command base.

Don’t think for a minute that this land was sought by accident. It is located in a strategic location where China can keep an eye on things.

As to the plant hiring “only Americans,” that is disingenuous. Every Chinese company, DeVore wrote, with 50 or more employees is required to have a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) official embedded in it.

That official…functioning as a political officer…functions as “a looming presence in any firm hailing from a nation with no rule of law other than what CCP officials say it is,” Devore continued.

In essence, despite Fufeng Group perhaps having a legitimate business purpose in investing in Grand Forks real estate, so too does the Chinese Communist Party have a very strong strategic military interest in the Grand Forks location to serve its nefarious purposes.

To highlight this, DeVore spoke of a memo written by U.S. Air Force Major Jeremy Fox, who spoke of concerns that the Grand Forks location “was well sited to intercept military communication between ‘unmanned air systems’ and ‘space-based assets.’”

For unknown reasons, a spokesman for the Air Force attempted to downplay Fox’s concerns, dismissing them as his own “personal assessment of potential vulnerabilities.”

Yet another purchase of land, this time a 130,000 acre ranch on the Texas-Mexico borer and located near Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio is the site of a wind turbine project which is tied to the Lone Star State’s electric grid.

That location could be used to launch an attack on that system, rendering at least a portion of Texas’s electric grid useless. Moreover, the land contains a large airstrip, which DeVore notes “could be used to coordinate activities with transnational drug cartels” across the Mexican border.

Fentanyl overdoses have already reached near epidemic proportions in the United States, with China suspected of being behind much of it. Making it easier for cartels to get their product into the U.S. could be devastating.

DeVore writes that in the cases of both Texas and North Dakota, the CCP would have the capability of placing equipment for other than legitimate purposes.

And more foreboding, “Chinese nationals and companies must obey the CCP” and “if they don’t cooperate, they risk losing everything up to and including their freedom and their lives.”

According to FBI Director Christopher Wray, he told CNN that the agency opens a new China counterintelligence investigation every 12 hours, and says there are currently about 2,000 “active investigations.” He highlighted the fact those investigations do not include cyber theft, which is a criminal matter.

DeVore noted that a retired U.S. Navy captain, James “Kimo” Fanell, former chief of intelligence for the Pacific Fleet, said such large parcels of land could be used to “host signals intelligence or electronic warfare equipment such as jammers.”

“While our Customs inspectors are hardworking people, they’re overloaded, especially today with the Biden administration’s de facto open border policies. The idea that a strategic adversary could buy land near U.S. military bases does not pass the commonsense test.”

Continuing, he said, “We’ve got to do better as a nation to defend our citizens from these kinds of obvious threats.”

DeVore warns that the United States government doesn’t appear to be taking the Chinese threat seriously, out of concern he says of “being accused of racism” or by listening to “economic arguments made by well-funded lobbyists for Chinese interests or U.S. multinationals.”

He further warned of pointed out the possibility of attacks on the homeland should China indeed decide to invade Taiwan.

Had we an administration that is focused on true threats to our country instead of made-up threats, we might be better prepared. Lest anyone think we are, it certainly does not appear that way. The Chinese land grab is a crystal clear example of that.

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