Report: Children as young as 10 years old are now carjacking unsuspecting people in Chicago


Chicago, IL- As if the city of Chicago is not facing enough trouble given the current situation with riots and police assaults, now it is being reported that children are carjacking people around the city. 

On the south side of Chicago, children as young as 10 years old are reportedly carjacking people at gunpoint. 

In the early evening of July 14th, Alyssa Blanchard, a 44 year old elementary school teacher, was returning home when a car drove up and three or four children approached her. They pointed guns at her head, and forced her out of her vehicle. 

They then drove off with her BMW and purse, which contained about $300. Blanchard said one child looked as young as 11. 

According to Fox32, Blanchard is quoted as saying: 

“I’m scared to use my garage. I don’t feel safe in my neighborhood,” 

What Blanchard found particularly disturbing, is the next day her car was used to carjack another woman just a few block from her home, in the parking lot of Trinity Hospital. In this incident, a 21 year old woman was held at gunpoint and forced out of her Lexus.

Blanchard said: 

“I don’t want to have to tell my kid about how some young woman was killed or shot with kids using my vehicle. It was traumatizing,”

Several days later, Blanchard’s BMW was found crashed. 

At this time, no arrests have been made, but police said the carjackings are occurring more frequently. 

According to Fox32, here are the latest reported carjackings, that are said to be linked:

–June 23 in the 7200 block of South Champlain Avenue;
–July 9 in the 8000 block of South Indiana Avenue;
–July 15 in the 8700 block of South Stony Island Avenue;
–July 15 in the 7500 block of South Wabash Avenue;
–July 16 in the 9100 block of South Essex Avenue;
–July 16 in the 7300 block of South Chappel Avenue;
–July 17 in the 8800 block of South Luella Avenue;
–July 17 in the 8900 block of South Euclid Avenue;
–July 17 in the 9100 block of South Jeffrey Avenue;
–July 18 in the 9100 block of South Euclid Avenue;
–July 18 in the 8600 block of South Constance Avenue;
–July 18 in the 9300 block of South Paxton Avenue;
–July 18 in the 9300 block of South Essex Avenue;
–July 18 in the 1600 Block of East 92nd Place; and
–July 18 in the 8100 Block of South Indiana Avenue.

Anyone with information is asked to call CPD’s vehicle highjacking task force at 312-745-4489.

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Here is more on the crime taking place in Chicago that Law Enforcement Today brought you earlier in the week. 

CHICAGO, IL – As riots, protests, and anti-police rhetoric continues, Chicago is seeing an unprecedented amount of crime and shootings. 

The city has become like the wild west, with the most recent count of 25 shootings in one day. 

On July 20th, 25 people were shot, four of them being fatal, aging from 24 to 65 years old. The specifics on all 25 shootings differ slightly. However, the re-occurring trend is that all of the victims were standing outside, and many were fired upon by people driving by in vehicles. 

All of this was just in one day, not including the incredible number of shootings and deaths that took place on the weekend.

Over the weekend, Chicago saw 63 people shot, 12 fatally. 

This represents a 76% increase in crime from June 2019- June 2020.

Things have gotten so bad in Chicago that the Police Chief has now called on President Trump to intervene and clean up the Mayors mess.

Mayor Lightfoot is obviously against the idea of help from President Trump, but something needs to be done to stop the madness Chicago is currently facing. 

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